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  1. Aeritalia G.91Y

    The G 91Y was a tactical fighter-bomber and reconnaissance aircraft capable of carrying out direct support, close interdiction, photographic reconnaissance and air combat missions.
    This aircraft is for SF2, SF2V, SF2I and SF2E last patch.
    1) Unzip the file G91Y.rar
    2) Copy Object and Sounds folders into your mods folder (for example: C:\Documents and Settings\MyAccount\Documents\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Europe\...).
    For people with 4/3 monitors : remember to change the entries into G91Y.ini for Loading / HangarScreen.
    Animation 1: canopy open
    In order to open the drag-chute land with the airbrakes open.
    As the real one this model can reach speed over the airframe limit , be careful with the afterburner.
    README file included

    kreelin for the great FM; thanks a lot Andriam

    Spillone104 for the jet sound, photos and suggestions during beta testing

    Steve S for the invaluable infos about the cockpit , grazie Stefano

    bobrock, Soulfreak, Dave, Canadair, 76.IAP-Blackbird, Veltro2k and Nghengo as beta testers

    myself ... 3D, skins, pit, blood and tears.

    Thank you very much guys.

    Last UpDate 14/03/2011 – Ver.2.0

    Various improvements; now compatible with Expansion2

    Thank you to Veltro2k, Spillone104, X-RAY, "the test pilot", paulopanz and suhsjake for the kind support as beta tester.

    Every part of this mod can be used into others mods only if the final product is free of charge for the community and proper credits are listed into the product itself.

    Enrico "ErikGen" Gennari


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  2. RAAF Macchi Trainer for SF2

    This is a reworking of the RAAF Macchi MB-326H Attack/Trainer based on the mod by Charles. I have just tidied it up for SF2. All credit goes to the original design team who created this aircraft mod.
    This is a complete aircraft with three skins: A camo scheme, RAAF Grey scheme and the Fanta Can scheme of the Roulettes aerobatic team. The M134 Gunpod and Macchi Fuel tank are included.


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  3. C-160D Transall

    C-160D Transall Addon for SF2 series
    The C-160D Transall was the main tactical transport aircraft of the german air force from 1968 on.
    Retirement was planned for 2010, but due to problems with the A400M the (so called) "Trall" will stay
    a few years more in service. In the nineties the fleet got upgraded with a new avionic suit and some
    aircraft got equiped with the AN/AAR-54(V) missile warner and counter measure pods.
    Drop all files into your mod folder the way they are setup in this pack.
    If you are unsure about the way how mods are installed, check the knowledge base at CombatAce!
    If you have allready custom craters installed, you MUST install the ones here manually!
    Model features:
    + Multiple LODs
    + Cockpit
    + Damage model
    + Destroyed aircraft model
    + Cargo pallets (dropable)
    + Paratroopers (German "Fallschirmjaeger")
    + Animation for parked aircraft, this cannot been used manually
    + The aircraft number you are using is displayed in cockpit
    +To drop the paratroopers, open the bombbay (side doors)
    +To drop the cargo pallets, open the ramp with animation key "9"
    +To use the windshield whipers, use animation key "8"
    +Thanks to the GMG for decals and testing
    +Special thanks to the team of "Gemeinsam Helfen e.V.", who built a C-160D for the MS Flight Simulator.
    They helped me alot with info and pictures!
    Both cockpit and external model are quite high polygon models, if you face FPS drops, there would be no
    other solution as to upgrade your system!
    Hope you enjoy this!


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  4. Lim-6P

    As Lim-5P (Mig-17PF licence built) fighters became obsolete, from 1971 they were also rebuilt to Lim-6bis standard, designated Lim-6M.
    Their radars were removed, but there remained radar covers in central air intake. They were fitted with additional underwing pylons, but not with a braking parachute.
    - Pylons & Sounds Spillone104
    - Skins Upgrade, Historical Decalset & Ini edits by me
    - Cockpit Ordway (SF-2 edited)
    - Suggested pilot (optional) Soviet/Russian Pilots Pack - part 1 (60's - 80's) by The Trooper avalaible here at CombatAce – not included
    Happy landings.


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  5. Lim-6 bis

    Polish upgraded Mig-17F (Lim-5) for fighter bomber role.
    A little, nice (I hope) add-on for our SF-2 Europe, easily adaptable for Woe.
    - 3D Works & Sounds Spillone104
    - Skins Upgrade, Historical Decalset & Ini edits by me
    - Cockpit Ordway (SF-2 edited)
    - Fake pilot (icluded) FastCargo
    - Suggested pilot (optional) Soviet/Russian Pilots Pack - part 1 (60's - 80's) by The Trooper avalaible here at CombatAce – not included
    Happy landings.


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