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Dassault/Convair F-114A "Mirage'

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About This File

Dassault/Convair F-114A "Mirage" (A What If...)

-- For SF2, Full-4 Merged (Prefered) and/or any combination with SF2:E & SF2:I --


It =REQUIRES= a Full-4 Merged install -The PREFERRED Way ™, or at the very least, SF2:I for the various and sundry bits used herein. To, wit; the SF2E Mirage 3C and/or DLC3, and SF2:I for the Shahak (MirageIIICJ) Cockpit. If you do NOT have the minimum required game installs, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS MOD, as you won't be able to use it.


This is a mod of the SF2:E/I Mirage III as seen in the SF2 "What If Forums", fully extrapolated into a production aircraft as used by the USAF Air Defence Command and Air National Guard units (supplimenting and replacing the F-102 in many cases, until the F-106 arrived a bit later than is historical). You can read the backstory there (with additons by me in the "Notes" below)


This is a complete aircraft, with 4 skin sets.

The skin sets are:


119th FIS, New Jersy ANG

196th FIS, California ANG

317th FIS, Alaska ADC

509th FIS, USAF, PACAF, Southeast Asia 3-Tone


Skins are based off the stock NM Mirage 3C, from new partial templates I created. All inis included reflect it's Primary Usage as an Air Defence Interceptor; however, all ground attack capabilities and mission statements are retained.


All new serial number decals have been created, extrapolated from the end-of-production run of the F-102s. The "FM" buzz number code is a real code, once assigned to Fisher P-75. I thought it would be fitting, what with it being a =M=irage. (a name it keeps, as I couldn't think of a good 'D' name to fit with Delta Dart and Delta Dagger. Delta Dirk?? Just don't sound right!). All markings are decals, thereby making it easier for other skinners to create other USAF/ADC/ANG/etc units by simply making new unit marking decals. The PACAF skin makes use of stock, in-game decals for the serials.


Basic armament is 'standard' for early/mid 1960s USAF Interceptors; the AIM-4 Falcon and nuke-tipped AIR-2 Genie. Sidwinders will load automatically after 1972. Alternatively, for non-nuclear missile carriage, a revamped (read: repainted and ini tweeked) conventional warheaded AIM-26B Advanced Falcon is included. For mission builders, there is a Conventional Loadout statement in the loadout ini. All A-G loadouts use standard, USAF in-game weapons. I've also supplied the AIM-4G from the GunnyPak, for those poor unfortunates that might not have it.


As always, the canopy is activated via a manual animation key. Use Shift/0 to open and close. Landing lights have also been added, as well as corrected positioning for other running lights.


As always, READ the enclosed readme for full, detailed instructions. This package has been broken down into the various folders that SF2 needs, to make it a LOT easier to install (read: drag and drop). As expected, the usual "Notes and Other Nonsense" section, that lists the changes/modification/improvements/whatever that Convair did when 'Americanizing' the Mirage.


Have fun with it!! I sure did building it!


kevin stein

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