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    An amazing addition to our stable, wish we could use it over North Canada, maybe one day...
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    Great update with the new cockpit and switching between rear and front cockpit pilots.
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    You can apply a patch to the previous version. And it will be like 2.0. Except for some minor changes on LAU-117 / LAU-7 skin and few extra skin/decal sets to match Harrier Plus. I know it is huge but downloading a whole pack shouldn't be a big deal. Considering it's free.
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    Damn, I wish I still had the Banshee, and any other Razbam plane I once had... My divorce and PC breakdown made me lose all, and the RAZBAM d*ckheads never even bothered listening to my request. Those of you who have it, you are lucky bastards! ;-)
  5. -1 points
    Where the fuck is this plan


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