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  1. gimme a minute .............. edut .. this has the grey; don't know the size I just looked to see if it had the grey. BTW, the stock Netz templates I have DO have the grey on all 5, plus the pylons and fuel tanks. If'n you want 'em. They're 1024x F-16A_NETZ_2.7z
  2. yakarov: no, our Sabre Hogs are good! I have some pictures in the Crowood book that shows the pylons with no tanks attached. -- sorry for the thread hijack ---
  3. Been that way with the Sabres, too. They also jettisoned the pylons with the tanks. But our in-game model keeps the pylons. Since I'm a lazy sod (with no 3d talent!) I would take the standard "game engine" way, and just keep the pylons on the aircraft. Maybe add an explination in the read me that "in the Real World (tm), the tanks and pylons are dumped together". Sometimes we have to give up accuracy for playability. Or game engine limits.
  4. time: 1968 place: Cannon AFB, New Mexico during the Pueblo Crisis, 3 Air National Guard units were federalized, and placed on active duty there. One of these was the 138th TFS of the New York ANG. Here we can see on of their Sabre Hogs heading out to the bombing range for practice
  5. hmmm.... why not release the various inis, with a link to the helo, so other folks can have ? Just a thought!!
  6. 32 INDIVIDUAL stations, but only 6 groups
  7. Since I started playing this game in 2003, I've seen some really weird stuff..... but this one takes the prize!!! I guess we got them for dissimilar air combat training????
  8. when an aircraft from another unit, or service lands on a carrier or airbase NOT it's own, it become a free for all to mark it with grafitti or whatever from that bases home unit. Below is a couple of examples during the Korean War
  9. does Joe Baugher's site go to the more "recent" serials?? Maybe ??
  10. Ye Gads!!! Run for you lives!!! it's the Dreaded 3rd Wire Parking Enforcement Vehicle (tm) ----- required screenshot
  11. apparently .... the coords are on the tank mesh! I had to d/l my VC13 Scooter to see how I did it last time!!! and it works .......................... now, off to make 2 full sets of serial number decals -- old style (0-*****) and VN era types (af/number/3large digits)
  12. no, they're built into the lod, otherwise that don't work!!
  13. for the life of me, I can't remember the pathway for getting the coordinates right!!! I've done it before, on Scooters, but am drawing a blank is it left/right, up down to the world center of the model, or the mesh? (ie: 0.0, 0.0 and move accordingly). my mind has just gone ppphhhhffffffffttttttt on this one!!

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