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USMC H&MS-11 "Playboys" TA-4F FAST FACing & CASing, Vietnam 1967.






WIP made from Nyghtfall's TA-4F template of Fracture's TA-4F SF1 model.  Repainted 331Killerbee's skin.

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Having Fun, More Than One Way To Skin A Cat With Limited Resources, Scales Obviously Look Off But It Serves The Purpose.
Two versions of the SSC-2 were developed from the Soviet "KENNEL" air-to-surface anti-shipping missile. They resemble a small jet fighter in appearance and are transported on one-axle semitrailers. The field missile SSC-2a "SALISH" is launched from its transport semitrailer which is towed by a KrAZ-214 tractor truck The SSC-2b "SAMLET" coastal missile transport semitrailer is towed by a ZIL-157V tractor truck and is not used for launching. The missile must be removed from the transport semitrailer and placed on a large rail-type launcher for firing. The "SAMLET" coastal defense missile is the most commonly encountered cruise missile, and has been identified in East Germany and Poland.
Another Note of Interest From The Archives Of History.
SSC-2a Salish was a nuclear capable mobile launching system designed for ground combat. With a 12 kiloton warhead and 180km range it entered the equipment of Soviet and DDR forces in 1957.
It carried nuclear warheads with yields from 5 to 14 kilotons.
Unknown to the US military during the Cuban missile crisis, two FKR regiments (the 561st and 584th) armed with 80 fourteen kiloton warheads were positioned in Cuba — one to attack the American base at Guantanamo with the second positioned near Havana to destroy any units attempting landings. Although some authorities dispute whether local commanders had authority to use these theater nuclear weapons, the weapons were present and it is argued that if pressured, Soviet soldiers might have used them.




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AU-1 Corsair of USMC VMA-212 Ground Pounding, Korea 1951.








(WIP: New lines, rivets, etc., for TMF AU-1/F4U Corsairs.  Wrench's decals.)

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your Boeing is further along than mine. wont stop from asking if it will come it bare metal tho.....


some ANG guys that tagged along


and the CRAF contract for the rest of the gang to come along


all same airfield rather cool i think


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29 minutes ago, acesfakia said:




I want that plane please.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\



You have to wait till it´s finished.

but that will still take some time...

Unbenannt-2 Kopie.jpg

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582nd IAP  Combat Maneuvers.



'Tho' much is taken, much abides; and though
We are not now that strength which in old days
Moved earth and heaven; that which we are, we are;
One equal temper of heroic hearts,
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.'



Rostock High Speed Pass.






Feint of the Cobra



And I Missed...


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