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Upgrading an old aircraft: Wolf's Bf 109F-4.

Data.ini updated and corrected, skins are WiP. This old model has some issues, making it quite hard to skin. But I like it, since this is the only freeware F-4 we have.









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After finishing with my FM tweaks for the Cold War prop package, I decided to do a small early war "1938-1941" install for myself in SF2 too - will eventually get to uploading these early WW2 FM tweaks...several representative shots below of Mk.1 Hurricane and Me109 D adventures in the middle east...had to follow the fellow up to about 10,000 meters and forgot I was out of ammo. in all the excitement...I eventually found a solution that also gave me a Hurricane "glider conversion" :biggrin:.

Von S











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Rearranged pics.
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I'll bet that was some pretty fancy stick and rudder work...you were fortunate you were still able to drop the gear!  A good candidate for "the Second-Luckiest Pilot" award!

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Having a  lot of fun hunting trucks in the new Blohm & Voss BV-141.

This is one very weird-looking aircraft, and it is not a dogfighter, but if you keep really low (under 200 feet) the enemy fighters will have trouble targeting you, and you can do a lot of damage to the vehicles.




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