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  1. Embraer Tucano 3Ds Max

    Basically - Here's the model, someone finish it for him. =)
  2. Its not just another F-16, it's a really good revitalization of the Falcon, really good work on them.
  3. Marc? Posting? And most of all an add-on for SF2? No wonder 2012 started so weirdly. So these strange noises around the world were the angels warning us about Marc's return? BTW, very nice to see a Rafale in production, i wondered all this time, why no one cared to make one besides A-team (which is pretty abandoned).
  4. CVN-65 Enterprise

    I don't know about you guys, this lloks like a bit of a steal for me? I call a remove of this one if the owner doesn't give credits or so.
  5. CVN-65 Enterprise

    Readme doesn't help at all, theres no sound or GroundObject folder.
  6. I had a hard time understanding that sentence actually... I still don't get it, your complaint is about the reliability of the weapons in general ??
  7. XXXG-01W Wing Gundam

    So, i don't know if this is the right place for it, but since it's the models area i figured why not. This is what i built lastly, a Master Grade Wing Gundam from Endless Waltz OVA, from the Gundam Wing series. It was a 8 hours straight built, not much has to be done in details, some warning signs and stuff like that still to put on, but for now, the model is pretty much done. Pics for your delight. Some are a bit blurry cuz they're from my cellphone's camera, hope you enjoy them anyways. This one has all my Gundam kits all together, will take pics if requested.
  8. TM HOTAS and MFD Giveaway

    I don't even have a joystick, been flying in SF2 with a USB Playstation controller.
  9. Gripens in Swiss Air Force

    Oh that Red Flag is one to remember, Brazilian F-5EM's were at it too, calsign Rocket.
  10. When i get bored, usually, i just go do crazy stuff, not CRAZY really but stuff i usually don't do, like make a little trip, visit someone i hasn't seen in a long time, that kinda stuff. Maybe start exercising, i need to. You know, i feel kinda motivated to do so now.
  11. F-103 Mirage IIIEBR (Version 1.0.1)

    One of the finest birds to fly in SF2 as of now.
  12. Mirage 5COAM

    Was this the last Mirage version before the Kfir came up in the Israel Air Force?
  13. Mirage IIIEBR

    You sir, is a wizard.
  14. Gripens in Swiss Air Force

    It's like "You need more experience to get into this job." Riiiight, and how will i get experience if you won't give me a job.

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