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Bravery at it's finest!

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This is Captain Ziv Shilon, badly injured by an IED in the Gaza strip (from which he lost one of his arms, the second is in a bad shape)

even though, he used his mouth and nose to help operate his weapon against insurgents on the attack, firing about 20 rounds!

later on going to the medic (who was shocked at his sight) and "waking" him up to treat his wounds and put on tourniquets that helped save his life


after operations in the hospital he was visited by the south command commander and with half arm tried to salute him


this picture taken in the hospital when he was transferred from the intensive care unit wrapped in the Israeli flag smiling to the cameras!



<S> Captain!



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Courage and fortitude, all rolled into one. Wow! <S>

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If you thought Cap America was hardcore you should see Captain Israel...lets hope he recovers as best as possible from his wounds.


BTW, you jews are right about being the chosen people, i can´t imagine myself shooting a gun with my nose

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