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  2. Operazione Locusta (It's just not cricket)
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  4. While some don't? How do I change that so all the mods I play show the enemy planes in map mode? I play on wimpy/easy settings 90% of the time. Thanks! Bob
  5. I know they are terribly incorrect and maybe even wrong... but I just needed more colour for my F-5 aggressors... ;-)
  6. Hi community, Now, I have gone full circle with the sim. I've played all, modded up the wazoo, and had a blast. But now I have a simple question to ask please. I decided to install the original Strike Fighters 2 again, and I would like to play through the campaign, but what I would like to know, are there any repaints for the aircraft for the fictitious countries (Paran?) or must we play as United States? I'm especially interested in whether there are any desert type camouflages to suit the stock aircraft? Perhaps I've been looking in the wrong area of the site? It seems weird being over the desert and having European type cam on an aircraft. I've already added the Desert 3 mod, and it looks awesome, so is there anything else that you guys add? In the next few days, I will also make the MiG's flyable. Thanks in advance, as usual. AJ.
  7. The Luftwaffe switches targets in my RAF 'commander' campaign! It's lunchtime on 20th July 1940. For the last ten days, the Germans have been attacking coastal convoys. This was how events unfolded in the Operations Room, as recently as the day before - a typical day, until then. A new raid, Hostile 201, 70-plus, is being plotted, likely target a convoy off Ramsgate. The convoy's air cover, 79 Squadron, is still at Hawkinge to the south-west, but should be on station in time. Elsewhere, it's fairly quiet. Twenty four hours later and it's a different story. Raids are coming in thick and fast - slightly smaller, but more of them. And they're going mainly for our outermost airfields. I spent the morning feeling increasingly overwhelmed. Then I decided to do something about it. When the first lunchtime raid came in, heading for the airfield at Tangmere (ringed red, left centre of the screen in the pic below) I diverted a patrol from convoy escort, and another one that was covering an outer London airfield. Three squadrons hit the raid, overwhelming the escorts and inflicting heavy losses on the Heinkels. It didn't stop them bombing and heavily damaging Tangmere, but they paid a big price for it. You can see the raid, Hostile 101, in the pic below, as it withdraws to the south-east across the Channel, still harried by three RAF squadrons. This is me a little earlier, flying as Green Leader with 234 Squadron... ...and here I am, making my contribution to the war effort, attacking Hostile 101 as it heads for its target. But the Huns weren't giving us any respite. Or even a break for lunch, for that matter! By about 12:30, another raid, Hostile 201, thirty plus, was being plotted coming north from France, you can see it near the lower right-hand corner, in the second the Ops Room pic above. Except there was no longer a convoy target there! It looked to be headed for the exposed fighter base at Manston. And I had shot my bolt, with few squadrons ready to intercept it. First off were 604 Squadron's Hurricanes, and I opted to leave the Ops Room and fly as Green Section leader when they spotted the enemy. They were above us, about thirty bombers in three wide wedges. Somebody called out fighters, but all I could see where the Heinkels, and it was those that the boss ordered us to attack. It was going to be a race to catch them, before they bombed. As we closed from astern, the Huns started turning to port, and with a sinking heart I knew we had lost the race. Down below, Manston paid the price! But the Huns would now have to run the gauntlet, and there was still no sign of an escort. A loose pack of Hurricanes was now fast closing in on them as they levelled out and headed back south. ...to be continued!
  8. Anyone remember Rowans' Flying Corps? Those high clouds remind me of it.
  9. Everything still on the works.
  10. Hello ! Any news about this great update project ? Best regards, Coupi.
  11. Have been tweaking the environsys and flight engine files further for a future ver. 10.0 FM update pack gents. Screenies below of some tweaks...was able to install the top/bottom cloud layer files available for SF2 over here, in FE2 too: https://combatace.com/files/file/11836-alternative-overcast-layer-for-the-sf2-series/ In order for those cloud files to work well, download my tweaked environmental system files below, and also further improved flight engine files (only a high-alt cloud and low wind variant are included below for now, for FE2 and SF2). Cloud thicknesses, heights, and widths have been slightly modified for the SF2 variant, also slightly lowered are inclement weather clouds for both FE2 and SF2, so that they're not cut through by the bottom cloud layer in the link above. Other tweaks, in the flightengine files, include higher texture limits and better mesh/horizon distances, etc. For SF2, don't forget to enable 32-bit for the "z buffer layer" in your options.ini file (since 32 bit has also been enabled in the flightengine file for SF2 - for FE2, enabling of 32 bit offers micro stuttering on occasion but no benefits...leave at 24 bit (default) in the flightengine for FE2). Also tweaked were other numbers in the environsys files for both SF2 and FE2, so that the lighter horizon band transitions naturally into the bottom cloud layer for overcast/inclement conditions, without ugly lines or boundaries present. Happy flying, Von S EDIT: The environsys files included in the link below have dx10 shader calls enabled...the particlesys and individual effect ini files currently included with the ver. 9.7 FM update pack have dx10 shader calls, but the environsys files that control the weather/clouds are only for dx9, for now (you can of course add the relevant shader calls by comparing with the environsys files included in this post...although I will eventually include newer dx10 enabled environsys files based on the tweaks in this post, for a ver. 10.0 update pack. The bottom cloud layer, by the way, with dx10 enabled, is about 5 to 10% darker than in dx9 mode. Will test further to see how the effects look with dx9 only. EnvironmentTweaksVonS.zip
  12. Topic de presentación

