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RIP Chuck Yeager

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Article From the Guardian


Hearing the news of his death this morning was a shock. I mean get that he lived a long life but still it was a shock to see the news. Allow me to share with you a couple of fond memories. Back in '96 I got a chance to fly for the first time with the EAA's Young Eagle program of which hew as an honorary member. That program really fueled my love for aviation. Sadly I never went to college and flew in the air force; however, my love of aviation has never diminished. Even got a chance to interview him; however, I never published his interview here because he didn't time to answer a lot of the questions and most of the questions could be answered by reading his book. But I do remember when his answer to one question though about what he felt when he broke the sound barrier and his reply was "A sense of accomplishment".

I have some pics of that certificate I got back in '96. I flew that small plane for all 10 seconds :) went down, went up, turned left, turned right, a total of 10 inches in either direction lol. The pilot said "you sure that's all you wanted to do?" Me: "yup I'm good".







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To a fellow aviator that certainly qualified for the "Second Luckiest Pilot" mantle - Rest in Peace, General!

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