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  1. ..Success. I started tweaking the parameters you suggested, only to notice that, even if rudder dynamics were changing, the original problem was not corrected. It was like in fact the problem would occur at another level, possibly "higher" than the rudder itself. This made me look upon the "vertail" section, which is parent of the rudder one. So I simply substituted the aerodynamic parameters contained there with those from another plane with a known functioning rudder (f-86d), in block, just to see if those were the culprits. Ran a single mission, and bang!, the problem was gone. The aircraft still don't feels right, obviously, but I know what to tweak now. I'll gladly accept any suggestion on the single parameters pertaining to the vertical fin section, as there are even more params than in rudder, and I don't have many clues about them (I would proceed changing them one by one and perform a test between every change). It appears that the vertical empennage has a counterforce that makes the aircraft bounce to the opposite direction to where the rudder has been depressed, roughly with the same force. The correct behavior would be an aircraft that keeps its nose horizontally in the direction of rudder action, while taking a slight roll in the same direction (to be compensated by ailerons) proportional to rudder force. Thanks again.
  2. thanks for your reply, this is valuable information. I'll post back here if I ran into any other doubt while testing
  3. I found out that some aircraft have an incredible tendency to instability on the yaw axis. At pretty much all speeds, touching the rudder will cause the aircraft to start swinging left and right, making hitting (with guns) anything smaller than an aircraft carrier almost impossible. I've been trying to fool around with several parameters in the data.ini file, in particular the "damping" ones, and then some of those in the "rudder" section. Sadly, these changes have brought no real improvement. I even tried (for testing purposes) to substitute the entire "rudder" section with another from another similar plane: in this case the rudder ceased to work altogether (which weirdly enough, made aiming the plane easier). My question is, which parameters to I need to tweak in order to remove this anomaly? For example, the MiG-15 (both TW and user made) all have this tendency, which is also unrealistic. The Sabres, the french and the british early jets are not plagued at all by this problem, their rudder is silky. Historical and technical publications tend to agree that the Fagot would become unstable only nearing mach 1, which is very much a higher speed than those I'm testing it. Thanks for your attention
  4. MiG-15bis "Fagot-B"

    why do mig-15s and 17s have a crazy instability on the yaw plane? you can't touch the rudder that the plane starts swinging left and right, seems to be made to make these aircraft miss their shots. is there any edit that can be done to bring them back to reality? neither the DCSW or any other Fresco/Fagot simulator has ever had this tendency.
  5. Hellenic Air Force F-5A Volume I

    Would had given six stars, if it was possible. Thanks for raising the bar, and to provide this amazing "modding school". I hope I can learn something from it.
  6. Nations & Medals Expansion

