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  1. Check your Version.ini file. When I did a reinstall once it caused StrikeFighters2 Vietnam to be set to FALSE instead of TRUE which made the A-1 disappear from the game.
  2. Getting a TrackIR 5 is the thing that lead me to finding out about the Strike Fighters series in the first place. I had not touched a non Sci-Fi flight sim for years before getting my TrackIR in 2009. I consider it a must have for flight simming.
  3. A Mystery of Iwo Jima Solved

    I came across this and thought I should share it.
  4. I did not want to clog up @GKABS Ukraine Airlines crashed in Iran thread with this question so I started a new thread. With the Ukraine International Airlines Flight PS752 incident in Iran on January 8th, 2020 and looking back at past events with the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 shoot down over Ukraine on July 17th, 2014, and the USS Vincennes's (CG-49) shoot down of Iran Air Flight 655 on July 3rd,1988 it got me thinking. What kind of safety procedures do nations with actively deployed SAM defenses have in place in order to prevent accidents like these from happening? I am thinking both about how it was done in the past when the US, UK, and other NATO nations had Bomarc, Nike, Bloodhound, and HAWK batteries as well as their Warsaw Pact counterparts SA-1, SA-2, SA-3, SA-5, etc. during the Cold War as well as how nations with modern deployed SAM systems like Israel's present missile defense systems, Russia, South Korea, etc. do it today.
  5. Russian Carrier was on Fire ... any news about that?

    In addition to @Erik above there is also this news.
  6. Russian Carrier was on Fire ... any news about that?

    Death toll in aircraft carrier fire in Russia rises to 2 https://www.yahoo.com/news/death-toll-aircraft-carrier-fire-133530727.html
  7. Plane HUB

    The Hentai image should have aerial refueling hoses in it.

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