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  1. I started North Atlantic campaign on the F-14. So, there are some missions in which I have to defend friendly A7s/A6s flights from enemy MiGs. But the fact is that if these planes are shot down by ships SAM, then I will also lose. That is, I cannot influence it in any way Is this the norm for this game?
  2. Janes WWII Fighters 2020 edition

    WW2 fans are in luck. They have IL-2 Series. What Can't Be Taken About Light Sims Fans Like Novalogic F-22/Janes USAF/Strike Fighters 2
  3. I wanted to try converting Vietnam from RazbaM
  4. Please tell me how difficult it is to convert the terrain mod intended for WoX (Europe/Nam/Israel) into SF2? And will it work with a simple copy to the User/Saved Games/Thirdwire/StrikeFighters2/Terrains folder
  5. This is what I mean. The difference is visible
  6. Hello. Thanks for the comment. Lighting fix added. Slimers are drawn on the texture but turned off, since they do not work on standard aircraft - F-14A/F-15A and Baz/F-16Netz/ Moreover, the luminous slimmers are slightly shifted from the places where they are in reality. Therefore, there is a disagreement between texture and glow. But I can give a date.ini for their inclusion, everything is simple there.
  7. Why does TK even make a version for Win10? I always thought the July 2013 version works fine under windows 10 and is fully compatible with it
  8. Strange that TK didnt release sf2 complete on the steam yet. (With steam workshop support offcouse) Very strange. Many new and young players are not even aware of the existence of this game! And yes, sf2, thanks to low sys requirements in 4K VR could be an entrance ticket for those who cannot assemble a 5000$ pc with 2xRtx3090 sli for 4k DCS world/msFs but wants to fly in VR.
  9. why then slimers reacts to the CTRL + L button, and does not light up constantly?
  10. Do you know how to make the flaps extend more smoothly? Now they come out in less than a second, but on a real hornet they are a little slower. And the second question, which function is responsible for turning on the formation lights (long perpendicular neon lights) on your mod? They just work and turn on regardless of navigation lights and the texture "slimer.tga" is displayed. I would like to understand why when the lights are turned on, the texture starts to be displayed and by default the texture is not displayed. What part of code is responsible for this? I only found this: ***** f/a-18a_data.ini [RightNoseSlimer] SystemType=LIGHT LightNodeName=LP_Nose_Right CanFlash=FALSE ***** But I do not see a variable that is responsible for not displaying the texture "slimer.tga" by default.
  11. Installing old Jane's combat sims (F/A-18 and USAF)

    Can you try janes IAF with taklberry patch? On my PC it runs very slow (10 fps) from cockpit vew.
  12. Thanks! Yes, that's what I need!
  13. Installing old Jane's combat sims (F/A-18 and USAF)

    Sometimes nvcontainer.exe blocks the installation of 32 bit setup.exe
  14. Installing old Jane's combat sims (F/A-18 and USAF)

    Try to kill all nvcontainer.exe processes in the Task Manager
  15. Installing old Jane's combat sims (F/A-18 and USAF)

    An interesting story is that I installed Jane's IAF, and under Windows 7 it works fine (with the Tuckleberry patch) but under Win 10 it slows down! When viewed from the cockpit, it produces 10 frames per second on my RTX3070, although when viewed from the third person everything is ok. I've tried a lot of things but nothing helps. Apparently there is some kind of conflict during rendering.

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