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Nice tribute!

Images and music aside... what I got out of the video was the stock F-4 engine sound and "One, two's airborne!".

I heard those engines for countless hours and that call from my wingman countless times.

There is still no better sim for flying an F-4 in combat than Third Wire's Strike Fighters series.

There are only two other sims or more correctly sim engines I know of that even came close: Jane's Fighters Anthology (previously Naval Fighters) and Jane's USAF (previously IAF).

But Chuck Yeager's Air Combat deserves an honorary mention as the first sim I ever played that let me shoot down a MiG with an F-4 :)

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Awww SH3 GWX mod main soundtrack, loving it. I thought I would have good surprises when subscribing to your channel a week ago, and I'm not disappointed!

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  • Similar Content

    • By Spudknocker

      View File Iran-Iraq War Terrain/Campaign
      Included in this package is a brand new Iran-Iraq/Western Asia Terrain with 4 campaigns.
      Three of the campaigns compose the three periods of the Iran Iraq War-
      1st- the initial invasion which spans from 1980 through 81- Lots of CAS and Intercept as well as strike missions.
      2nd The War of the Cities and Tanker War from 1982-1987-Many interdiction anti-shipping and strike missions similar to Rolling Thunder
      3rd The Battle For Al-Basrah all of 1988- Lots of CAS, anti-ship and strike missions
      The 4th campaign is a semi-fictionalized Project Dark Gene/Ibex campaign from 1970-77 with USAF and IIAF units conducting recon missions against Soviet Installations and protecting Iranian borders from Iraqi Incursions. Because the terrain doesn't extend to the Soviet Border the campaign was turned 90 degrees with northern Iraq-Mosul/Tikrit acting as our stand in Soviet area.
      Includes all the required aircraft and skins including Ravenclaw's Beautiful new IIAF/IRIAF F-4's and Iranian weapons and new F-4D and RF-4E skins to match from Yakarov79!
      A separate install is not required and will work best if incorporated into a big everything thrown in Mod Folder.
      This mod package is meant to be an addition to Operation Darius or Operation Desert Storm and NATO Fighters 5 from Eburger68. Ground Objects from Mr Burgers packages are required for example Iranian Destroyers.
      Here is a link to Op Darius- http://combatace.com/topic/74627-operation-darius-final-part-1-of-4/
      And Desert Storm- http://combatace.com/topic/84643-operation-desert-storm-for-sf2-redux-part-1-of-3/
      Nato fighters 5- http://combatace.com/files/file/13332-nato-fighters-5-part-1-of-8/
      The Aircraft included in this mod are readily available here at CA and the thank you/credits list is too large to name everyone! See the credits list for NATO Fighters 5 that should cover everyone!
      A HUGE thanks to Blaze for Letting me tinker with his new Western Asia Terrain to make it Perfect for an Iran-Iraq War Campaign!
      This Mod is a combination of many people's work here at CA thank you everyone who helps contribute to the Community!
      I am by no means an expert but I have had a blast putting this together over the last few months if someone can add more realism to the campaigns PM me and let know! I hope everyone enjoys this!
      Submitter Spudknocker Submitted 01/29/2017 Category User Made Campaigns  
    • By dtmdragon

