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Hi there guys, I have been wondering something for a while. Wandering around the DATA ini of some VTOL aircrafts I realised that there is a type of engine dedicated to attitude control (obviously there must be a way to move around the aircraft when you are almost static in the air), that as you may already know, are the RCS. I have not seen any exhaust effect applied to this systems in game, for example a Harrier hovering only has the exhaust effect of its four nozzles, but do you know if it is possible to add effects to them? I was thinking of using RCS effects to use them in a spacecraft model, burning only as you use them when maneuvering the ship. That would be very cool indeed!

I already tried copying the ExhaustEffect command hoping that it would work but it didn't... Do you have any other idea to at least fake this thrusters?


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IIRC the NF-104 mod available here have something similar, you can try it.

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Thank you very much! I have learnt a lot with its INIs. I managed to make appear the rocket effect when pitching down the aircraft, but I had a little problem. In order to make appear the effect for the opposite maneuver, as the reaction control thruster, I must reverse the input, however, that command doesn't apparently work in a jet engine... To sum up, if a were to make a spacecraft with RCS, only half of them would work since the opposite ones wouldn't be activated...

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5 hours ago, Stratos said:

I think you have found a engine limitation. 

Well, I am afraid you are right, after researching a little bit further I discovered that people already had this problem back in SFP1 when trying to make a functioning thrust vectoring by linking the thrust angle to the pitch control but having the same problem: it only works in one direction not the other...

I have even tried to make an INVERSE_PITCH_CONTROL in the control.ini (I have nothing to lose trying) as a reversed control input for the engine to work with, but needless to say, that didn't work either.

I guess that if I want to put thruster effects in the spacecraft they will be burning all the time instead of during their specific maneuvers...

Curse you TK limitations!

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      Improved Wingtip Vortex Effect pack Version 1.0 by Eagle114th
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      FalcCAF (Erik) - THANK YOU very much for working on this project with me, giving me feedback that helped me improving my effect pack through my modding progress with your great knowledge!
      dgk196 - THANK YOU for helping me very much with improving my wingtip vortex effect modding with your knowledge, especially your experiences have from your services in US Navy.
      Wrench - You have been great inspiration that encouraged me into modding games and simulation long time ago. You have been my hero in old day of Jane's Fighter Anthology with your modding.
      Deuces - Thank you, your effect pack in SF1 series have taught me how to do some basic effect modding for SF1 and 2 series.
      Stary - Your great effect pack in SF2 have taught me alot about modding effect pack, thank you!
      Combatace community - Thank you community for letting me be part of this great community!
      Submitter Eagle114th Submitted 11/18/2012 Category Effect Mods  

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