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    I'm finally getting round after real life delaying things for too long at taking a proper look at these Tornados. First off I'm coming from the persepctive of someone who has worked on the real thing as I was an aircraft armourer for nearly thirty years and have work on all marks of UK Tornado and the associated armament equipment and ejection seats. These models are quite simply gorgeous, everything looks just right. In the cockpit I almost feel I could look up and feel the lump of the MDC if I ran my hand over it, looking out at the 1500ltr drop tanks I can see where the air has eroded the paint down through the yellow primer to the bare metal and the Sky Shadow ECM and BOZ chaff pods are right where they should be. The transition up from idle to full reheat is sublime. I shall try to actually get into learning this aircraft properly but I am sure it will not disappoint.
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    Where mods meet history ... with a great skin enhancement and fixing (left nacelle mapping bug) of the original, superb Sundowner work. If someone else whould like to number and / or name his favorite squadron Phantoms my psd decal temps are ready ....
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    Excellent! Very nice model! I can't have enough of these elements crawling around as I soar over them! Thanks!
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    Great Plane! Hope to have templates soon. ;-)
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    Very nice screens that actually work. I just replaced the annoying InitScreen in Program Files (x86)\ThirdWire\Strike Fighters 2\Menu with the USAF Aggressor screen. Me like a lot.
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    Excellent! This has to be one of the most awesome thing about this community. We get to strap into history in rememberence of these amazing people - The SANDY BAY-BEE flys again!...Thanks!
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    Yeah, I like it. It's very "Two step" if you get my meaning...excellent set!
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    Super-duper. Iwait for your next work
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    Better than stock ships ;-) Small addon. Lights. lights for Panamax.7z
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    (clapping in polish) Dude this is the nicest, most natural feeling environment in ages! Makes SF2 look great! Highly recommended!


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