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  1. Brilliant sabres Pappy mand screen
  2. yeah saw that when it was broadcast m8....also met Flight Lieutenant David Morgan in Dorset few years back by accident ...he was coming out of pub as we were going in....he shot down 2 enemy a\c in his FRS1,later his buddy ward had died. he shot down 2 A4 1 c130 and a pucara iirc
  3. Decals

    lol...dont have it now.....whats it like for animating and mapping stuff? any easier than max ?
  4. Decals

    im so used to 3ds max I couldnt even fin the scene rotate gizmo in blender lol....it is a good programme tho
  5. ZA298 flew in Falklands and received damage to tail..1:52 when the 4 A4`s attacked....see here she is in retirement in RNAS Yeovilton she served in both gulf wars and in bosnia among other missions.
  6. Its everything ever done for SF2 mate...all the dlc etc and up to date...well last 2013 patch anyways...
  7. lol coincidently looking while you posted...both schemes used in falklands white stripe ones carried Commandos etc on raids.
  8. and to get capuns if they got one ,like asking George H Bush to tell truth...or his son,not to say stupid things like "More and more of our imports are from abroad now"
  9. According ED forums their Mig21 Bis has them...scroll to section 9 https://www.mudspike.com/wp-content/uploads/guides/DCS MiG-21bis Guide.pdf
  10. open with weap editor...im sure theres entry for effect time.. maybe its just not added in that data.ini ?
  11. 3ds Max Help

    Like yak said....unlink offending meshes...important to un link or if you reset xform a linked mesh...it screws up the secene...throwing the linked meshes all over the viewport.. and then reset pivots,align to world for un animated meshes... also IMPORTANT...xform reset loses animations....by that I mean the pivot is defaultr place so local animation is lost.. xform reset is a last resort and not your friend....I now make sure any scaling is corrected BEFORE animating etc.....and placing \ moving meshes to obscure angles... I used to make landing gears and mirror them to save doing twice ...port and starboard. as you have to reset the meshes as when mirrored the polys turn facing inwards.. and some animations reverse with no fix,apart from re animating.. however Ive found if you Instance the gear meshes...mirror them and then make unique each mesh...it keeps the animations,and scale......then no need to flip polys back as this way they seem to work in game fine.
  12. 3ds Max Help

    agreed,if the co-ords are not renewd then the parts resort to the old co-ords and move there instead as the size\placement is being read as old placement
  13. Add it to the loadout,first though for the station you want it placed add it (GP) to the stations supported weapontypes. AllowedWeaponClass=GP
  14. The update crowdfunding appeal he did.

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