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Geezer's 1930 airfield objects are very useful, Monty. Might want to add some of them to your airfields (as needed and required, of course!).


I also "fiddled" with you rail station a bit, dressing it up some, and replacing some of the train cars with different types. Straightened out the end rails, so to make everything more linier.

Of course,  I use "special" cleared tiles for train stations in cities. The 'metal clad" warehouses are retextured halle4 from The Factory Place


Compliments; you've done a wonderful job on these!

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Wrench I have something to compile and release soon

I needed some trucks for the targets so I build some.

5 types per side (actually one type and 5 variants)

ingame check:


Monty CZ

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Soulfreak if you have special request and some drawings I can do something,

but now I did about 10 types of hangars and I need to make destroyed lods for them

and place them into airfield. Planned min 6 standard layouts of airfields and some

specific historically correct (2 or 4)

If somebody with knowledge can draw a layout of the "typical" unified layout for

small, medium and large airbase it would be helpful.

Monty CZ


Well it is hard to find good references. I only have a gmax screen shot and addet the real dimensions on it.

It is a maintenance hangar of Hopsten AFB. Would be very nice if you could build this one. 

I also attached some pictures of the real hangar...





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