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File Download Mig-21 Complete Pack SF2 1.8

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MIG-21 Complete Pack Strike Fighters 2 line of games
Version 1.8 30.03.2014
1.0 19.07.2009

initial release

Changed all mig engines accel to about 8-9 sec per engine doc. Bis version
is little bit faster.
Iddle RPM changed to RL values:
R-11F-300 (37F) 30%
R-11F2-300 (37F2) 33%
R-11F2S-300 (37F2S) 31%
R-13 (95) 34%
R-25 (25) 40%
Corrected fuel tanks quantities to reflect real world figures.
F - 2350L
PF - 2850L
PFM - 2675L
MF - 2675L
BIS - 2900L

Changed all additional files with Mig21_ prefix so all are unique now and
not interfere with other mods.
F version now have true ranging-only radar. It can be still turned off by
Ctrl+PgDn. In current game engine this radar starts on.
Added KV1 seat to all MF and Bis variants. Deleted old seat from model.
Added SF2 Mig variants. Changed FMs little bit based on Fubar512 values on
alpha stall to make Migs usable in knife fight. It not bleeds speed in sharp
high AOA turns so much. Added vetral fin from Fubar512 FM.
Added aditional SF2 stuff (radar, rwr) into fm dats.
1.1 01.10.2009
Fixed afterburner burner texture always on.
Copied additional fuel flow settings from SF2 game dats
Added Flight\VIEWLIST.INI file vith custom and more consistent FOV settings
for normal/padlock/snap view transitions.
1.2 04.10.2009
Fixed reversed nose gear rotation.
Fixed start dates for squadrons in campaigns.
1.3 04.07.2010
Fixed missing AB Flame effect with DX10 shaders (missing shader fx entry).
Fixed cockpit positions for more realistic out of cockpit view of wings.
Changed PFV radar to R2L version (made it slightly more powerful).
Consolidated and joined all game versions Mig-21s into one pack.
Removed Flight\VIEWLIST.INI and modded Europe campaign files.
1.4 05.07.2010
Added KM1 ejection seat to PFM as all side opening canopy models have KM1
seat and all front opening canopy models have SK seat.
Added 50mil depression for AG bomb sight for F, FM and Bis variants.
Added gunsight to PM and PFM to be able to aim ground weapons.
Added AG mode gunsight to all variants.
For F, MF and Bis values are:
AG gun depression 10mil
Rockets depression 35mil
Bombs depression 50mil
For PM, PFM and PFV values are:
AG gun depression 10mil
Rockets depression 35mil
Bombs depression 35mil
Try fire rocket in shallow dive with AOA around 0 deg. Depression values
are always compromise without CCIP. Just train well.
1.5 14.07.2010
Removed empty windloop.wav - its up to you how you mod it, if at all.
Added radar guided air to air missile capability to all variants from PF up.
Added semiactive radar guided RS-2US from SF2 weapon pack as all variants from
PF and up can carry it.
1.6 31.07.2010
Removed mirrors from PFM cockpit. PFM does not have top one and even side ones
to my best knowledge.
1.7 15.08.2010
Big thanks to Paladrian all pits are now fixed for DX9 and shaders disabled
installs. No more white parts in cockpit on Win XP.
1.8 30.03.2014
Sight and modified RP-21 radar image from lukasn22 MiG-21MF cockpit retexture
for MF and Bis. Made Bis engine R-25 same as R-13. Original R-25 had bad
looping and i do not like it.
Fixed centerline station system from left wing to fuselage for PF and PFV.
Added loadable GP-9 gun pod for PF, PFV and PFM.
This pack inludes nearly all official Thirdwire MIG-21 models as flyable jets with
cokcpits in most complete form what my modding knowledge allows. All in easy
install form. I am not author of any 3d pits, FMs, sounds. All is what i
downloaded from Combatace or made by Thirdwire. I want to thank to original authors
of included files and this nice sim. Hope it is ok to reuse their work to
provide really complete, up-to-date and easy to install Mig-21 package. I was
always sad with that great pits available and terrible way to install it into
latest ptached games and it is always missed something. Loading screens, loadout
picture, good FM and so on... Now with latest patches FMs are usable and nicely
flyable so i used it as base FMs for pack.
This pack was done with combined/merged SF2/Europe/Vietnam/Israel games.
If your single game install missing model that cause problem, just delete its directory
in Objects/Aircraft folder. Probablby PFV is included only in Vietnam.
Pack contains folowing stuff:
Nearly every official MIG-21 flyable with pit for SF2 line of games. I corrected
some errors in pits, Used latest TW patches as base for FM fat files
with tweaks in engine (thrust for each model, spool up time, radar, weight). FM
is not touched and i think it flies now ok with latest patch. Diferent sounds for
each engine model is included with Mig RWR sounds. Better Mig pilots too. Each
Mig-21 has loading and hangar screen and camouflage sample patch with loadout
picture. All includes corresponding serial numbers to choose from. I made
Numbers.lst for Arab, Czechoslovakia, East Germany and Poland by hand.
Strike Fighters 2
MIG-PFM has added LCOS gunsight to be able to use gunpod in fight. More realistic and
distictive heaters sounds are included too.

