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  1. Fiat G.91 "Gina" Pack

    Friggin' sweet. Always had a soft spot for the Fiat and this definitely satisfies my needs. Thank you.
  2. F-106A Delta Dart in Vietnam (What if)

    Very cool, one problem though, I cannot get the tail markings to show up. Is there an installation step I have missed?
  3. Il-28 Beagle cockpit

    Always wanted to fly the Beagle, thank you for making it a possibility (Also thanks for your other brilliant cockpits that have truly changed my SF2 experience)
  4. I am truly amazed at the quality my friend! I have to say my favorite part so far is the mountains. Looking forward to your future works!
  5. Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk for SF2

    Great work, just one question, where do I find the GBU-27? Do I need to install a weapons pack of some sort?
  6. Thank you my friend, this worked! I have SF2:I so it makes sense.
  7. Hey brothas, My runways are not showing up. Any word on how to fix this? Much appreciate!

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