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  2. I don't logout as I'm too lazy, which as you say may be the problem. I mean it happens within a week or two so I'm able to deal with it. I stay logged in all day too so obviously I don't know why its doing it but it does.
  3. They're a little............perturbed at first Now, they're positively pissed,,,,,
  4. It's one of those snippets of information that should be in the knowledge base, but isn't. So Kudos for remembering it, even if you didn't invent it. And my deep gratitude in you remembering it, because it has now made flying in Vietnam so much better for me. I have SF2:NA.
  5. You can add it to the Soundlist.ini and see if that will fix it. But you'll have to extract a default one from the (If I remember correctly) Flight.cat and modify it. It's pretty easy to follow how to do it and may produce a sound. I don't know if it does for other people who use nukes but as far as I know that may not work either. You'll have to see.
  6. Hi Gang! Lots for me to catch up with. RL very busy - My wife has had a major op so I'm chief cook and bottle washer for a few days - I did snatch a bit of time last night and skinned my new plane. The promotion came with a sting in its tail. A new Morane L. I look forward to catching up properly in a few days! Salute!!
  7. Thanks after i have no Explosion Sound why, I have the explosion but no sound from the explosion why
  8. Sebtoombs

  9. thank you, but to be honest I am not the "inventor" of this, I have learned it from another modder in a former post, but I do not remember from who and when. So the credits go to the one who discovered this first, I am just repeating here, but I'm happy if it helps. Very probably yes, I confirm I have SF2:NA and I am quite sure it will not work without.
  10. I have two nuclear explosion sounds in my Sounds directory, maybe if you put them in your own mod folder it'll work (I can't guarantee as I don't use nukes in the game). If not then the sound may be the default bomb explosion and therefore you can't hear it (but it does work for the explosion sound) as you would a nuke. Sounds.7z
  11. I remember looking for a nuclear mod for a long time, which I liked. Try to download B-1B aircraft and other nuclear aircrafts as well. I think Scorpion too. There in the planes themselves there is a nuclear mod. Too bad I don't remember which mod I kept for myself but it was one of aircraft mod
  12. Air battles continue... Jean got it! Duo Jailler-Saillard were our witnesses!Boche made force landing their own side. Victory confirmed!The battle was also seen by our observation balloon.
  13. @elo82 You should post in this support topic for help, not in the comments section. I wish I could help, but the issue you are having has to do with your system, the mod works for pretty much everyone else. You must point the installer's path to your Strike Fighters 2 game directory (you need all three SF2 games installed: SF2, SF2 Israel and SF2 North Atlantic), patched to the latest July 2013 patch. After installation of the mod, you should find something like this in your Strike Fighters 2 directory (not the mod folder): If you do not have all three SF2 games I mentioned and do not use the latest July 2013 patch, the mod simply won't work. I cannot help more than this, I'm not on your system and I simply cannot have a clear picture of what's happening on it.
  14. Gosh this actually works. It seemed too simple to be true, but it is true. For me, this IS the solution. Brilliant. Kudos. You Sir, are a genius.
  15. Hey Raine! Armand's first claims never confirmed. May be one part was that a squadron member also claimed(don't know if it was the same machine) although rejected.
  16. Rise Of Flight Screeshots

