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The RNAS is responsible for all air combat action over the sea.


This one should be useful when Germany finally send some ships out.







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Plus this can be used for the French single man Stutter bomber (if the rear cockpit is covered over, which I can not see with the pictures you have posted). :air_kiss:

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Hi Panama Red!


There are a few variations between the French 1B1 and the Brit 9700, but I'll mod those after this one is done.


I also need to finish the DH-4 Liberty mod.


We need to tinker with the FM and loadout and a few other things, but as long as I stay off my OCD meds I'll get it done.





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Proper RNAS PC-12 and markings.


Cellon Panels fitted.


More work to do though . .









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The lads from 3 Wing are moving along, with help from ojcar and Stephen1918.












Still a bit of bother with the Rotherham pump and the loadouts, but we'll get all the bits in a line in a few . . .

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Hi Quack74-


The Rotherham prop is not functional yet.


That's one of the bits that needs more work.

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Hi Stephen1918 & gambit168


Thanks for looking in. The markings are decals that accurately depict known 3 Wing aircraft SN and ID patterns. There is one AC that has a white flash on the turtledeck, that belonging to the 3 Wing leader. The markings load automatically. That's one bit completed because I've done that sort of thing before. The rest is all new to me. This whole project is a mod of the original 9400 model by Dagaith back in 2010; he did most of the really impressive work. I'm just redecorating the already baked cake.


The cellon panels turned out to be quite challenging, both for research and execution. There is a lot of internal and external bracing.


There is still a lot more to do; I fuss with it nearly every day now, and I haven't forgotten the DH-4 Liberty.


I'm presently trying to sort out the loadouts, animations for the Rotherham prop and the airbrakes/flaps.


I doubt I'll have any hair left in a week or so . . .

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Each day I become even more impressed with the quality and pace of the goodies we get from Stephen1918 and ojcar.


First terrific new sea terrain with float planes and now a really immersive campaign!

It's tough to keep plodding and modding.


I really am moving, you just can't see it. The Admiralty had some very special equipment in these planes.

Each little bit takes research, and a lot of funbling (sic) with 3dMax.

The Rotherham is whirring merrily now, and I've been upgrading the 9700 cockpit.









Soon I'll have to deal with unwrapping and skinning these new bits.




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Wow!!!!! the cockpit alone is worth the price of admission! Outstanding job, 

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Thanks for the continuing interest - and patience.

In one way or another I've been working on this since 2009.

It's especially time consuming now because I'm just coming up to speed with 3dMax (thanks again Stephen1918).

When he went into the army, I promised Dagaith, the original creator of this plane, that I would finish and mod it, but I had no idea it would take this long.


Here are the latest screenies- There is still some ini work to do (such as the bomb bays and flaps).

The skins are derived from my 2009 work, but the new bits are skinned with 3dMax or decals.

It will take some time for me to learn how to properly unwrap and generate real bmps.

The poly count is high, but the newer machines we have now render with very good FR.

I smoothed the wheels and prop and added several new bits.










The Admiralty did produce props, but I'm not sure the about the lamination.










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