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  1. Ed, a suggestion - when you release it, have the UVmaps and lined maps included. When someone picks up their paint brushes, it'll be a huge help to them
  2. that's good to know. there are some folks around here that seem to think differently, or just can't get it working, not matter what's said
  3. We DO have the RAF 'varks around here ... just have to dig for them!
  4. You REALLLLLLY don't want to go there... that's terraforming, and is not for the faint of heart or those easily discouraged. And has an unbelievably steep learning curve. (and not a Window 10 machine)
  5. You can't. The game generates what and which ever parked aircraft it wants. as to A/D units, no matter what YOU do, the game populates as it wants, based on the Air Defense selection set in the Options or single mission options. And even then, it's hit or miss. Trust me on this....
  6. it's a bug in the forum software, methinks
  7. A pity Toward the Unknown isn't out on DVD -- one of my favorites of the time period (young James Garner bites it in the "XF-120"). Another would be "X-15", which I have on VHS. Found the trailer for The Hunters: Along the lines of Bridges at Toki-Ri, would be "Men of the Fighting Lady"
  8. YUP! See if you can't find "Bombers B-52"
  9. unfortunately, like many other mods uploaded in the last 12 or so months, these "people" (used loosely) fail to understand the policies and practices of this site. Even though they are clearly stated in a pinned topic right here in the announcements forum. Were it up to me, I'd delete them all, and make the uploaders do it right or not at all. but that's just me.
  10. russ, check out the f-89 scorpions -- i did some jiggery pokery to get the rockets working. you may also need special rockets with sustainers to actually HIT something! (is Sky 1 next??? LOL!!!) ----------- required screenie
  11. I don't think it going to work, as when Zur built the cockpit, it's not animated Remember, too, that 98.6% of what I did to get it SF2-ish, simply doesn't work in 1stGens. And stary's pit lods are all in unicode, that can't be seen by the 1stGen engine
  12. apples and oranges ... 2 completly different modes
  13. unfortunately, the terrain engine prevents anything being "underground".

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