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  • Submitted: 11 Jun 17 - 05:44:57 AM
  • Last Updated: 11 Jun 17 - 05:44:57 AM
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File Download F-4F pack vers.1.0

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F-4F pack


- F-4F
- F-4F_80
- F-4F_ICE


Animation / Function
- Canopy
- Hook
- Air Refuel
- Wing fold ______________ only on hard wing F-4E´s
- Gun Vent ______________ automatic when gun is fired or as soon as the landing gear is deployed
- Brake Chute____________ works with the Air Brake below 150kts


this mod replaces existing TW and TMF aircrafts , please remove the existing folders befor installing this mod , the existing skins / textures will no longer fit !!!!


if you use the weapons from the Weaponds pack-2 please replace them with the new one includet here


Hangar and Loading screens are in 1920 x 1080


- Drop all files into your mod folder the way they are setup in this pack and overwrite if ask to
- If you are unsure about the way how mods are installed, check the knowledge base at CombatAce!


- original model by TW , BPAO , Crab_02
- cockpits from TW
- Testpilots , Fanatic Modder , Soulfreak , Crusader
- new updated model , textures and weapons by ravenclaw_007


i hope i did not forget anybody


the new Templates are available on request , i may upload them some other time

11 Jun 17 - 08:03:57 AM

Incredible pack.

You made my day! Super .... Bellissimi! Spettacolosi!

Looks great!

Thanks a nlot, as usual a masterpiece !

11 Jun 17 - 01:06:12 PM

i have been wishing for this one for a while. if it's as good as your other masterful Phantom packs i will be in heaven. Many thanks.

11 Jun 17 - 02:11:07 PM

Fantastic work!! Thanks

great! great! sr please! don't forget the last Phantom pack (Middle East Phantoms) Kurnass and Persian Phantoms

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Master ;-)

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