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  1. Surely, there must be someone in their offices that speaks English???
  2. that would be great Russ!!! That's really all it's been missing; That would allow the NA game coding to park them on the ship (after I change the "CarrierParkingSpan=" statement. Those inner wing sections (when exposed on folding would need meshing and mapping, but you knew that already! I'd just map those to a seperate sheet, as to not change the main aircraft skins.
  3. thanks Russ I can do the "basic" NM, but I'll need someone to do the late-model 3-tone. Decals wont be a problem
  4. soundlist.ini is the the FlightData cat. after extraction, it goes in the mod folder's /Flight folder. :)
  5. Be advised, however, many of the older skin sets for their SF1/Wo* (and possibly some SF2) mods do NOT have any images to view in the download posts. Nor are those images withing the zips. You'll have to relay on the descriptions therein.
  6. You know I showed a H model around the end of last year, right? Russo has it, and I'm trying to get him to finish it off, in between his personal projects. I was going to ask YOU to do the skinning on it, as I'm up to my ass in the 1st Indochina War mod. We've known each other for a long time. I have a great deal of respect for you and your work (see the other thread). We don't have to get people to boycott his site; he does it to himself. This Satruday evening I got a PM from a member here, who had just got banned from there earlier in the day. We, Erik, other modders and Admins here, have tried over and over again to get him to rejoin the mainstream community. He dosen't want to. There are so many people that we, the Admin staff have to keep answering the same question "where is such and such?". We're just too damn tired of it. As I mentioned in the other thread, we ARE working on a solution. Just be paitent
  7. The debate is, weather or not we should be hosting mods for products that are NOT readily and freely available to the ENTIRE community. Why should CA "foot the bill" for hosting mods that very few people can get, and then have to explain over and over and over again to those that download (or attempt to), that said mod is for a product from a self-restricted site that only a few can join? As one of the leading modder for SF2, and a CA Site Admin, let me tell you, it gets real old, real fast. There, I said it. I've too much respect for you as a person, and an artist, to not give you an explaination. --------------- and just to clarify this a little more, this is the DAT mission statement, taken right from their 'entry' page. BOLD type added by me for emphisis They can't make their position any clearer. If capun want to join the discussion, as we know he's in and out of here all the time. please, start typing
  8. Only if you're able to download from Capun's site. you do know we have an FJ-2 & 3, they may not have folding wings, but they're freely available to EVERYONE
  9. ships are a nightmare, as that ability only came out with NA. Some of the (very much!) you might be able to get away with one or two; like on the island or flight deck. Depends on how many meshes the modeler built.
  10. sorry, no. i'm not that big an FE2 player, and really haven't modded the game at all!
  11. at least 500 gigs. never have actually sat down and figured to total
  12. the original plan was 1945-1955, for the 1st Indochina war (well, that was my original plan, at least!). The Vitnam48 map will be seperate from the "standard" VietnamSEA map. It appears that, yes, 2 era specific version will most likely be appearing. the 1956-75 (ish) will replace the stock map, with a huge upgrade in targeting (like, all the fracking railroads!!!) Which means the original campaigns (all the stock ones) will get boned.
  13. I have always found it odd the VPAF never had the -15 (other than the UTI). Of course, given WHEN it actually formed, the 17 was a better choice
  14. torno: are you all building a new Wessex? I hope so. Cause, the only other one is Capun, and no longer available to the General Community (tm)
  15. somewhere around (or soon after) 1959, the VPAF started with some transport aircraft. No.919 Transport regiment had a gaggle of AN-2, Li-2 and IL-14. These are not what ifs, but real(ish) Here's a Li-1 "cab" from Paulo's Li-2 shin pak This is a rather generic looking Il-14 'Crate'. I found no information, other then the regiment, no picutres not a thing! ANd I can't find my copy of the Red Star book on the Crate that I used when Veltro built it!! So, it has stock 3W VPAF serials.

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