    Hola , que tal, mi nombre es Mauro . mas conocido como Dragon :) y por lo que veo...soy moderador ?..interesante pasaba para decirles que estoy vivo , por cuestiones de la vida el grupo esta dividido y de ves en cuando seguimos teniendo las juntadas , de a 10 o inclusive como el fin de semana pasado de 2 en un asado muy familiar, para mantener la amistad siempre presente . por cuestiones laborales , de tiempo , 1 mujer 3 hijas 1 perro 1 loro y 34 amantes lamentablemente todo quedo en la PC , ya ni recuerdo como era todo esto, inclusive el joystick esta lleno de polvo . estoy viejo , y ahora vuelo bajito jajaja se los extraña ;) Saluda Atte Dragon :)
  13. Indeed, let's NOT post real-life (tm) photos/pictures in a SCREENSHOT thread. They will be edited ---------- required screenshot
  14. Tornado full flap "heavy mass" take-off.
  15. Stary's old bombsight?

    I was wondering about this bomb sight, which is available with some downloads: I haven't found any instructions yet. Stary's Yak-28B bomb sight looks interesting. Will check it out.
  16. @ Stary

    A Good Raven Fan Hangs Around I Was Lucky Kid After Weapons Training With M16's In White Mountains Range To Get A Tour Of 509th Bomb Squadron With FB111 Planes They Were Very Strict I Was Dressed Down For Not Keeping Down With Group While Looking At Engine Mounting Cameras Were Forbiden Funny Thing Is My Cousin Worked At Factory That Produced Engines.
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  18. Scusate Il Ritardo! (ovvero, Terreno WIP)

    Impressionante! Quoto Maut,anche io spererei in una minicampagna,possibilmente slegata da Nato fighter,il mio PC è allo stremo,e ristrettezze economiche non mi permettono di cambiarlo per un pò... In effetti una campagna dell'AMI manca proprio,magari con l'intervento di unità americane da Aviano e visto che ci sono,anche greche e portoghesi.E con il nuovo Tornado di Guuruu! Occhi all'aeroport di Roma Urbe,in realtà la pista è molto corta e negli ultimi anni è stata usata soprattutto come scalo per gli elicotteri.Penso però che potrebbe essere utilizzato come pista per STOVL come il G-222.Io abito a 5 minuti di auto dall'aeroport,e negli '80 era luogo di un air show e ricordo benissimo che il 222 atterrò senza troppi problemi.
  19. Thanks, a pot of coffee and my Sunday afternoon reading is sorted
  20. Behold the sales pitch F-4E_F German Summary Report.pdf
  21. I've been using this stick for years on SF2 so it should work. That said, I bought a HOTAS 4 to go with my PS4 too which didn't work at all (didn't even power up) so it's possible you have a dud. Stupid questions but... 1. Does it show up on your Windows Peripherals when you plug it in? 2. Does the Home button light up? If so, Red or Green? 3. If yes to last two, does it work with any other games?
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