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What If Screenshot Thread.......

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this just looks great on top of a carrier!







soon available on strike fighters near you 

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Screenshots come from a personal mod Soviets East Germany and fictional Libyan republic vs NATO in North Africa the F-103 (Dhimar ? addon) is modified to make it a fictional what if had it served for the French as recon aircraft I know should change Finflash with something else :P

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Planned RNZAF P-51D and B-24J had the war in the Pacific contained. The RNZAF would have been re-assigned to the Southwest Pacific Theater and operated in the Philippians and Borneo. Changing from a US Navy command to a US Army command meant a change of aircraft type for the RNZAF. Japans surrender naturally meant the cancellation of the order apart from the first of the P-51D Mustangs that would go on to equip New Zealand's Territorial (Reserve) Air Force post war. Black theater bands are for the Philippians Theater.









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What if...

...the UK had given the new formed Luftwaffe some of their equipment:






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