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  2. Flight of the Bakunawa - probably not in a cinema near you.
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  4. Tried it exactly as said with proper spelling and correct name of file and now it kicks me back to desktop. I took out the terrains folder altogether to make it vanilla again and still kicked me back to desktop. I think I'm going to have to reinstall the game from scratch. The kicker is many moons ago I believe I had this game and had that exact mod installed and it worked.
  5. also observed, you keep spelling terrains as terrians hopefully this is just an empty posting, but if you still have issues after creating a folder in the right location, do check that
  6. Thank You. Yes, unlimited texture setting is excellent.
  7. The "Terrains" folder should be directly in your "Saved Games/ThirdWire/StrikeFighters2 Vietnam" folder. Within this folder you should have a VietnamSEA folder and within it the Green Hell files (can't remember the file structure within its archive though). It should look like "Users/my name/Saved Games/ThirdWire/StrikeFighters2 Vietnam/Terrains/VietnamSEA" in case I wasn't clear.
  8. my setup looks like this 1) username/savedgames/thirdwire/strikefighters2 Vietnam/ ... <=== this was created automatically by running the game, it includes an option-file 2) whatever_you_want/sf2_mods/... <=== this one is created by me, at whatever place and whatever name i like, and this includes all the relevant folders with add-ons, modifications etc. including a terrainS-folder (note the S: it is plural instead of singular in the sf1-series) which includes the different locations (vietnam_sea, salomons etc.) i link to no.2 in the option-file (down low, mods-folders-name) which resides in no. 1) ;-) not quite sure if this helps. sokol
  9. Should the Bis carry flares or not? DCS one has them, but I cannot even add them to my Bis!
  10. Post a screen shot of your file structure.
  11. It's ok. I tried that. Created a Terrian folder to put with the other 5 folders then copy and pasted the files from the green hell download into it and still no joy.
  12. You have to create a "terrains" folder in main game directory and put inside all terrains you want ....
  13. Ok, all I have is the stand alone strike fighters 2 Vietnam game. I downloaded the green hell mod but am at a loss at where to put the folder. I have controls, missions, objects, pilot data and screenshots and that's it. I made a mod folder and put the green hell folder in that but no joy. I then deleted the mod folder and just created a Vietnam sea folder with all the info in that. No joy again. Currently the trail looks like this: Users/my name/saved games/thirdwire/strikefighters2 Vietnam/then the above 5 folders... Anyone have the same problem? All I've been able to find is merged games, not just stand alone strikefighters 2 Vietnam. Regards.
  14. Filling up those ''ugly' terrain tiles

    Redesigned wheels to dwarf Mr. Jelly even more. VBH :
  15. It's basically the current production (F-15SA?) version with a few USAF changes - was the only way they could get it any where near cheap enough for anyone to consider buying it.
  16. Afaik there is none - you just can set up a maximum, not a minimum. I encountered the problem on another case. AGM-12 Bullpups - the small one (B) uses a rail (and therefore has a different position on the pylon), the big one (C) does not and there was no way to rule one out on a station since both are CGR. I ended up using a special weaponstation for just the big missile with a "specificstationcode="-entry for the station and created a copy of the weapon with that code. Not beautiful, but it worked.
  17. Thank you Sir! Worked like a charm!
  18. Cheers Kev....13mm that's a hell of a size. My bowel suddenly burst so I ended up being blue lighted into hospital for emergency surgery, after a few days they realised things were not going as they should be........rushed into surgery again, this time was more successful but certainly not a nice experience. So after a lot of tubes/drains etc I've finally been released home with a bag to collect my "stuff" and a set of wounds that need daily attention......at least I'm home now.
  19. While doing some research for the USN Buccaneer (McDonnell A-6 Bakunawa), I found this SAAF Buccaneer pic: That looks very much like 8 Mark 82s. I grabbed Ravenclaw's Buccaneer Mk 50, and found it replicated there. What I found is that if you use it, you can't load the M117, or any US cluster bombs. I think that if you have multiple bombbay in the data.ini set to allow BOMB, it won't come up well. Let's say I set up 3 bombbay systems, 1 for 2 LGB, Mark 83 or 84, or nuclear bombs (if so inclined); a second for four bombs (British 1000 lb, M117, CBU); and a third for 8 Mark 82. I think the result, if selecting from the loadout screen would be 14 Mark 82, or 6 M117/British 1000 pounders - clearly absurd. Does anyone know of a way to set a minimum length and/or diameter for a weapon station?
  20. This is a known bug with recent nVidia drivers when playing on Unlimited graphics, what you must do is at the starting screen go into Options > Graphics, for Graphics Detail Level you must either chose High, or Customize and make sure Effects Detail is NOT set to Unlimited (everything else can be, just not Effects Detail, the highest you can go without triggering the bug is High).
  21. For adjusting attachment position and angles in data.ini, for example, for external stations but also internal (interferences or weapons seen outside of the closed bay). Exactly LODviewer does already read data.ini (hitboxes, collisionpoints, component names and maybe other things I forget).
  22. Hello all. I followed a gentleman on youtube who posts Strike Fighters 2 : Vietnam videos which are really good. I thought I would buy the game, but for some reason can't get it to work on my Windows 10 despite him saying he could get his to work on it. The splash screen works, I'm able to change screens to options and that kind of stuff but when I fly I get the black screen of death. I can hear the plane flying and can hear it even throttle up when I use my joystick throttle, but still no picture. I have windows 10 and use Geforce 1060 video card which the game recognizes. Any ideas? Regards...
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