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JGSDF Vehicle Pack 1 1.0

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About This File

This is a package of 18 ground objects for the Japan Ground Self Defense Force, representing many of the significant combat vehicles from the 1970s to present. Four additional non-Japanese variants are included as a bonus, for a total of 22 distinct ground objects. All-new guns and missiles are included.


Note that these are all new models and not stand-ins or re-skins of existing ones. While they are relatively low-poly and low-res, if there is sufficient demand, I will update these models with more detail and improved textures at some point in the future.



Featured JGSDF vehicles include:

  1. Type 74 MBT: Cold war era tank armed with a 105mm L7 gun
  2. Type 90 MBT: Modern tank equipped with a 120mm gun, composite armor and advanced electronics
  3. Type 87 Recon: Modern 6-wheeled armored recon vehicle with excellent sensors and a rapid-fire 25mm gun
  4. Type 89 IFV: Modern armored infantry fighting vehicle with a 35mm autocannon and anti-tank missiles
  5. Type 73 APC: Cold war era tracked APC
  6. Type 96 APC A: Modern 8-wheeled APC (automatic grenade launcher)
  7. Type 96 APC B: Modern 8-wheeled APC (heavy machine gun)
  8. Type 87 AAA: Mobile anti-aircraft vehicle with twin 35mm guns
  9. Type 93 SAM: Mobile short-range SAM
  10. Type 75 MRL: Cold war era 130mm rocket launcher
  11. Type 75 SPA: Cold war era 155mm mobile howitzer
  12. Type 99 SPA: Modern 155mm mobile howitzer
  13. Type 96 MPMS: Truck-mounted multi-purpose missile system designed to defeat tanks and landing craft
  14. M110 SPA: License-built version of cold war era 203mm howitzer
  15. M270J MLRS: License-built version of the US 227mm rocket launcher
  16. L-90 AAA: License-built variant of the Swiss 35mm towed AAA system
  17. Komatsu LAV: Modern light armored truck
  18. Komatsu LAV-AT: LAV equipped with anti-tank missile launcher

International vehicles include:

  1. GDF-001: Popular Swiss 35mm towed AAA system; used by many countries
  2. GDF-002: Upgraded 35mm towed AAA system; used by many countries
  3. M270 MLRS: US 227mm rocket launcher
  4. M270A1 GMLRS: US 227mm GPS-guided rocket launcher

Two texture sets, default camo and green, are included for each vehicle. (US MLRS are Green and Tan instead.)


Additional vehicle packs for the JGSDF, ROK, and PLA may follow if this mod is well-received. (Don't worry, I'll still keep on making ships.)


These ground objects are recommended for use with Wrench's latest Korea terrain, as well as Kamchatka and other East-Asian theaters. Please see the readme for full details. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or constructive criticisms regarding this package, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you!

What's New in Version 1.0


  • 2012/12/18 Initial release

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Awesome Mod!!!! Thanks a lot for sharing. It is simply excellent!!!!

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Very good ground vehicles and also decently effective weapons platforms.  Happy to add them to a single mission set I'm making on the Kuril Islands map @Gepard made.


Below is a MLRS impact:


Below are the Patriot SAMs cooking off and then their site:



Finally, some short range air defenses...




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snapper 21


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