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F-106A Delta Dart in Vietnam (What if) 1.0

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F-106A in Vietnam (What if)






During the late 60’s there were serious discussions in the USAF about deploying the F-106A to the conflict in Vietnam. Obviously this never eventuated but the possibility lead to project Six Shooter which saw a gun pack and an improved visibility canopy added to the F-106A. So what would the Delta Dart have looked like if it had served in the skies above Vietnam?


In 1968 the USAF conducted a Tactical Evaluation to evaluate the effectiveness of existing tactical manoeuvres by USAF and USN combat aircraft against the MiG-21 Fishbed. It was called ‘Have Drill/ Have Ferry.’ The ADC evaluated the F-106 and found its radar capable of acquisition of the MIG and that radar snap-up attack could be used to exploit the MiG-21's lack of fire control. The F-106 could use better acceleration to get beyond MiG-21 speed limits. A direct result of this evaluation was the ADC recommendation to “expedite fitting the internal gun, redesigned canopy, radar warning and ECM equipment into the F-106”.




So based on the above (factual) information I present the F-106A Delta Dart (69) ‘Nam’




To the SF2 F-106A I have added the following:


- Permanently mounted M61A1 Gun Pack (Project Six Shooter)


- Internal ALQ-100 ECM


- Chaff dispensers


- APR-25 RHAW (Audio only)


- SEA camouflage (Day and Night)


- Pilot in tiger stripped flight suit.


- I have also applied the MA-1 FCS ECCM upgrade done to 314 F-106 in 1963. The ECCM system allowed the FCS to reject radar returns resulting from chaff dispersal by a target. As part of the upgrade a final modification resulted in increased missile performance. Modifications to the FCS permitted up to 35 percent more deflection of the Falcon missile’s control surfaces. This resulted in a more agile missile at launch, increasing the missile’s ability to react to a maneuvering target.
To portray this in the game I have made changes to the F-106 avionics as well as a specific ECCS AIM-4F missile.






- The AIM-4G has been changed to have no audible growl (It never had it) and is slaved to the radar. This more accurately portrays the employment of the IR guided Falcons. You will have to use the radar to know when you are locked on and in range. (Just like a F-106 pilot would have had to done in real life).


- The weapon bay doors are manually activated, I prefer this as the animation doesn’t work with most missile shots when it’s set on automatic.


- There is a specific version of the M61A1 gun for the F-106 as when installed in the F-106 its rate of fire was limited to 4500 rounds per minute.




Credits for the original SF2 F-106A and SEA skin decals:


Lexx Luthor






Dan (Dtmdragon)

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