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  1. Mirage Factory F-5E for SF2

    You ungrateful s.o.b.. People provide a free mod for you and you call them idiots just cos they forgot something... pls provide a link to all the mods you have provided so we can see how much better you are...
  2. A-10A and C Thunderbolt II "Warthog" Pack

    Why can't i select a/g weapons with the '\' key and why wont the radars or any avionics show up? I have installed all the 1.5 files. Anyone?
  3. [Fictional] F-23A -Uzuki Shimamura- skin mod

    one for the weaboos i guess
  4. there's plenty available online if you search.
  5. Guardians of the GUIK Gap

    The water is just a light grey featureless blanket ...
  6. HDR Mod 1.01A

    Can I ask please whats the difference between your mod and Sweetfx 1.5 HDR shader? Just curious
  7. FFS - the whole point of this thread is to discuss how we are prevented from accessing it, cos we do not fit some jet-geek's demographic and you put up his link ....dddduuuuhhhhh!!!
  8. Avro Vulcan B.2(*)

    Yes i agree this mod and the the Viggen might as well not be there. Who the f*** wants to jump thru hoops set up by some arrogant mofo who feels the need to exert power over people, due to low self esteem, no social skills, etc etc. I wish someone would hack them

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