Simply unpack content of folder "StrikeFighters2" into each your SF2 game mods folder
located in your c:\Users\<YourUserName>\Saved Games\ThirdWire\.
For example for complete/merged game install, copy content to each this folder:
c:\Users\<YourUserName>\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2
c:\Users\<YourUserName>\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Europe
c:\Users\<YourUserName>\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Israel
c:\Users\<YourUserName>\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Vietnam
Sure paths can be different on your system. This is how it is on my Windows 7.
Also copy files after you run all games at least once. Otherwise game overwrite
modded files with original ones at initialization and you dont see Migs as flyable.
Optional files:
Simply unpack content of folder "StrikeFighters2" into each your SF2 game mods folder and
allow overwrite files.
_BetterCockpits Contains hires cockpit textures.
_EasyFM Contains easiest FM files from stock game.
_MediumFM Contains intermadiate FM files. Spins are more frequent.
_HardFM Contains hardcore FM files. Spins are almost deadly if not handled fast.
_PFGunPodLoadout Contains gunpod default loadout for air to air PF and PFV.
_ResetInis Contains ini files that are reset to default non flyable ones after game update or DLC install.
Just use it to make Migs flyable quickly again
This version of complete MIG-21 pack is far from to be perfect or complete so feel
free to let me know if there is something missed, bad or not working. Also if
someone has some more accurate tech data for enhance FMs feel free to mail me and
pack get fixed or updated.
Finaly thanks to everyone whom work made this pack reality.
Tomas 'ATARIBABY' Hamarcak
Contact: ataribaby@seznam.cz
Paladrian F/PF/PFM/MF/SM Mig-21 pit models and avionics
Spillone104 R-11 R-13 engine sounds
howling1 Fishbed-L engine sound. I renamed it to R-25

Klavs81 AIM-9 Sidewinder Growl sound
Wrench RedAir pilot
Hangar screen tutorial
lindr2 for his Mig-21 variants zip
Zdenek Kussior for his great info on engines
4plus MiG-21
book for all fuel info

Mirage Factory Mig AB effect
Fubar512 For his FM work from where i borrowed alpha stall values and ventral fin.
AmokFloo for KV1 seat from his excelent MIG21UM
Rob "Bunyap"
McCray For his original weapons pack.
331Killerbee For his SF2 weapons pack
comrad For his excelent hires cockpit textures
lukasn22 For sight and modified RP-21 radar image for MiG-21MF
If i forgot someone please tell me and i will include credit.

this is fantastic, thanks for this great mod! :clapping:
Dont know why this file was reverted to 1.2. Lastest version is way newer 1.7! I reposted it again.
Excelent Add-on. Recomended.
VERY nice... thank you.
Absolutely awesome...TY

Great mod.

The Mig-21 is largely improved with new 1.8

was good but s few weak

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