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  1. me too (in queue). there was a very early Banshee around (SF1), basic by any standard of today, but ...
  2. if you look into the climb-speed of various stock-aircraft made by TW things get very strange: B-52D: 249 F-4E-72: 268 F-15A: 268 Lightning: 348 MiG-21PFM: 268 MiG-23MLD: 378 P-51D: 77 some third-party-aircraft offer the following data: B-47: 268 FW-190A4: 192 MiG-29: 181 ... climb speed does seem NOT to be connected to cruisespeed (or cornerspeed), most of the time it is higher than either of them the value-units are still unclear: they are most probably metric, but certainly not meters per second. so, which units are used ? what does climbspeed reflect if not real-life data ? cheers sokol
  3. Hi, yesterday I was unable to catch a F-80C with a MiG-15bis. looking into their data.inis I found strange climb-rate-values: F-80C: 247 (real 35 m/sec) MiG-15: 242 (real: 51 m/sec) F-86F: 238 (real: 46 m/sec) So I need some help concerning the units in which some aircraft parameters are measured in the respective ___data.ini: CruiseSpeed= meters per second ? ClimbSpeed= ???? CornerSpeed= meters per second ? MaxSpeedSL= meters per second ? thank you for your help. cheers sokol
  4. hi did you try the unfolded span of the Yak-38, something like 7.02m? I have no access to my installation right now, but I remember seeing Yaks onboard of the Kiev. cheers sokol
  5. Hi Wilches, wonderful pictures & textures. will those skins be available here at Combatace ? which models are these Japanese fighters ? cheers sokol required screenie
  6. sorry for not looking closely, itis sf2. but how did you manage that cloud layer ? thx
  7. Soulfreak, wonderful picture may i ask: which model/texture ? which sim ? FSX ? cheers sokol
  8. japanese fighters over Burma
  9. bonjour, ça marche pour moi - windows10, sf2 north atlantic, stock / standard. s'agit-il d'une installation standard ? ou as-tu utilisé un mod ? sokol
  10. should read: from Asia with love ...
  11. Ye-8 / miG-21 derivative - is this a "what if" ?
  12. WIP o Trabajos en progreso

    me too, very much so. i always liked those soviet heavy interceptors. cheers sokol

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