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    I liked Marcs Flanker...thought it deserved a make over...Redone all new canopy system...new seat,total new cockpit,hud ,etc etc... new lights,working on new pylons,better detail gears(next) been totally remapped except tails,wings were askew on old mapping.. then redo all panels etc...hmmmmm lol getting there.. im particularly pleased with the new burners...
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    Nearly done with this now.....
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    Spitting Venom! (PauloPanz repainted skin.) Natural Metal / Aluminum. WIP repainted lines, rivets, template, etc.
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    Don't know how often it happens that members from different countries meet up, but visited Krakow Polish Aviation Museum with 2 of my daugters and dear old friend Stary.... Fantastic collection of old and newer Polish and Soviet planes, missiles, radars and Western planes..... Great afternoon ........
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    F-90; B-47 RATOG take-off; Formation; Il-28SH in action; Carriers MiGs with CFT in clouds
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    Thanks gents... Must be getting closer if I've started sea trials....
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    MARCFIGHTERS SU-27 Some detail shots of some work done. Total Reamp...as there was a lot of stretching and gaps...except Tails ..as they are fine Rebuilt gears,front still underway new lights,some to do, Total new cockpit and canopy, (Old didnt function) Rebuilt Naccelles,and Burners etc,added some details etc....(effects) some reshaping....didnt overextend otherwise would have meant total rebuild (no time) think thats most of it... under way... New pylons, nose gear half done IRST revamp various antennae Repaint all thos nice lines and rivets......hmmmm should be fun ha j/k....thats what I like doing... update as and when complete
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    And representing the Marineflieger... Sometimes, it only takes 1
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    The Hot Dog Stand is over a decade old; time for the new 2020 “Swambast” overhaul edition! This version is based on an actual hot dog stand known as “The Dog House.” It was owned by Dick Portillo who spent his family’s life savings to open up a hot dog stand in 1963. The hot dog stand was originally inside a cramped trailer located 18 miles west of Chicago, Illinois (USA). In my opinion, my version does a good (not great) job of replicating the original considering the FPS/performance balance I wanted to maintain. Also, I took it off the trailer and made it more of a solid fixture. As always, I get suckered by details, so I added in the working "grill smoke" and a delicious “hot dog combo meal.” Also, thought it would be fun to create a custom destroyed model that has burnt hot dogs scattered everywhere (). Working on a few final tweaks including hit boxes/collision mesh but should be ready soon. P.S. @Wrench: time for your “Wrench’s Weiners” hot dog stand to be updated. PM me with some details and I’d be happy to make it for you. Also, might have a surprise for you regarding the early genre firetruck you were looking for at one point.
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    MFG-1 skin under construction ...
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    …will have to send in this fire support vehicle! Always wanted to do a proper USAF Fire Dept Support Jeep as I'm especially not aware something like this has been done before, and finally got around to nearly completing it. And don’t worry, she’s a fully optimized low poly creation leveraging just a main 1024x1024 texture map so should be nice and easy on frame rates. As many know I’m a total sucker for details, so even decided to toss in the Fire Helmet and dash details. I still have a few tweaks I need to finish up but think it’s looking good, more to come later...
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    Soviet wildlife conservation. Protecting Bears
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    F-5B Demonstration team for RCAF in 1968
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    Bit of detail to gears....decided to stop ...its addictive but ...its done...not 100% accurate but close enough... main gear is also bit better,pylons now,been putting them off.but got some good reference pics etc for them...
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    Pics from the Pacific
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    SA-14 Gremlin MANPADS will be available within the next few days... Happy new year!
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    a surprise WIP from angelp. Still a long way off, but has much promise! Reusing the decals from my old DAT Boston mod. There's a gun-nosed A-20G in the works (also reusing my decals from the ETO Havoc). It looks really good close up; i've sent him over 300 megs of e-books on the Havoc. So, it's gonna be done right! Been begging for a new one for years....