    "Morane-Saulnier Type H" trick successful in the PWCG ver. 16.x.x - allows the Entente to fly the Fokk. E.III disguised via any of the relevant, available MS Type G/H skins for RoF. Pleased with the results - more info. and a link to download the tweak available under my AI/DM mod. (consolidated) post for RoF United. Cheers all and happy early campaigning in RoF United, Von S
  17. Well it worked, I just created the Terrains folder like you said and added the items like Wrench said in the readme. Thank you both for the help
  18. The .cat file is a default file that holds all the objects (I believe if I remember right) for ground objects like hangars, and textures. I've never opened one up and looked inside (I don't know if it's even possible really). You don't really need to worry about it other than linking it on the respective .ini so that the game can load the files from the .cat file for play. Some times you can use different ones but the most popular one is Desert.cat but the file can also be found in the main install directory, but really don't mess with it, etc. This is taken from the Panama.ini: CatFile=..\Desert\Desert.cat //CatFile=..\GermanyCE\GermanyCE.cat //CatFile=..\VietnamSEA\VietnamSEA.ca The "CatFile=" is what you should worry about, and the other two are commented out. If you have just SF2 then you don't have to worry about messing with the file.
  19. whats the .cat file? I only have .bmp / .hfd / .jpg / .lod / .out / .shd / .tfd / .tga / .tod / .txt and some config options (they open up in notepad)
  20. Nah, hardest part is just making sure that the .cat file is easily referenced.
  21. well in my defense I dind't knew about the terrain folder that has to be created in the mod folder, base on that an how the aircrafts are added made me wonder if there was a special procedure in order to add it
  22. Paroni – Armand has shared some lovely paintings. And he has made his presence known among the enemy with an early victory! Was it confirmed? Condolences on losing two machines and their crews to a collision. Seb – Chesham! Hawkwood and you are certainly neighbours. The photo and video images from the early morning flights out of St-Pol are very atmospheric. Congratulations on a confirmed victory. Albrecht – A brilliant introduction to Jean-Fidele. The petit-sous did a fine job of putting down his crippled Morane. Maeran – Characteristically splendid episode. I like the way you picked up on McCudden’s visits to the squadron. Hasse – Another great introduction. With any luck, Auguste will remain pointed in the right direction and stay out of Spain for the rest of the war. TWK – Look forward to seeing our Bulgarian friend back during August. Best wishes for the schoolwork. MFair – Interesting tale about how Elijah ended up joining the RFC in Canada. War Journal – Sergeant David Armstrong Hawkwood, Royal Flying Corps 4 Squadron, Baizieux, France Part 4 By 1 August 1915, we were well settled at Vert Galant. Accordingly, on 2 August we received orders to pack up and move to a new aerodrome at Baizieux, about four or five miles west of the town of Albert. The village of Baizieux was not long in giving up its secrets, for it had none. It was little more than a scattering of low brick houses and farm outbuildings bordering a muddy country lane that led northward from the Amiens-Albert-Bapaume road towards the only slightly larger village of Warloy. The aerodrome was to be set up on several featureless fields a little east of the village. About the only landmark in the area was a lonely windmill that stood on a slight rise in the ground just west and north of the aerodrome. Every officer and man in the squadron was kept fully occupied making the place serviceable. The first priorities were getting our munitions stowed under canvas, establishing latrines, and getting our own tents up. The weather did not look promising. Three timber and canvas huts had been already erected on site by a work party impressed from the infantry. These became the squadron office, the main stores, and (naturally) the officers’ mess. We also managed to get up four canvas sheds for aircraft and we dug in and sandbagged our storage area for petroleum, oil, and lubricants. The rain started during the night and so we worked soaked to the skin for two full days. Finally, on 5 August, I was able to take up Mr Osborne for a familiarisation “flip.” When the weather was clear one could see the spire of Albert Cathedral with its golden Virgin and Child. Beyond Albert to the east lay the pockmarked, dung coloured stain of the front. We flew twice in the surrounding area on 6 August and then the weather closed in again. Our first operational flight from Baizieux came on 8 August. It was a reconnaissance patrol over the lines just north of the River Somme. We flew with two other machines, providing a guard because of reports that the enemy had deployed their new Fokker monoplane with a machine-gun synchronised to fire forward through the spinning propeller. At one point in the patrol as we turned north again from the river, I noticed two tiny specks against a background of grey cloud a couple of thousand feet below us and about a mile off. There was no chance of catching them and, in any event, our orders were to stay with the rest of the patrol. As we returned towards Albert, I saw another lone machine in the distance below us to the north. We were now finished with the patrol and free to give pursuit, so I went to investigate. It was too late. We dive through a cloud bank and circled about, but saw nothing and returned to Baizieux. We have a new squadron commander. His name is Major Waldron, and the like Major Longcroft before him, he was among the earliest group of RFC pilots in France. On 22 August, I was called to the squadron office for a brief interview with the new boss. He seems like an “all business” type and did not know quite what to make of a sergeant pilot. He asked a number of questions about my education and interests and I managed not to reply “bugger all” and “football.” I told him that I was hoping to study engineering after the war and was reading the Iliad in translation. Both fine lies. My thought is that he was probing for any facts that might suggest I could one day gain a commission. A number of the officers go on about the Latin and Greek writers, hence the Iliad. I did pick the book up once – dreadful stuff. Give me Sherlock Holmes any day.
  23. Raine

    Pictures for the DID IV Campaign
  24. ... or you could log out each time you leave the site, so we're forced to give you a new login cookie each time. I've been using Firefox (96.0.1 (64-bit) is my current version) for 16 years and I've never had a problem with it. It may also have something to do with security settings and being able to store cookies to your machine properly. If you're logging in from multiple machines that may also have something to do with it but until I can reproduce the issue locally, I'd only be guessing as to the problem. E
  25. Last week
  26. unzip this, and drop the 3 wavs into you mod folder's /Sounds folder. these should be the ones tornado engine sounds.7z
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