      View File 'Rivet Haste’ F-4E USAF pack add-on
      F-4E project ‘Rivet Haste’ add-on for ravenclaw_007 and Co’s F-4E USAF pack 2.0
      2.0 Updates/ corrections
      - Corrected tail tip color from green to red/ orange.
      - Added historicly correct small serial numbers to tail fin
      - Big thanks to mppd for the color reference photos (I could only find a single black & white one) and historical serial numbers.
      - F-4E_72 ‘Rivet Haste’
      You must have ravenclaw_007 and Co’s F-4E USAF pack installed for weapons & effects etc:
      Animation / Function
      - Canopy
      - Hook
      - Air Refuel
      - Gun Vent ______________ automatic when gun is fired or as soon as the landing gear is deployed
      - Brake Chute____________ works with the Air Brake below 150kts
      Features of the ‘Rivet Haste’ F-4E:
      - Slatted wings. The Rivet Haste F-4 were the only Phantoms in the Vietnam conflict to have slatted wings.
      - MIDAS4 gun port.
      - TISEO
      - APR-35/36 RHAW
      - Assigned to the 555th TFW but operated as a separate flight from the rest of the squadrons non Rivet Haste Phantoms.
      - Operated without any tail codes or serial numbers. Aircraft had RRRRibit in yellow on the tail fin along with a green tailfin tip.
      Hangar and Loading screens are in 1920 x 1080 , optional 1024 x 768 Hangar and Loading screens are included in a separate folder
      - Drop all files into your mod folder the way they are setup in this pack and overwrite if ask to
      - If you are unsure about the way how mods are installed, check the knowledge base at CombatAce!
      - ravenclaw_007
      - original model by TW , BPAO , Crab_02
      - cockpits from TW
      - Decals for the 34TFS , 469TFS and the original Templates from Sundowner
      - Skins for the 57th FIS made by Soulfreak
      - TISEO made by Crusader
      - Testpilots , EricJ , Slartibartfast , JAT81500 , Dast24 , Centurion1 , Ianh755 , GodsLt
      - new updated model , textures and weapons by ravenclaw_007
      - mppd
      Background on the Rivet Haste project:
      With the soft (slatted) wing, the pinkie switch (basically the very first HOTAS), and the TISEO modifications for the F-4E, the USAF realized it had the tools to make its fighter pilots more lethal. In the late summer of 1972, the Rivet Haste program was established. Rivet Haste would be the Air Force's acknowledgement that years of substandard training and poor doctrine had to be reversed. Rivet Haste combined the slatted wing, TISEO, and 556 mod of the F-4E and teamed them up with handpicked crews with combat experience over Vietnam. They were assembled at Nellis AFB and here the key of Rivet Haste would take place- intensive training with the new F-4Es against the secret MiG force that Air Force flew out of Tonopah north of Las Vegas. Each Rivet Haste crew were paired up to stay together through training to deployment for combat- this allowed the pilot and his WSO to develop their own system of coordination in the cockpit and carry that to combat. Six pilots and six WSOs were in each Rivet Haste group and each pilot/WSO would fly at least three missions against the MiGs at Tonopah. Each month, a new group of six pilots and six WSOs were assigned to Rivet Haste. Crews assigned to Rivet Haste saw it as a quantum leap in air combat training that the USAF had never had before. Unfortunately they arrived in Vietnam to late to score any air-to air-kills and only flew a handful of Linebacker II missions before the end of the war.
      Submitter dtmdragon Submitted 06/19/2016 Category F-4  
    • By dtmdragon

      View File F-4T Phantom II Air Superiority Fighter - Ghost Grey Phantoms
      F-4T Phantom II Air Superiority Fighter 1.0
      The F-4T was a late 1970s proposal by McDonnell for a stripped F-4E optimized for the air superiority role. All air-to-ground capability was to be eliminated and associated equipment removed. The armament consisting solely of the built-in M61A1 cannon, the four belly-mounted AIM-7 Sparrow missiles, and the four wing-mounted AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles, or an alternative warload of six AIM-7. A digital computer was to have handled the weapons system.
      By the late 1970s, the Phantom was clearly old technology, and no customers ever expressed any interest in the F-4T. The project was abandoned before anything could be built. It was never clear but it was suspected that the proposal had been aimed at a particular potential export customer.

      BUT what if the F-4T had entered production, either in foreign service, or to supplement the F-15A, or even as a potential alternative to the F-16A ADF?

      And so I give you the F-4T Phantom II Air Superiority Fighter:
      - Base aircraft is the 'F-4E_79 TISEO & ARN-101' from Ravenclaw and co’s awesome F-4E USAF pack.
      - Deleted all air to ground weapons capability.
      - Each inner wing weapon station can carry either 2x AIM-9 or 1x AIM-7 or an ECM pod.
      - Empty weight, empty inertia and stall speed lowered to that of the stripped out Third Wire F-4F. This makes it probably the most maneuverable and best dogfighting F-4 Phantom models, other than the IAF Super Kurnass 2000 prototype.
      - Retained AN/ARN-101 antenna for long range navigation.
      - Retained TISEO for target identification.
      - Higher 'G' HPC center drop tank.
      - Cleaned up the ‘noises’ and shadows on the radar display to better represent the digital filtering of the Digital Scan Converter Group (DSCG) radar display later model F-4E were equipped with.
      - Added Pulse Doppler look-down function to the AN/APG-120 radar, as later model F-4E Phantom’s upgraded with the AN/AWG-10A digital fire control computer had this feature.
      - Changed the gunsight reticle to the green and red colored AN/ASG-26A which was also used on the F-4G Wild Weasel.
      - Ghost Grey Air Superiority camouflage scheme.
      - Changed the fiscal year component of the serial numbers to the late 70's: 77, 78 or 79.
      Included in this mod are:
      - F-4T Phantom II
      - 9 different USAF, ANG and AFRES skins.
      - 7 different USAF, ANG and AFRES squadrons.
      - High resolution Ghost Grey camo F-4E PSD templates
      - F-4T hanger & loading screens
      To Install simply un pack and drop into your mods folder.
      Animation / Function
      - Canopy
      - Hook
      - Air Refuel
      - Gun Vent ______________ automatic when gun is fired or as soon as the landing gear is deployed
      - ravenclaw_007
      - original model by TW , BPAO , Crab_02
      - cockpits from TW
      - TISEO made by Crusader
      - 3D model , textures and weapons by ravenclaw_007
      - Pilot, Florian & JAT81500