    several data is missing from nations.ini, causing weird events like planes starting in the same point in air and colliding. I already tried inputing formation data (for example) where it wasn't present, and that fixes this problem. pls fix it, it's the best nations mod i've tried
  7. I have solved with the method of deleting the options and version inis, then restarting, let the program rebuild the two files and editing "options.ini" to point to the correct mod directory. After doing this, there has been no rewrites. Apparently though, I've cheered to soon. There seem to be another issue, don't know if it's related. When using red side, the aircraft start at the same exact position in the sky, literally one inside the other, and explode. I've read that it was an issue with some airports in some terrains, but this happens when starting the mission in the air. It also appears that the radio menu is messed up, like there is a "third squadron" but not a "second" in the list, and it doesn't reply to orders. This game will never cease to amaze me.
  8. no doubt. I was saying that in my particular combination of w7 and sf2 it didn't occur. I've personally edited dozens of lines of inis of these planes without a single rewrite happening. I'm trying to understand what determines that condition so to replicate it, but i'm afraid w10 makes it impossible.
  9. Thanks. Thanks. Before posting the question, I searched the KB, but couldn't come up with an answer. A google search was negative too. I prly used keywords too vague. Anyway, what you are saying makes sense - but I'm 100% positive that back under windows 7 (I've switched to 10 only in early '19) the inis were not being rewritten. Which makes me believe that there is some method to prevent that (besides read only, which is fine if you only fly, but as you said becomes a burden if you're modding and testing - basically launching the .exe every five mins). I'm currently trying to understand if there's a way to revoke writing permission for the sf2 executable to a specific directory, which equates making the files read only for the program but not for the user. I'll report back if I manage something, but what I've found so far makes me rather pessimistic.
  10. hello. i've met a strange but pesky occurance with my sf2 install. i installed some plane mods from this site, some of them are improvements over the old sf2 vanilla aircraft and supposed to give them a cockpit and make 'em flyable. now what happens, is that on starting SF2, the program seems to rewrite the main ini for these aircraft with the vanilla version, so the mods are never enabled. I can cite as example the fine Fishbed pack found on this site. now, the only solution i've found so far is to change the ini files attributes to "read only". but it seems a rather clunky method to prevent SF2 to revert the changes I made, especially since I like to tweak and tune myself and having to change the "read only" attribute every time i change a file to test it would become anightmarish waste of time and clicks. this thing started happening with windows 10, it appears, or more likely, with *some update* of windows 10. has anybody met this problem, and how was it solved? thanks for your attention
  11. Ok, thanks for all your replies. To start with, I have the merged 5-ways install with SFNA updated to the latest patch. I begun this work by examining the original, generic 30mm sound; and noticed it was a single gun shot sound that the simulator would repeat while the the trigger is pressed and the gun is firing. Then I went looking over the web and found more specific 30mm (and other kinds and calibers) sounds from different cannons, normally these files contain the sound of a burst, at the proprietary rof. Since though, the simulator sounds format is one shot only, and then the program repeats it to form bursts, i thought to proceed by cutting 1 shot only from my sound files, saving it in the relevant folder and proceed editing the inis. The in-game result is good - for what it concerns the sound itself: it plays perfectly just like in the sound editor. But the rate of fire is completely different from the one written in the ini. I had reasoned that the simulator would repeat the single shot file according to the rate of fire value written in the ini file, but at this point i doubt it has anything to do with the "sound part" of the gun; probably it's there only to calculate damage, ammo consumption and so on. So I reckon you are suggesting to employ soundfiles already containing entire bursts. But how does that work with the amount of time the trigger is pressed? If the soundfile contains say - 30 shots - and i press the trigger to fire only 10, the simulator will still play a burst long 30 shots right?
  12. Hey folks. Lately i've been busying with modding my gun files, with the intent to create a mod with much more variance in sounds and tracer effects for those types of weapons. Sadly, I'm stuck at the very beginning of sound modding; I was able to substitute the sound of a 30mm gun with a good one i found on web but my problem is the following: I can't for the life of me make it sound like it's firing at its nominal RoF. A gun having, say, 900 rpm sounds like firing at 150 rpm. I understand that, for the simulator to work properly, the sound file i use should be of a single shot - not of a volley, as it seems that it 'd create unrealistic overlaps and generally sound bad. Is there a way to configure this particular aspect? Also, I'd like to know if there is a way to make multiple gun configs sound like there's more than one: for example, a Mig-19 with two guns of the same type should play the sound twice (stereo would be the icing on the cake, but perhaps i'm asking to much), yet the sim produces only one dull shooting sound. Any ideas? Thanks for your attention.
  13. Did it. Yesterday I downloaded and installed the SAM pack only, and it opened up a wide range of scenarios, especially strike missions. Today I'm downloading the other two packs and installing them. Thank you for your assistance.
  14. please pardon my ignorance, I get there are no ground objects included. I have anyway a large number of ground objects installed but a "Slava" class cruiser is everything I get in all missions (of the single type). Do I have a problem with my config or is there some step I should do that idk of? thanks and cheers for another great map.
  15. The truth is out there...........on US Navy FLIR

    the shapes and forms of lifeforms are determined by the evolution, like pretty much everything else "formal" in the universe. Men of religion will often give answers like the one you received, I tend to agree with it in the sense that if there is a God, then all lifeforms are his "sons'. Besides, many religions on earth tend to force the notion that only their believers are the "sons of God" and other men are miscreants or who knows - you can understand how difficult could be for such mindsets an effort towards a more general, universal approach to religion. To get back to evolutionism and creationism, I'm not sure, I rather think that both views have some valid and some not valid points. One of the biggest obstacles imho to correctly interpret these subjects is time. Men tend to take time as a given fact, as something that exists no matter what. In fact, they could not be more wrong: time exists only in human (and in the other lifeforms) perception. What happened in the past, and what will happen in the future, already exist, and never cease to. It's our perception that is able only to observe a certain portion of these events, which we call present - and then through memory recall these events. But I think I'm going too ot with this.

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