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  1. what we really need are static model of aircraft to add to the airports. They can be 'date stamped' to start like their real world counterparts. And other birds, too. Expecially on the Red Side -- static transports, helos, civil birds. etc
  2. RIP Snook

    I know the feeling all to well. My sympathies
  3. 2023 Income Drive

    I just wish I could have sent more
  4. Lets say this again .... You Don't Need Those 2 FILES (not folders!!!) Residing Within The Aircraft In Question's Main Folder. The Game Engine (tm) will Automatically Search Them Out From Whichever CAT File They Are Residing In. That's how the game works. If there's any other question or issue, you'll have to be a LOT more specific as to exactly what result you're seeking
  5. The First and only American Emperor!

    Is he responsible for the famed anti-virus program??? ducks and runs away very fast .......................................................................................................................................................
  6. No need to post the same thing 4 time in all new threads. It don't work that way around here. Also, use of ALL CAPS is considered shouting, and is rude ======== To the question at hand ... are you even looking in the correct place????
  7. FE2 Ammo types

    moved to correct forum This should get you the help you requested
  8. yeah, it was a little unclear. alternativly, one could extract the tga for that light, place in in the /cockpit folder for the offending aircraft, and then simply paint over the alpha channel (in black of course) to turn off the light permantly
  9. as has been shown over the last 20 odd years of this game, you don't need anything special, just practice, practice and more practice. And 'slick' bombs (I noticed the OP is showing a high drag para (balute?) so no wonder it don't work)
  10. I fixed that shadow issue a few year back, when I re-issued the A Bronco's as a stand alone mod (new FM too). Didn't do anything with the D, as the model itself is so fucked up. Too many issue that can only be fixed with a new complete LOD
  11. re-approved, and ready for downloads!!! thanks!
  12. As you've all figured out, I'm redoing or at least trying to clean up the targeting on the Formosa Strait Taiwanhaixia terrain. The reason I tagged the 'food service unit', is that the Easter Egg of the 'stand' item has a name (as is usual). It's Lee Ho Fook's. I know I'm giving it away, but most (if not all) of you should recognize the name

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