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Panavia Tornado - Ejército del Aire

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Thanks!!!!!! Its really great and a what if that could be in FACA proyect.....





Release please

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This is a great Job!!


A little history.


When the EDA bought the F-18A, this Tornado was one of the options, along with the F-16, F-14, F-15, F-5 Tiger II/III (i don´t remember) and Mirage 2000.


They despised the F-15 and the F-14 due to its high cost, and the Tiger II/III was an improvement of the F-5A.


Then, the Tornado were discarded (For purely political decision :dntknw: ) and Mirage 2000 for not being a versatile platform.


The decision was between the F-18 and F-16, and was chosen the first because it was more polyvalent


Personally, I think the F-16 has aged better...

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Tornados were not discarded for any political reason, in fact, i have the article in wich it scored, over trials, 17% the A-A capability of the Hornet and 85% of its A-G capacity. In fact, the only political pressure was to reevaluate the Mirage 2000 against F-16s and F-18s. When only the Falcon and the Hornet remaind, it was determined that a lower amount of hornets could do the same job as more Falcons, due to greater capabilities (then, avionics and weapons systems of the Hornet were quite better, and air refueling system compatible with our KC-130s) despite the longer range and lower cost per unit of the F-16


Back on topic, it would have been great to be a part of the program as we would be later with EF2000. Besides, Tornados may not be the most practical aircraft in the scenarios it met, but it is a badass classic low level mud mover.

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