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  3. I guess this is why the MiG-17 was always tucked up in bed at sundown! Second mission as a carrierborne F-4 pilot and boy, are those AIM-9Ds an upgrade! Forgot to say... I trapped her first time, in the dark too Those boats really need landing lights
  4. found them Sunday. I'll be splitting them into the C1 (ish) and F-21A. I've removed teh canards for the IDF version, and calling the F-21A the C.1P. thanks for the suggestion!!! Owe you one!
  5. Viggen: yup, you'r right. Found them in the missiondata002 cat. So they'll def be in a full merged install. Selectable from the "Load Mission" screen
  6. I have somewhere - among old backup CD-Rs - the .exe of this TMF F-21... P.
  7. Control of such aircraft in VTOL mode is taken care by different control inputs. The max control speed for rudder and ailerons in Harrier is 200km/h which means that below this speed they do nothing. The maneuvering below these speeds is governed by engines themselves which is how the game simulates differential thrust I assume. This is the correct approach but the game doesn't really like any aircraft staying in the air at airspeeds close to zero. Every time I tried to make any VTOL to hover it started to show the stall behavior (which is not correct, the lack of lift is compensated by engine thrust) and just fumbled uncontrollably
  8. What I do is make an Air Defense Suppression mission, disable the enemy SAM/AAA and setup a carrier flight. That's how I fly my carrier missions. Besides doing that allows you to fly around the terrain unhampered and no threats. You have to make the aircraft able to perform that mission though (SEAD in the _Data.ini), so there's that. And you can fly as much as possible, but realize once you trap, that's it. You have to start the mission over to land again. There is no key to reset you on the catapult (like DCS I believe if I remember correctly).
  9. I believe those came with WOV/SF2V.
  10. Set up a recon mission where the target is close to the carrier. Take off, get a mission success when you fly through the target waypoint, and then you can practice your carrier landing.
  11. Czechoslovak MiG-15 in action.
  12. No worries, it may be something but yeah, I don't know...
  13. Thank you very much for your patience and availability, you were very kind, unfortunately at the moment I don't know what to do anymore, I am waiting... possibly some other user..... I'm so sorry!!! Thank you very much infinitely again!!!
  14. I don't know, but you should check the Start Menu for Windows Firewall or Windows Defender as I have Win11 so it'll be different for Win10 where it is.
  15. Ohh.... that could be the issue. There's a topic somewhere (maybe somebody from the community can help), but are you not installing it on the OS hard drive? That could be an issue. I tried finding the article in the Knowledge Base, but after searching couldn't find it.
  16. When everything was working well, I didn't have antivirus, as I don't have it now. Only difference is that I had the O.S. on HDD instead of SSD.
  17. Personally I'm not sure what the issue is, and frankly since nobody else chimed in, it's a unique issue that nobody knows how to solve. It's not the Options.ini or Version.ini as that's automatically generated (you can try deleting them, and see if that fixes the issue, as it should produce it). Might be the NVIDIAdriver or that Windows Defender is blocking the program. Have you checked that? The Firewall stuff?
  18. It could be: 1) Nvidia driver ?? 2) StrikeFighters2.ini?? 3) Options.ini?? 4) Version.ini?? Last resort.... It's getting very frustrating!!
  19. I think YAP had some too back in the day, but I'm really not sure actually.
  20. Well it could be the lack of antivirus, but that's speculation. Sorry things didn't' work out for you...
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