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  1. Yes, he made a proper CF-5A sight which is included in the Beta 0.96 update above.
  2. The flight manual description is the same as the USAF manual so I'm thinking they both use the "standard sight."
  3. Crusader, any idea if the NF-5A used the default sight? I remember reading somewhere it was totally manual. I had a quick look at a USAF F-5A flight manual that might have been used for training foreign pilots and it describes the gun sight as non computing 100 mil fixed reticle with manual adjustment of the depression angle from 0 to 180 mils.
  4. Some Colorful Clunks inbound soon, for North American installs. I'm going to upload the CF-100 MK-4A first. It had the lower thrust Orenda 9 and is a bit of a cow so will phase it out about a year after the introduction of the MK-4B. I figure they would have upgraded the engines on the 4A's during any heavy maintenance checks. Skin credits to Frenchie1977! Somewhere over the Great White North. [the American part]
  5. I don't think so. Not sure if the F-5A came with a standard gunsight or not but from what I remember the USAF F-5's used in Vietnam had a different sight installed and the NF-5's were different again. If it's any help, my notes say the CF-5A used a Ferranti Isis gunsight designated AWQ-501.
  6. Not sure if I understand the issue. Does the aircraft in question actually contact the runway or does it float along to the end? A couple of entries in the [FlightControl] section of the aircraft data.ini can lead to fast approaches. [FlightControl] StallSpeed=74.68.............................................check this CruiseSpeed=202.93 ClimbSpeed=267.95 CornerSpeed=248.00 LandingSpeed=85.88.................................and check this if included. MaxG=8.50 MaxSpeedSL=361.11 MachLimit=2.048 MachLimitDry=0.980 PitchDamper=0.4 RollDamper=0.4 YawDamper=0.0 Some early FM's might not have the LandingSpeed entry and if that's the case the game will base the approach speed off the stall speed. In either case the game will adjust the speed depending on aircraft weight. From my experience the "LandingSpeed" entry actually adjusts the final approach speed and will over ride the "StallSpeed" entry during final approach. Some other entries that can be used to adjust the approach behavior are AI data entries: [AIData] LandingPitchForSpeed=-0.07 LandingThrottleForAltitude=0.05 LandingThrottleForVerticalSpeed=0.08 The above entries can be adjusted to try and get a stable approach but can require a lot of testing to get right. Sometimes adding additional gear or flap drag will help stabilize an approach.
  7. No problem, lots more research required.
  8. Nothing but the best! The rabbit ears have been upgraded with a directional high def antenna, probably NASA gear as well.
  9. I had all those cockpits beat way back in 2008. The combination "Entertainment Console" had it all but took up too much space so I had to downsize. It's much more modest now.
  10. I've been trying to put together a new J-7E /PG etc. flight model while Russ does some model improvements so here's a public beta tester using one of his original models, available here: https://combatace.com/files/file/16926-j-7-series-fighters/ This has been a difficult plane to research and there is lot's more to do so consider the attached FM as just an aerodynamic test mule. I left the original date range "as is" but the service start date for the first production double delta version, the J-7E, was around 1994-95. The model best represents the J-7E which retained the 3 piece windshield but had only one gun on the RH side. The cockpit included with the original model probably best represents the J-7E as well, which had only a simple ranging radar, although it probably had some multi function displays as well. Later Chinese versions, as well as all the export versions had more capable radars and a one piece windshield. The original package contains a skin for both Pakistan and China so you might want to consider making two different versions. Pakistan was the first export customer and began receiving the first F-7PG's in June, 2001. A dedicated Pakistani version really requires a more modern cockpit with a combination of multi function displays and round gauges but at this point I'm not sure if there is anything suitable available. Any ideas? Here's a bit more info on dates and export customers: Prototype construction started in 1987-88. First test flight in May, 1990. J-7E and J-7EH[Chinese Navy] service entry in 1995. F-7PG first export version to Pakistan in 2001. J-7G upgraded Chinese version entered service in 2003. Upgraded radar and engine, one piece windshield. F-7BG exported to Bangladesh in 2005. F-7NM exported to Namibia in 2006. F-7NI exported to Nigeria, early 2008. F-7BGI final version built for Bangladesh, 2012-13 and probably the most capable, with upgraded engine and all glass cockpit. Other possible customers are Sri Lanka and Tanzania but I'm still researching those. For the export customers there were a lot of different equipment and load out options so it will take some time to get sorted out. Here's an interesting article that gives an idea of the performance improvements with the double delta wing: http://urbanpk.com/pakdef/pakmilitary/airforce/ac/f7pg.htm Regarding the FM, I have the leading and trailing edge flaps working with AUTOMATIC_MACH but there is no animation for the leading edge flaps. One source says the J-7E was equipped with a KG-8605 Active Jammer and a Type 941-4AC Chaff/Flare Dispenser but I just copied some ECM/Chaff/Flare entries from Wrench's F-20 Tigershark package. Here's the FM: J-7PG_DATA0.95.zip
  11. Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Review.

    Mine's still working after many years but recently it's been requiring frequent calibration due to an off center issue. Was surprised to see they still make these so I just ordered a new one!
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  15. Possibly not. I think I added some of Cliffs gear tweaks but much, maybe most, is original. I did get a look at an Impala flight manual so adjusted the gear and flap speeds, empty weights, fuel capacities etc. Also had a look at some performance charts to try and match sustained and instantaneous G but it still needs fine tuning.

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