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It was supposed to be a simple CAS mission...just go bomb some bad-guy infantry, and probably rocket a few pieces of armor. Nothing too rough; low and fast, one pass - haul a$$. Except....... They brought every mobile AAA piece that would roll.

Guns 1 / Bucs 0


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Doin time in in the Med with the World Famous Pukin Dogs




now i just wanted some pics. but this guy wanted to act like the Arab Red Baron





i go to close in again, and suddenly my wingman calls Fox 1


so i figured it was a good time to break away




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Just a simple recon......


It was a milk run....until my wing man decided to do an Erich Hartmann with some AAA sites on the way out. His skills were more along the lines of Eric Cartman, so I came home alone.



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L-39ZA Albatros, outstanding trainer Made in Czechoslovakia.


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