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    I left inside a skin folder, is hidden the cockpit and AVIONICS!
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    This one runs fine NOT ONLY in SFP1 Series , but in Strike Fighters 2 too. Because the 2nd Gens accepts both ANSI and Unicode files and skins of JPG and BMP formats, while the 1st Gens accepts ANSI files and BMP format textures only. By the way, in the SFP1 series games, there is no separate “Pilot” folder, so unzipped folder named "GK-Pilot" need to be thrown directly into your Objects/Aircraft folder. ;)
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    That is good news thank you for testing the model and for helping me getting the 3 max converter to SF1
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    Yes, now everything works as it should! The only thing I needed to do was save the textures in the BMP format (1st Gens doesn't see the JPG format) and slightly fix the LOD so that it refers to the BMP textures (this can be done without 3ds Max). Thank you very much!
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    Try this one please and tell me if it's working as I can't test without the game. GK-Pilot.zip
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    The MaxExporter is not compatible with my Max-2009. sadly I can't do anything.
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    I am willing to do it for SF1 if you send me the 3d max plugins.
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    I have included a template with a white helmet, so you can color it the way you like.
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    Holy shit... HOLY SHIT!! Excellent work!!
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