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a complet rework of a RF-8 model from TMF made by BPAO


- new nose section

- new camera bays

- new canopy and cockpit

- new pitot and reworked radome

- new nose gear and nose gear bay

- added refueling probe

- new wing center section

- reworked fuselage to fit the new wing center section


and still a lot more work to do antil it is done , and a special Thank You to Killerbee for his help








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A much needed addition to the series. Great work lads!

(F**k, but I miss my desktop keyboard - tablets can be a real pain in the ass)


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A 13 Days, and Kevin Costner's Boston-Irish-Catholic-Nebraskan accent.


"Wait a minit! Dis idna pahmishun slip! This is ya repohrt cahd! Honey, have you seen 'eez grades?!"


At least Bruce Greenwood and Stephen Culp make up for it. And short as it is, the scenes with the Crusader are pretty cool. Bring it on! We've been needing this one!

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animating the landing gear is a real pain in the a.... , to get all parts moving and dont lose the alignment takes to long i realy wish there would be a more easy way to do this


all major gear parts are done and animated





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sorry but i have to finish first my work on the Rafale before i can continue with the RF-8


We are looking forward to the RF-8..

And I would like to see a screen of new model pilot ..

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