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Slow progress on the HFB-320M ECM Hansajet.

Right now I´m doing all stencils, after that all lines will be redone.



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On 30/06/2020 at 8:19 PM, FLOGGER23 said:


AL-7F done so far, that is a huge @$$ 

Now, let the mapping starts!


I like the Sukhoi fighters ! it’s good to make us salivate...:rolleyes:

So what is the current status of the Fitter family new mod project ? 

Best regards,


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If there's a base skin already, decals should be pretty easy. Have to look up serials, of course...

I can take a stab at it, if you want.

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Some work on the SAM



So far I have comleted the 3d models of these Systems, the only problem is that right now my game rig is without a graphic card,  I tested this russian missiles in my work laptop, and in the near future is going to be a little difficult to buy a new card, but if there is any voluntary to finnish this (paint and some test) please let me know.

The "good" ones


And the Bad ones...




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