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  1. the Detail & Scale books might be of help too, they usually list the changes
  2. if nobody has stepped up for the 124s yet, I can give it a shot
  3. Pilot ini edition

    can't remove the 'stache, as it's built into the model. you'd need the 3ds MAX files the shave it off ( ) It's an exceedingly easy mater to "paint over" the lip hair on the skin map. unless, of course, the ''stache is actually molded into his face or using another clean shaven unit would be the alternative. ;
  4. <cough> need ww2 formation ini <cough>
  5. And adjusting the game's year span must not be an option, either nice to see you around CH!!
  6. hey, talk to veltro! I"ll gladly re-do the data inis!!!
  7. height is NOT adjustable -- usually only speed, but 99.8% of them are linked to gear animation . Gear goes up, drogues come out. ------------ since the KC-130 is using AUTOMATIC_MACH, try adjusting the deploy value, using the meters per second of oh, say, 160 knots. Retract value should be around 125 knots. See if that works
  8. so, this is an A model??? I noticed the lack of thimble nose for the radar) I wish I still has my R.G.Smith prints from boyhood (the COMPLETE set!!! of Douglas aircraft!!!) -- has several 124s that would've made great loading screens ps: i have the Air Force Legends book on pdf, if that'll help. side note: one of my fondest childhood memories is of seeing one come into Santa Monica Airport* for their annual air shows in the 1960s. My parents house was 50-70 yards east of the airport, just north of the flight path. EVERYTHING flew by our house!! They always had the cargo door open, and the ramps down to everyone could go inside and look around. Unfortunately, being an acrophobe (worse now because of my vision issues) 7-9 year old Kevin was too afraid to climb the ladder to the cockpit to look around the flight deck. *also home to Douglas Santa Monica plant -- where the B-19 was built!*
  9. they look good! I see even the virus isn't slowing you down!! Hope you're feeling better!!
  10. this is for the 707?? There's quite a few of these types of birds that could use a "steam gauge" 4-engine cockpit** w/radar display. or this is just the 'outside looking into the model' view??? either way, it's looking very good!! ** also some twin jets too! ie: airliner style side-by-side
  11. Not liking that background crap at all. Wonder If I can edit it, or have the OP change it??? EDIT: yup, removed it. also, just what the hell IS he trying to say??? As far as I've been able to tell, there's very little wrong with Bugs, given game limitations. And every one of the points being made, excepting for MAYBE the cockpit display, is either a simple text edit or moving a folder (18C) out of the game
  12. approved, and ready for downloading! thanks sokol!!! since it was a 'lost' file, you've only done as an Admin requested! No worries, man!!
  13. make sure it's zipped up as tight a possible. once we get it, i'll upload it to the SF1 downloads section OR... you can just upload it to the SF1 Terrains -- might be an easier solution!
  14. YAAAAHH! The Globemaster is probably the last transport we're missing in the SF series!! Now, where did I put those reference book pdfs...

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