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Third Wire MiG-23 fighters made flyable & updated for SF2 1.2

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Third Wire MiG-23 fighters made flyable & updated for SF2


MiG-23M, MiG-23M (85), MiG-23MF, MiG-23ML, MiG-23MLA, MiG-23MLD, MiG-23MLD (Soviet-Afgan War), MiG-23MLDe, MiG-23P, MiG-23P (82), MiG-23MS


This is a follow on from my "Third Wire MiG-23MLD updated & flyable for SF2" mod and completely supersedes it.


- All are flyable with a modified version of Stary's MLD cockpit/ avionics with corrections by Crusader and myself. There are slightly different cockpits/ gunsights depending on the model of aircraft.

- Wing spoilers are now working as they were always there just not activated. Thanks again Crusader!

- Opening Canopy.

- KM-1 Ejection seats added. Grey on most but black for Mig-23MLDe, MiG-23P and MiG-23P (82).

- Loadouts enhanced and corrected. Some Afghanistan specific ones added.  Use of Kh-25M air-to-surface missile and datalink pod added.

- Missile positions corrected, especially for the AA-8.

- Single missile rail for the fuselage AA-8.

- Improved/ corrected FM.

- Improved engine sound and afterburner effect.

- All Mig-23 have an ACM/ boresight radar mode but it is set straight ahead along the gunsight and does not move/ scan. The MLD and P (82) have an ACM/ boresight mode that scans vertically like the F-16 or F-15 etc.

- MLD, MLDe and P (82) have KDS-23 countermeasure dispenser installed in the centreline drop tank pylon. This is a 12 shot chaff/ flare countermeasure dispenser that could be used once the drop tank had been jettisoned.

- MLD Leading edge flaps automatically deploy during maneuvering as they did on the MLD with the type 3 wing.

- MLD Primary and secondary roles expanded to reflect the evolution of the MLD into a more multi role fighter platform.

- Removed ECM jammer from MLD.

- Radar data and performance is corrected from the S-23MLA radar to the S-23MLA-II radar for the MLD.

- Most if not all the exported and Warsaw pack ML aircraft were actually MLA models, this is an error in most publications, model kits and flight sims alike and has only been corrected in recent publications. The ML was operated by the Soviet airforce and by the time the export models were being built the production line had switched to the MLA. This is now corrected in the game.

 All skins updated with cockpit textures and various other minor details.

- Grey undersides on Soviet Camouflage skins changed from grey to blue/ grey.  Additional dark green added in to the Soviet camouflage of later model MiG-23s. Lots of other texture corrections done.

- Skins added for Iraqi, Syria (Late), Polish camouflage, Egypt, North Korea, Libya, Soviet desert (in Afghanistan) and Soviet Afghanistan veterans.

- Corrections to decal size and/ or positions on various skins.

- Additional MiG-23MLDe variant created. This is the Syrian and Libian specific export model of the MLD which did not have the IFF or aerodynamic enhancements (vortex generators) of the Soviet MLD and had a slightly downgraded radar. Syrian made countermeasure dispensers installed on either side of the tail fin.

- Additional MiG-23P (82) variant created. This is the Soviet P model that was upgraded to the same standard as the MLD but without the aerodynamic enhancements.

- Additional MiG-23M (85) variant created. This is a few squadrons of the Soviet M model that had its IFF upgraded some time between 1978 and the early 90's (Same nose IFF antenna as the MLD and P (82).

- Additional MiG-23MLD (Soviet-Afgan War) variant created. This is the Soviet MLD but reflects the specific loadouts, modifications, countermeasures and markings of the MLD models that served in the Soviet Afgan war.

- Updated weapons from the RSSW 099 mod.


To Install:

1, Delete ALL previous TW MiG-23 mods.

2, Unpack and drop the 2 parts of this download into your main mods folder.

3, You MUST override when prompted.



- ThirdWire.

- Crusader.

- Stary.

- Snailman.

- Eburger68.

- Paladrian.

- Svetlin

- Cocas


CombatAce fair agreement applies.



Dan (dtmdragon).

What's New in Version 1.2


- Various corrections/ fixes.

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I Was Waiting for This Day. Thanks

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very well done.

refreshing, to say the least, since the available M23 addons were sf1 conversions older than 10yrs. I rly like the work done on the various models huds.

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Outstanding :good:

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Hi! thank you for finally doing my favorite plane justice! Congrats on managing to make the hud radar work as for years this was said to be impossible. At least int the SF1 days.

I have one question though, is it possible to make the directional RWR work? When flying the Yak-38 I noticed it seemed to have a functioning RWR or at least it showed directions Im not sure if the higher/lower part works but on the 23 we dont have an RWR just noises for track and missile etc. It would be very helpful to know where a radar signal is coming from if this is possible although I have a feeling if it was you would have done it.

Thank you for your hard work!

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its perfect...Coo:ok:l.have you any plan to mig-23BN / mig-27 family?:ty:

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A great addition

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