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    When I post my WiP`s shots...you will see why I said (Long) lol I intend to get ALL done eventually,hope to be able to get most out by summer ...(ones near completion) Arado AR.TEW.16 Bell Jetranger 206 / 407 Bounder M50 Canberra Pr9 Focke Wulf 218 F4E_FGR3 F4E_S (Single Seater) F4E MKIII_UK Fuji T1A Gloster Pioneer Hawker P1211 Hawker P1071 Hawk T1A plus Cockpit Hawk T2 Hawk 100 J-7G,PG,and Variants. La-15 Mig21 MF (McDonnell,reversed engineered Groom lake\Tonopah) Sukhoi Pak Fa T50 Scorpion Supermarine Seafang ,/ + Mk31 Sukhoi SU-16N (what if) Vickers 553,and 553 B maybes..(started but may complete) A26K, A3B G-38 Russian WW2 project fighter Mig25 Mig 15 Douglas Destroyer B-66 MI-24 YE-152 / 152M P47 C, D Plus about 3 or 4 Aircraft that only seen on blueprints or mock ups.
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    Cool to see new Firebees out. Some targets for my CPFs to fire at.
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    Skin for A-team Skunkworks Crocodile
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    Mix. My "war reflections in the mirrors"
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    I love B-25. It's beauty plane. ------------------------------------- Miss World 1991, final.
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    Hi folks,this is my quick 'n dirty conversion of the RA-5C to a fleet defence / attack platform. A/G loadouts in progress and some skinning work needed !
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    Redid Panel Lines. From SF2 WW2 Europe...Do217-J2 NightFighter...
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    With a bit of tidying up...seems to be ok....tails wre rather lumpy...few cuts etc and seem better...looks pretty good to me.
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    ^^^^^^^^ Human shaped debris...genius ^^^^^^^^^ One thing I have always liked in this game is watching AI do their stuff, like this fine flyer. No matter how much airbrakes is applied at this point is going to help you out one bit buds.
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    ErikGen's old AMD_SM_B2 Super Mystere B2 with new lines, rivets, paint, etc. WIP. For France. A sliver one for Israel... ...and a camo version.
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    con respecto a los azulejos eso tengo en mente solo las zonas históricas y de transito
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    pero nunca voy a estar conforme si no logro un mapa mas realista, podría tardar mucho tiempo crear todos los azulejos y no seria algo para tarjetas de vídeo medias.
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    Tail stuff done...and new pitots , lights , new cannon etc too.(new)..all remade now onto pylons..not much more now...then comes the repaint...
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    con una buena tarjeta de vídeo y una buena configuración en el ini de las texturas se logran buenos reflejos como los simuladores mas modernos del mercado
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    Hello! I just finished the chimiotherapie and I wanted to wish you all happy holiday. Does anyone know what happend with my project ? :)
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    Version 1.1


    Hello and thank you for downloading my work. https://gkabs.net What's included: New Pilot model All my files should include the Strike Fighters 2 Series game file (.old) and the texture required. This is for Strike Fighters 2 Series ONLY. Installation: Copy the files to Objects\pilot folder Add these lines to the _DATA.INI file to any jet you would like to add the new pilot to. [Pilot] PilotModelName=GK-Pilot <---- PilotHeadNodeName=GK-Head <---- if you have a two-seater add the Copilot as well. [CoPilot] PilotModelName=GK-Pilot1 <---- PilotHeadNodeName=GK-Head <---- If you need any further help please read the Knowledge Base at: https://combatace.com/forums/forum/268-thirdwire-strike-fighters-2-series-knowledge-base/ LICENSE: You are allowed to use this model and everything included with it for personal non-profit use for Strike fighters 1 and 2. For use outside of this scope, you need to contact me for permission. gkabs@gkabs.net Software used: 3d Max 2009 UVLayout v2 Pro Substance Painter Adobe Photoshop Fuse FaceGen If you need any assistance please contact me at gkabs@gkabs.net
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    (not actually WW2, but post-war) Buzzing the railyard at Tourane, FIC Hmm... looks like The Legion's armored train is in town!
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    could be.... some more...1 thing to do then its new pylons. (ahh tail lights in bot pic to correct)
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    logre gracias al TFDTool, que la topografía de BAM puerto argentino sea mas real
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    pending approval, my last mod of this decade. Merry Christmas everyone!
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