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  1. Kill Decals

  2. Israelis 'rehearse Iran attack'

    God, wouldn't that be awesome? The power of a nuke, without the after effect. For those of you that are 'less than enlightened, THIS is a Rod from God, or a Kinetic Energy Strike. *NOTE* you have to wait until the end to see it***
  3. F-22 for Israel.

    *Cough* Tomcat *Cough* More seriously, I'll bet Canada would be interested, as our CF188s are getting tired and the F-35 isn't going to fill the bill as well as we want. We need a twin engine fighter so when one fails over the arctic, we don't lose millions in aircraft parts. Also, the capabilities of the F-35 aren't what were promised when we signed for them. More and more setbacks, and more and more delays...
  4. Poll: Most powerful / moving game moments

    This Trailer is chilling, and I'm not even American... Good Music: Shadow on the Sun - Audioslave !SPOILER! Anything from World In Conflict is moving if you ask me, epescially when Bannon rides the M1A1 into a Nuclear Strike. And I'm going to have to jump onto the CoD4 bandwagon...
  5. Hillary's Downfall

    It's actually a ripoff of the original, HERE, which was also pretty funny.
  6. The Official Chuck Norris CA Thread

    Chuck Norris is the only person ever to score a touchdown playing hockey.
  7. Top 10 Biggest Dissapointments in 2007 Games

    CoD4, but mind you I never expected much from it. After having it right the first time with vehicles, rockets, and unlimited mods in CoD:UO its only gotten worse. Now instead they reskinned everything to look better then the last edition and put it on a shelf. It's the same run-and-gun spray-and-pray BS that I hate. I cant wait until BF:BC comes out, but dont get me started on how after all these years on PC the Battlefield series has givin us the finger and gone with the new consoles.
  8. Yeah, it would cost too much now, but I still think we should have jumped on board way back... by the way, nice pics, I like those
  9. As a Canadian, I must say I feel pride every time I see a CF188A/B, and whenever I see any F/A-18 I check to see if it's got the Maple Leaf roundel on the side. But I always have a feeling that we should have gotten an F-14 with ground attack capabilitys. Oh well. My vote still goes to the Tomcat though. I've never seen Topgun so it;s not that. I just think the Tomcat walks the talk better then the Family Model Super Hornet or anything else. Put an F-22 vs. a F-14, I'd put everything I own on the Tomcat. I think the USN has compramised their carriers by relying on the Hornets for defence, and I also think there are too many eggs in the basket labled F/A-18
  10. Miss South Carolina

    I had to shut it off after 1:35, it was just too full of BS. God, how is that possible, I'm proud to be Canadian now...
  11. How the heck did you come up with that?

    Mine came straight out of another flight sim. I used to have Secret Weapons Over Normandy for PlayStation2. When I got CFS3 I needed a name so I chose the squadron name from Secret Weapons, BattleHawk. Unfortunatly, I biffed the signup for this forum by deleting the signup email, so I made another one as a tribute to the USMC (Even though I'm from Canuckistan )
  12. What Branch of Service should you be in!

    Apparently I'm USAF mateirial...
  13. Roll Call

    I'm rolling in in seld defence
  14. Check out the figures on that page, the Tonado F3 can fly way further then that. The Bear too!
  15. Demographic Similarities of Virtual Pilots

    I'm 15 and I started with CFS3. my squad transitioned to IL2/AEP/PF and kind of fell apart. I read a review for WoE in Flight Journal and promptly bought it. My squad does more of a RPG/FPS thing now so I still play IL2 on occasion and rarly some FS9.
  16. B-1B

    Would the Radar signiture be effected by that or not?
  17. File Name: B-57G Modified File Submitter: Hooah! File Submitted: 26 Apr 2007 File Category: B-57 This is a B-57G that has been modified with 4x GAU 8 Avenger canons with 3000, 30mm rounds each. Also, the types of weapons available to be carried is now much greater. To help lift all of this into the air, I have added 99999.2 lbs of thrust to each engine. This model is in no way a realistic model. The original B-57G was by ajunaidr. I do not claim to have made this model. All I did was change a couple of things in the DATA file. This is only the DATA file. If you wish to keep the original, make a backup of it, or dont add this one. Just cut and paste to the MBB-57G file in /objects/aircraft/mbb-57g/ folder. When it prompts to copy over click yes. THIS IS ONLY A DATA FILE. YOU STILL NEED THE B-57G FILE BY AJUNAIDR!!! Any damage by this file to anything is in no way my responsability. This file has only been tested in WoE. Enjoy, Hooah! Click here to download this file
  18. I D/L the F-111 package, and I love the plane but the cockpit doesnt show up in the plane at the start. Any help would be appreciated. Also, on a number of D/L planes i can't stand the engine sounds, but when I go into the sounds and DATA files the sound assigned to the plane sounds fine. Somwhere along the line the game substitutes a terrible sound in. Another thing, when I make a change in the DATA files of the planes then save, the changes never happen in the game. Help!
  19. Thanks for the knowledge base. The cockpit I D/L and installed doesnt show up. I have the latest updated version of WoE.
  20. Thanks for the info, i was editing the the aircraft data file. I also noticed that I cant have any precision guided weapons. i have the latest wep pack
  21. Saitek X52 4 sale

    For 5 bucks i'll take it! No more though
  22. I have both the F-14 A and D models, and no soud or AB...HELP!
  23. Well,I got the sounds to work, but the effects are terrible. the ABis too far foward, and the smoke i a line of grey squares.

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