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  1. Vulcan B2

    Thanks for this. Tried to get this from Sanother site but was locked out for good after accidentally downloading one file too many... Love the comment above about 'overly precious ideas'...so true..I would add 'control issues of a borderline sociopathic nature'...
  2. Mirage Factory F-5E for SF2

    You ungrateful s.o.b.. People provide a free mod for you and you call them idiots just cos they forgot something... pls provide a link to all the mods you have provided so we can see how much better you are...
  3. A-10A and C Thunderbolt II "Warthog" Pack

    Why can't i select a/g weapons with the '\' key and why wont the radars or any avionics show up? I have installed all the 1.5 files. Anyone?
  4. [Fictional] F-23A -Uzuki Shimamura- skin mod

    one for the weaboos i guess
  5. Guardians of the GUIK Gap

    The water is just a light grey featureless blanket ...
  6. HDR Mod 1.01A

    Can I ask please whats the difference between your mod and Sweetfx 1.5 HDR shader? Just curious
  7. FFS - the whole point of this thread is to discuss how we are prevented from accessing it, cos we do not fit some jet-geek's demographic and you put up his link ....dddduuuuhhhhh!!!
  8. Avro Vulcan B.2(*)

    Yes i agree this mod and the the Viggen might as well not be there. Who the f*** wants to jump thru hoops set up by some arrogant mofo who feels the need to exert power over people, due to low self esteem, no social skills, etc etc. I wish someone would hack them

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