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And just a few more representative pics for this thread - currently tweaking the A-Team Polikarpov (I-16, type 24) into an earlier "type 10" used on occasion by the Republic of China - should be good for late 1930s scenarios using the China and Taiwan maps - will also include real engine sounds with the FM pack whenever possible...the Polikarpov rattle is great fun while flying. SF2 is an unexplored goldmine of WW2 possibilities...never liked any of the WW2 flight sims until I picked up SF2...great stuff gents'.

For those wondering about how I get the crisp terrain graphics in the pics, especially at altitude, grab the "ATISetLod" app (if you have an ATI card, for non-ATI there are probably easier ways to set the lod) at the following link (https://community.hwbot.org/topic/137720-benchmark-tweak-software/) and set the LOD bias entry to a value of "-1" while in administrator mode, and save settings (I'm running such a value and have noticed crisper terrains in FE2, SF2, also WOFF and ROF).

Von S :smile:







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More progress shots....the A-Team A5M4 data ini converted to an A5M1 for early-war PTO scenarios, and a rare high-alt Me109 E7-N (conversion of the A-Team E8), a small no. of which apparently were Japanese flown...should also be good for 1941 scenarios at least. Also tweaked is the Yak-1b (downtuned to the 1a, first batch of Yaks)...I think I got hit by shrapnel from the second fellow since my engine conked out...oh well, was able to dead stick it successfully. Now onto the Curtiss P-40 and other types.

Happy flying,

Von S :smile:









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Continuing with some FM tweaks for an early WW2 install...this time the A-Team Veltro data ini reworked as an early Macchi 202, with 12 and 7 mm machine guns. Lightened up the camo a bit for myself and took her for a test...can use the vertical very effectively in this fighter...also sometimes displays a tendency towards nasty spins but overall very nice against Mk.1 Hurricanes if you aren't rough on the stick. I'm enjoying this one very much...next up the MS. 406 and to get to the P-39 and early P-40 Curtiss variants...I've never checked out a more enjoyable WW2 install than in SF2...very nice stuff.

Von S :smile:

Up close and personal with the Hurries



A lighter skin...tweaks done in Paint3D


Got a few on the ground



I was out of ammo. here but I think one of the AA guns exploded while I buzzed over it


Back at base


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And let's put up some more updates for the FM tweaks in progress...the Macchi 200 and 202 done by A-Team for SF1 now fly well in SF2...have re-tweaked the old 202 as a series 1 Folgere, while the 202 posted above has been further split into approximations of a series 5 and series 9 of the Folgere, should be enough variety now for an early MTO install.

Speaking of MTO installs, I was looking at the nice Spit V.a available at CombatAce and modified the data ini to fit a Mk.II...and it works well in an early MTO install (purists may prefer the tropical Mk.V with the sand filter for an MTO install but technically those fit better for a mid-war scenario in 1942 and later...so I went with a Mk.II instead, and the Mk.I has been re-tweaked for an ETO install)...will take a small break and then onto the MS. 406 and Curtiss variants...also want to include some two-engined types, so I will decide whether to do a small update pack first or maybe continue to expand it and upload the FM tweaks later once I've covered the types I'm using for my 1937-1941 install.

Representative shots below of the latest tweaks...hair-raising adventure with Mk.II Spits and the Macchi 200, was out of ammo after the first dogfight so I eventually sawed off the second fellow's elevator with my prop...then chased him to a higher alt. to make him stall and fall into an unrecoverable spin...I then ran out of fuel (probably damage of some kind) and had to find a spot to land. SF2 is every bit as good for WW2 as FE2 is for WW1 in my opinion.

Von S :buba:

Chasing the fellow high after sawing his elevator off


He ends up spinning, with no elevator, rudder, or ailerons to correct


Looking for a spot to land the Spit Mk.II after the engine conked out or fuel ran out



Landed close to what seems like an outhouse (appropriate after the extreme adventure)


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