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Is anyone still interested in the Spanish Civil War?

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I have some planes started for the Spanish Civil War. They're all to the point where the fun part is done, finishing them will just be tedious. I'll finish them if anyone is interested, but it will take some time.












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Interesting also because this war was also the operational test for new tactics and several German planes ! :hi:

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Yes yes yes yes!!!!!!! It seems that most of the hard work is done. Please finish this beauties. Hope to see the Polikarpov I-15 Type 5 with the sliding hood too. Who knows? You're the best modeller for me!!!!:clapping::drinks:

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13 hours ago, Sokol said:

it was an interesting aera,
and so easy to define who is the good one, and who is the bad one.


That's a highly debateable statement. It must not be forgotten that Spain under Franco did not lift a finger to help Hitler in the Second World War, and that Spain saved more Jewish lives than any other nation, apart from the Vatican. Many Spanish passports were issued to Jews throughout Europe. Not a single Jew that escaped across the Pyrenees was impeded.

The Spanish Civil War is unique in that its history has mostly been written by the defeated faction.


On the topic, I would welcome the completion of the great work that Stephen is doing, and consider that there is great potential for FE2 to host the best representation yet of this conflict. 

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As many of you have pointed out, the Spanish Civil War represents an interesting time period when the planes and the tactics were evolving. There was an unusual mixture of planes being used and there were times when clearly obsolete types were being flown against the latest developments in aircraft engineering. Putting the politics aside, the SCW has a lot of potential and I'm glad that Geezer introduced the idea to us.

However, we have a long way to go before we have a usable game. So far we have a placeholder terrain, some tanks, and LloydNB made some skins - but we only have three planes. If you want SCW to happen, you'll each have to bring your own talents to it. The Strike Fighters download section has some planes that would help fill out the roster. For SF1, I have noticed a Messerschmitt Bf.109, a Junkers Ju87,  a DH82 Tigermoth, and a Fiesler Fi156 Storch, all of which were used in the Spanish Civil War. There may be more. If you guys want to get the necessary permissions and do the conversions, we could get SCW up and running quicker. We can always make improvements as we go.

If we work together we can make this happen.

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9 minutes ago, Wilches said:

Count me in. I can help with decals.

Thanks Wilches. In addition to the standard insignia and tail flashes, there were a lot of squadron and personal markings used throughout the civil war. It would help other modders if you made some decal sets and uploaded them to the FE Golden Era Download section.

Ojcar posted this link some time ago with some good reference material to help you get started: http://bioold.science.ku.dk/drnash/model/Spain/codes.html

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I've found the MontyCZ's Bf 109B (and C) from the SF2 section.

Very fastly I've tested it in my FE2 install and this fighter works fine over the wwiCaporetto terrain for example  !




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