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F-101 Mega Pack Version 2.0

July 2011


This is an update for the whole Voodoo series for SF2X june patch (with or without expansion packs)



- Unzip the file

- Copy Object, Effects and Sounds folders into your mods folder (for example: C:\Documents and Settings\MyAccount\Documents\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Europe\...).




Specific instructions, infos and credits for each model are listed into each aircraft folder.


Test team for this update: Spillone 104, paulopanz and X RAY


Thanks to Dave for the support during the update of this megapack



Every part of this pack can be used into others mods only if the final product is free of charge for the community and proper credits are listed into the product itself.


Thank you


Enrico "ErikGen" Gennari



From Previous Version




Column5 for the FM

Spillone104 for the J57 sound

NGHENGO, bobrock, Canadair, triplethr3at as test team

Dave and Jimmybib for decals and skins and various support.


Again a special thanks to Dave who strongly wanted this airplane to which initially I was not so interested. I hope I did forget no one.

This version has tanks built in; with the tank skins in the right aircraft skin folder . 3D models and Skins are from mppd.

This should also fix the shadow issues. Also fixes some weps position issues.


To install just put into your SF2 saved games/thirdwire/StrikeFighters2 and let it overwrite folders as needed.


In the F-101A/C folders is a folder call 3 gun version and that is for anyone who wants to use the version that was used in Europe that had the a gun removed and replaced with TACAN equipment.

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Its use a lot of TK's new bells and whistles he added to the latest patches. Don't ask questions just download it and enjoy it. :lol:

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thanks guys!

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For some reason, the 3D models aren't showing up in the game when I install all of the components. I've installed mods tons of times now, but I'm not sure what I've missed here. Are there any new changes to the series in recent months that might have changed mod installs?

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Nevermind. I figured it out. It was a version issue so sorry for the waste of space.


With that having been said, please let me express my greatest thanks for this amazing pack. One of my favorite airplanes, and I am just blown away by the quality of the work. To all those who took part in its development, I salute you.


No target in Eastern Europe is safe from my F-101C now. :)

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