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  2. New decals ! All nose codes and serial numbers redone to match the real ones and stripes on the tail for two birds YLH and YLU (but still one folder ^^)
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  4. Not really. They most likely tend to spawn more on Naval terrains, alongside the AWACS aircraft; with no fleets on the terrain, certain mission types are surely avoided by the engine, such as Cruise_Missile (I might be wrong though). Other than that, stock terrains have no limitations on allowed mission types. Mission types can be limited for both Blue and Red side. This allowed some of my custom terrains not to CTD anymore. If a certain mission won't work (due to missing large runways for bombers, etc.) I disable that mission type. NavalMap=True affects single missions only! You can have a NavalMap=False, yet you can create a working Naval Campaign for it via NavalCampaign=True in the campaign's .ini files. That's great because in campaigns you have to specify the coordinates of fleets on the terrain. So even when a terrain has limited water areas, you can have fully working fleets not sailing over land. Single missions are "broken" when there is not much water space. So I usually set NavalMap=False. Naval maps are meant for huge fights between carrier groups. Sorry for the little off-topic. Keep us posted with your findings, Crusader!
  5. Is there any relation between escort_jammer mission type and navalmap=true ?
  6. Rise Of Flight Screeshots

    The Fokker DrI did not impress much the French Spad pilots. They used Boom and Zoom tactics to take advantage of their superior speed. Though sometimes they used other tactics, but in those case, the sanction was fast to come !
  7. yeah....looked at some lgbs data and sussed it thnx yakarov m8
  8. In ini file there is entry release delay. So animstion will start with delay. Also you can delay animation in max by seting animation from late frames...like 3 or 4, anim time sets how long animation is taking to full 10 frames..
  9. Where's a good site to get some military aviation statistics?

    These make for interesting reading, if you are interested in just losses. https://www.dpaa.mil/portals/85/Documents/KoreaAccounting/korwald_all.pdf https://vietnamwar-database.blogspot.com/2010/11/aircraft-losses-during-vietnam-war.html https://apps.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a434084.pdf http://www.ukserials.com/losses_index.htm
  10. EAWPRO gear fix

    Looks like an improvement in the realism factor Good Show VB
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  12. Just what I was looking for....if I want fins to open just after launch do I set animid=anim slot obviously...and Time= how long after its fired the animation starts ?
  13. Rise Of Flight Screeshots

    A couple of screenies to refresh this thread...was trying out some of the Entente aircraft in ROFue recently and, similar to WOFFue, I think my two favorites are the SPAD VII and the Tripehound (for some reason the Nieup. 17 seems a bit too fragile in ROF and I've never been much of a Camel jockey to explore those further) - but the SPAD VII is wonderful even against the Dr.1, and at low-level too - simply use power to extend and climb gently, and come back for another slashing attack. Works well most of the time in the 150 hp SPAD VII, should work even better in the 180 hp version. Von S
  14. Latest Spad XII data ini tweaks included below, also a nice ambient sound for aerodromes...uses the "TruckLoop" entry (simply drop the sound into your Sounds folder). Further reduced rolling coefficients for the Spad XII landing gear and improved elevator down movement slightly, for more realism during take-off...it still requires some dancing on the rudder but it should be slightly more manageable to bring the tail up now once you pass about 60-70 kph. The Spad XII was probably the most difficult of the Spad single-seaters to take off and land...only given to the best pilots. (Will roll all of this eventually into a ver. 10.0 of the FM update packs; included data ini has service dates for the eastern front...copy and paste over service dates for the western front from my relevant theater folders in the ver. 9.7 FM pack if you like - the eastern front used Spad XII types in small numbers, but no Spad XIII types were there, as far as I know - Crawford may pitch in with more details if necessary.) Happy flying, Von S VonS_Spad12fmTweaksNdromeAmbientSound.zip
  15. This is just a fast demonstration of my idea of Hidden mountain hangars. there are three hangars and it will be connected by taxiway to the main runway. of cores, I can make the hangar in the mountain deeper and there will be a concrete tunnel to the exit with hard doors.
  16. Currently I'm working on VFA-14 and VFA-31.
  17. Zeppelin problems

    And if your own flight has a wingman assigned by the game engine, then go to the Roster menu where you can remove/add wingmen. Done by clicking on the respective line(s).
  18. Thunder Thursday

    Death from above
  19. A-1J USN

    Well no, the USMC didnt use the A-1's operationally ( in Vietnam) for very long as they re equipped with the A-4 Skyhawks , So I haven't really researched USMC Marked Airframes. When I have finished with all the stuff I mentioned in my previous post above, I may look into Leatherneck Spads for you, no promises though I may be all A-1'ed out by then !!
  20. Thank you! I just finished reading some stats on that site
  21. A-1J USN

    I love this kind of approach to mod! Hoping for more USMC also!
  22. A-1J USN

  23. Where's a good site to get some military aviation statistics?

    Interesting question. This is a start... https://www.vhpa.org/heliloss.pdf
  24. So I have a question. I'm trying to determine how many Huey's were lost in Vietnam. One source is saying that a total 1,925 were lost in combat and 1,380 were lost to accidents. Another source provides a list of the variants and their losses in Vietnam. I came up with the total of 3,009 that were lost. Another total that came up was 3,305. These numbers have me wondering. What is a good website that can be used to collect various statistics about military aircraft?
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