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  1. Cold War in miniature

    It appears that the link yesterday did not work, sorry about that. Let's try this.
  2. Cold War in miniature

    The Wargame franchise has come a long ways since European Escalation, and the newer titles do have better single player experiences. As someone who has many hours into multiplayer Wargame matches I can attest that it too provides some pretty compelling cold war era battle simulations - although you have to put up with other people which can be a problem. Now for the plug - some folks in the Wargame community are trying to keep that feeling alive while the developer lets the game die. I'm not sure what kind of customization and single-player battle staging will be available but this project is worth sharing and following to see what it becomes:
  3. Mirage F-1C_RWR

  4. Who's going to be the new President?

    Term limits would be hugely beneficial. I also think we somehow need to get a primary process where normal people participate rather than only the ideological extremes of both parties. This year we have a choice between a lying sack of shit and the man who would sell it to you. It's a sad state of affairs, but as long as most citizens pay no more than lip service to our democratic process it will never change. I pray for whoever it is to be a single-termer.
  5. There really is so much good content here the best way to get what you want is to put the time in searching the download section. One trick I use is to filter the results by most popular or newest, within a specific section such as 'maps / terrain mods'. Having said that here's a couple of personal recommendations: NATO Fighters 4+ by Dave (Missions / Campaigns) - be sure to find all of the update packs Germany Terrain Rework by Rends (Maps / Terrain Mods) Operation Darius by Dave (Missions / Campaigns) Happy Hunting!
  6. Are Top Gun quotes taboo?

    You know he's been waiting decades for an excuse to write that article.
  7. DCS World 1.5.2 Released

    Hmmm, thinking of excuses to leave work early and get this update ASAP!
  8. Russian Fighter ops in Syria

    Gepard - who knew you could predict the future! Well kind of, Erdogan wasn't smart enough to take the hint...
  9. Thanks Dave. Sweet setup. Something to aspire to while I slowly acquire equipment and skills! The MFD's are cool, hadn't looked at those before. It seems to me that Track IR5 or something similar is the top priority as the constant need for mousing my viewpoint is a huge challenge.
  10. That looks awesome. I've had trouble getting started with DCS as right now I've only got a laptop and xbox 360 usb controller, which is fine for SF2 but leaves something to be desired in DCS. I recently picked up a couple good monitors and your screen shots are providing motivation for more gear as I would really like to step up to DCS flying. Any advice for pedals/hotas/track IR? What do you use and/or recommend?
  11. Yep. Well said greyhawk. Thank you to all who've done so much to not only keep this thing alive but to improve upon it in so many ways.
  12. Couldn't upload the spreadsheet but here's a screen shot and the formula text in the cells. To be super accurate you would need some aerodynamic coefficients specific to individual aircraft but this seems pretty reasonable. in cell D3: =B3*0.5144 in cell E3: =(D3*(D3/9.81))/A3 in cell A7: =(D3/E3)*H2
  13. Su-24 fly past - USS Ross

    Two of your snot-nose jockeys did a fly-by on my tower at over 400 KNOTS! I want somebody's butt, I want it now, I've HAD IT!
  14. Let's see your cars!

    I like your style Ironroad! Here's my daily driver and my 12+ year project together:
  15. What Other Games Are You Playing?

    I'll keep my eyes open for a sale. The trailers look like the same game as ALB with some half-a$$ed naval combat thrown in. Not gonna fork over $40 for that. Multiplayer is great in ALB but the single player campaigns are disappointing. Any single player improvements in Red Dragon?

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