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    Version 0.6.1


    This is the newest version of the LODViewer. New features: -decal support -display of collision and pivot points -added transparency and wireframe display mode -user definable background color -view manipulation via keyboard -64 bit application -uses the OpenSceneGraph library and Qt 5.9.5 Install instructions: Extract the content of the zip package to a convenient location. The LODViewer depends on the Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 C++ libraries. If not already installed on the computer (e.g. by other applications) it has to be installed by running vcredist_x64.exe (you can find it in the redist subfolder of this package). Have fun! And report bugs Mue
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    F-4G from the 561st TFS on final check before take off i know the tailnubers are still missing but so are many other small details yet
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    Mirage F1 with CT-51F Caiman ecm-pod
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    Bantam Bomber I think we should stop bombing the Bantams. They've done us no harm.
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    Homeward bound .. the sky's the limit.
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    Pavel..."Fuckski Putinski.."..... Yuri..." Da,itski fuckingski freezingski comrade"
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    Yep Wrench...the last of the Scorpions.
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    while going through my Sabre archives, I stumbled across this. I'd completely forgotten Zur had sent me this (along with his incomplete F6F Hellcat), ages ago. Meaning, he sent me the MAX files for these birds. I know there's several people (well more than I few I'm guessing) that would like to see the last Sabre in their Hangars It needs skinning, FM work, animations (possibly) straightened out. Maybe even world center reset (as the view in game is shifted forward). But the control surfaces have been cut and animated, landing gear & flaps work (oddly, not listed when seen in the LOD Viewer!!!). So, is there any 3d Guru that might be able to finish this off? I can handle most of the other stuff (skins and FM can't be too hard, if the FM is based off the F-86F) Only fully capable interested parties need apply! Let's see if we can't bring this one home!
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    MATS C-135A.....when color was mattered
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    Hello Gents, I've been hard at work getting the 7 (maybe 8) LODs in order, so as to make game play with the F-5a as frame-rate friendly as possible. I'm quite pleased with the results; what you see here is a squadron of twelve aircraft from the most detailed LOD to the least ... all flying in formation. What I'm pleased about is that you can tell they're f-5s from 1200m!!
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    Gun fire test... by the 57th FWW !
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    Around 1959 Northrop with North Aviation tried to sell the N-156F fighter with the AA-20 missile linked with the Hughes TARAN system... presented under the name "Programme Rapière". I've found the old belgium "Mach Magazine" published in March 1960 with its advertisement.
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    BAC Sea Tornado FRS.2 - 899 Naval Air Squadron, 1980
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    The iconic P-51B Mustangs of Don Gentile (VF-T) and Johnny Godfrey (VF-P)
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    Hi Community! You may (and must) know Piecemeal's Desert V.4. Well, I love it, soy I decided to add targets and make some minor modifications to air bases, target areas, etc.. So, here it goes my humble attempt. Please note this is just a try, there are things to polish, specially an annoying issue as regards AAA. The seem to appear randomly, sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. Piecemeal's original terrain can be found HERE Thanks Piecemeal!! I have worked with Mue's excellent Target Area Editor. I am posting this to know your opinion, and suggestions are more than welcomed! Y hope you like it This is RAF Canopic and Canopic city, Canopic UK Headquarters and Canopic Port
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