      Submitter dtmdragon Submitted 05/25/2016 Category What If Hangar  
    • By KamilP

      View File F-4A Phantom II
      This pack includes:
      F-4A Phantom II (block 1)
      - J79-GE-2 engine (66,7 kN)
      - AN/ALQ-50 radar
      F-4A Phantom II (block 3)
      - J79-GE-2A (71,6 kN)
      - AN/APQ-72
      - AAA-4 IR sensor
      - Multiple bomb racks
      I am not a 3D modeller, so I had to use stock F-4B model, with some removed nodes and some textures repainted to mask the most visible differences between F-4A and F-4B, so please consider this mod more as a stand-in, than a fully realistic model of the aircraft.
      Third Wire - stock F-4B model
      Julhelm - AN/APQ radar (from F4D Skyray)
      Submitter KamilP Submitted 03/18/2016 Category F-4  
    • By Sheriff001

      View File F-4M Phantom II - Royal Australian Air Force - US Style schemes
      This is the F-4M Phantom II for the Royal Australian Air Force with US style skins.
      There are three versions of the F-4M in this mod.
      TK's F-4M:
      2SQN SEA Camouflage 3SQN ADC Grey 3SQN SEA Camouflage 12SQN SEA Camouflage 30SQN ADC Grey 30SQN SEA Camouflage 75SQN ADC Grey 75SQN SEA Camouflage 76SQN ADC Grey 76SQN SEA Camouflage 77SQN ADC Grey 77SQN SEA Camouflage 79SQN ADC Grey 79SQN SEA Camouflage

      TK's F-4M (75):
      2SQN SEA Camouflage 3SQN ADC Grey 3SQN SEA Camouflage 12SQN SEA Camouflage 30SQN ADC Grey 30SQN SEA Camouflage 75SQN ADC Grey 75SQN SEA Camouflage 76SQN ADC Grey 76SQN SEA Camouflage 77SQN ADC Grey 77SQN SEA Camouflage 79SQN ADC Grey 79SQN SEA Camouflage

      TK's F-4M (80):
      2SQN Hill Grey 2SQN SEA Camouflage 2SQN SEA Wraparound 3SQN ADC Grey 3SQN Hill Grey 3SQN SEA Camouflage 3SQN SEA Wraparound 12SQN Hill Grey 12SQN SEA Camouflage 12SQN SEA Wraparound 30SQN ADC Grey 30SQN Hill Grey 30SQN SEA Camouflage 30SQN SEA Wraparound 75SQN ADC Grey 75SQN Hill Grey 75SQN SEA Camouflage 75SQN SEA Wraparound 76SQN ADC Grey 76SQN Hill Grey 76SQN SEA Camouflage 76SQN SEA Wraparound 77SQN ADC Grey 77SQN Hill Grey 77SQN SEA Camouflage 77SQN SEA Wraparound 79SQN ADC Grey 79SQN Hill Grey 79SQN SEA Camouflage 79SQN SEA Wraparound

      The idea for this aircraft comes from my alternate history site. It was first operated by this alternate Royal Canadian Navy in 1968.
      The RAAF's primary strike aircraft for the sixties was the F-105 Thunderchief. During the Vietnam War, the RAAF used its Thunderchiefs to strike targets of strategic importance to the Saigon Fascist regime. However, German air defences in South Vietnam had taken their toll on the Thuds. With the F-111C suffering serious delays, the RAAF took what was available, the F-4 Phantom. This aircraft had just been introduced by the Royal Australian Navy. In Vietnam, the Phantom enjoyed a high level of success, and showed its multi-role capacity.
      With the delivery of the F-111s, and their work up to full operational capability, the RAAF needed to find a mission for its Phantoms, or a buyer. The RAAF recommended early replacement of most of its F-104 Starfighters. The Government accepted this option, and the F-4M served as Australia's front line tactical fighter until the mid 1990s.
      The wikia article for the aircraft itself is found here:
      - http://themarshall.wikia.com/wiki/Miscellaneous_Cold_War_technology#McDonnell_Douglas_F-4K.2FM_Phantom
      Copy the contents of the ModFolder folder into your mod folder.
      There is also a version with RAF style skins. The two can be integrated together, however the RAF style version has a different name, F-4M Phantom II FGR.22.
      TK: F-4M from the SF2: Europe. Ravenclaw_007: F-4E templates, F-4B templates, high resolution AIM-7 Sundowner: F-4E templates, F-4B templates

      Submitter Sheriff001 Submitted 02/01/2016 Category What If Hangar  

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