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  1. MiG-21SM. Close to the coastline of the Kuril Islands, mid 1970th.
  2. Do you mean this bridge? If i try to bomb this bridge, the bombs are falling trough and do no damage.
  3. Pegasus. A hydrofoil, that will be challenging. Do you have already an idea, how you can "lift" the boats body at high speeds?
  4. It is from the "factory" package of the early SFP1 days. I dont know who made it.
  5. I'm playing with bridge models. I found two on my harddrive: I placed them side by side for test reasons. From higher altitudes they are looking good. But if you flying low you see, that the ends are "hanging in the air". The bridge ends of SF2 Vietnam neighter fit nor they looks good. I would need a longer, perhaps curvy ramp, which reaches 34 meters at the end. Or i play with the tile_hm.bmp file to include such a ramp in the tile.
  6. It would be a lot of work to create such targetareas. The ActiveDate value setting you will make all by hand. Then you need completly new static planes. With stock planes in use you would find them "laying on the belly".
  7. SitRep: Some targets around the town of Zarate, Argentina: Toyota Factory Paper Mill Zarate Zarate Naval Base
  8. Next development step: i added some more buildings, Flak and SAM cover and finally i planted some trees. The final step will be to make a green tile. But not today. Tomorrow is also a day.
  9. Thx Wrench. I used vPower3. It fit in size perfect to the sat picture, which i used for making the tile. It seems to be that vPower3 is made exactly for this tile.
  10. SitRep: I started to create a separate tile for the argentinian Nuclear Powerplant Atucha. Its much smaller than Energodar, what i made for Ukraine terrain. Its the first step. No green tile made so far. It will come later. I placed some buildings and the two reactors. There will come much more. What i would need are some transformers or electrical substations, which are to place in the gray square with the 3 dark lines. I dont know wheter someone had created them for an other terrain.

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