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  1. Good point...didnt see that.....maybe we getting new stuff ...or just old stuff updated,that is pre SF2 ?...hmmm
  2. "I say Highhhhh... Highhhhhh... highhhh, Voltage ...Rock and roll"
  3. Setting[1].Angle=18.0 Setting[1].DeployValue=118.4 Setting[1].RetractValue=123.5 Setting[2].Angle=30.0 Setting[2].DeployValue=118.4 Setting[2].RetractValue=123.5 is the deploy and retract values speed limit? ( knots)I know the angles etc ...just the Dep values ? cheers
  4. check the planes data.in see if rwr is enabled [DetectSystem] RadarType= VisualBlindArc=5,6,7 VisualRestrictedArc=4L,8L,12L HasRWR=FALSE <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< MaxVisibleDistance=9600.0
  5. Not best ever ww2 film...P-51s as Bf-109 lol.....but best collection of real jugs in one scene gotta be good.
  6. Captain America logo ...lol or wonderwoman I like colourful planes...
  7. its rather simple really...have a pylon made...add it to a\c as a fake pilot and place it in the co-ords of the model wings you want using mues viewer....there are pylons in some packs ive seen...ive a few in my pilots folder that I didnt add ....that someones made.
  8. Have a good day to my US cousins......pity we had to fight UK V New Country of America. lol Now we Fight together. Have a Good one.
  9. you use the "fake pilot" method...load a model of a pylon as a ghost pilot" look in weapons downloads im sure theres some there and how they are added.
  10. making some really good airfields m8...will be an awesome pack.
  11. Now Ive ha a black screen......found cause.....it was the OFF button on my pc...ha ha ...sry
  12. why not just try it...heard of trial and error..? good start
  13. Looks good Deniss always liked this little jet.
  14. also a tray for pilots coffee lol

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