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  1. just to throw spanner in the works...tried new folder with no stock sounds...no matter what bit rate etc now they seem to work ok....weird.... only drawback I see with converting to 44100 you lose information in the file...sound loses quality in audacity it seems to with a straight edit\then export.
  2. this wav is with method above...resampled in audacity its an fsxHunter .wav.....ignore shitty bits..just reinstalled lol needs a few files yet.....hunter wav is non burner sound...ab sound is mig 29 which still works. Test 2019-10-20 03-53-14-27.avi
  3. ok using audacity I changed mig29A wav to 16 bit pcm it was 32 bit float also it was 11025 mono now its sample rate is 44100mhz and seems to work as normal try these see if work for you mig29a2 wav is the new one...test and see if works ok this wav always worked in my pre complete install edition fekkin weird I miss the old windows recorder...it did wavs for SF great also changing from 16 to 24 or 32 in game options for me does fuck all ...you guys ? Mig29A.wav Mig29A2.wav
  4. some shots hard not to think its real aircraft or full scale I mean...awesome flight and top video...we simmers need buy one and have airwars for real lol.. some of the hawk shots could be the real Arrows...superb
  5. I might even go back to single installs....and just add the dlc as I go and need them should be possible...Kev what you think ...Wrench knows everything... im gonna install one game from old...SF Europe ..and make an old modded install I had before SF Great Britain and see if its ok...maybe we can use some older components to sort this.
  6. its always the same...one small typo causes hours of cursing etc lol been there bought the T shirt done that ohhhh yes lol
  7. you know what...your right this is different to the single versions I had before the complete pack...jetburner wav on my made models sounds shyte...it seems to phase in and out....sounds like robot my hawk wav for instance was a sample from a hawk at valley I recorded and in sf2 before it sounded real...now it sounds like its clicking every 2 seconds as it loops last time it was a constant level...and you couldnt tell it was a loop..
  8. 7 Great Foreign Language War Films You Should See

    I trawl the late 40`s early 50`s black and white films ...you can find some epics... one I recall cant remember title..charles bronson. decides to go after and get his commanding officer who due to being a coward gets his men killed,but after a while they band together and try fight their way out..
  9. 7 Great Foreign Language War Films You Should See

    Not a foreign movie but worth watching...based on true story of french rail workers rescuing artwork...The Train with Burt Lancaster https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0059825/
  10. eric,you like your hornets eh ?...lol...good skins m8
  11. More realistic views...more sense of depth in shots
  12. my old original banana before the make over...forgot still had this
  13. The ones they post arent the original one stary gave me...they just zoom in closer F10 fly by example is just moved cam closer to a\c....thnx tho... I remember you have to add this to control.ini GOTO_VIEW_OBJECT_NEXT=F6 <stock GOTO_VIEW_OBJECT_NEXT_FOV=F6 < starys
  14. With GPL then adding models,might make people release them as Payware...if I do,i for one might consider this....if others make £££ $$$ off my free model,then why shouldnt I first ?....lol is this GPL obligatory for Flightgear...? maybe we could if it happens....create a group that is strictly freeware. ? I assume GPL means General Public License ?

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