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  2. MIG-29SMT (Product 9.17) 14th GvIAP, 7000th AFB
  3. Coming to a sky near you...SOON...:
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  5. Yes russouk2004 it’s has a security log so I won’t be able to change it
  6. look in game text ini and see if "sentence " can be removed.....unless its hard coded.
  7. CH-47 Chinook Ejército Argentino

    Pero sobame el ganso, gringuete pelotudo
  8. All of Ravenclaw_007's expansive additions will be included in the final release .. the first pack of which, I dare say, is nearing completion
  9. Hope that marvelous tanks will be part of 3D model.
  10. Stary in Krakow

    Ha, ha, ha, Russo, I suppose you mean my daughters ?
  11. Is it possible to get ride of the flare and chaff subtitle in the bottom of the screen when dropping flares or chaffs.
  12. F-5a

    Hallo Carlo my computer is working again and i send already the new 275 gallon tanks for the NF-5A to Sophocles this are the 275 gallon drop tanks for the NF-5A
  13. Hope you´ll be back in Business soon mate! BTW, i got good references regarding NF-5s. If you are in Need of them, let me know. ;-)
  14. WIP o Trabajos en progreso

    descansando del mapa de Malvinas, actualización del Pacifico 46
  15. well, Pasko's FB6 cockpit that came with the plane, I should have said. sorry!
  16. where in the cats are they any idea?..in case need to alter any text..?
  17. Last week
  18. A-10's flying Red Flag hops out of Nellis (with thanks to Gunrunner for the ACMI loadout solution).. Brrrttt!!! Friendly armour moving forward to mop up... And a pass at the gunnery range on the way home to use up the last of the ammo..
  19. Okay History Buffs, Veteran Navy, Cold War Researchers

    I want to thank you all for helping me out with this! If I bump into him again I'm going to see if he'll be interested in emailing the photo he took of that incident. My mother has this saying "We live history everyday" and it's cool to meet people that have "been there and done that" thing history books record.
  20. Okay History Buffs, Veteran Navy, Cold War Researchers

    Frankly I'm amazed the thread lasted that long without this particular incident coming up lol
  21. This comes up every once in a while, and even I sometimes don't remembe, and have to look it up. So, what this little tutorial will, do, is show and list the steps necessary to "take things out" of a cockpit, that you really don't need. First off, you really, REALLY, REALLY should have a copy of Mue's Lod Viewer (tm). This will give a perfect view of the cockpit itself, with a full listing of the component meshes & their names. In the image below, you see I'm using Raven's Hurricane Mk.1 cockpit, and have marked part of the gunsight. We'll be removing it, as the aircraft I want to use it on, dosen't have one. You'll also notice the mesh name highlighted, over on the upper left pane. So, now we open the cockpit ini, and we'll be adding "new" insturments, so we can move these meshes out of the way. This part stays the same for all the differing methods, of which I will show you. In the =CockpitSeat01' , or 3rd section down, where all the instrument are defined, you'll add the "new" listing --always in numerical order!!! The actual "named" move sections (keep reading) are added at the bottom of the cockpit ini. [CockpitSeat001] ==-major snippage of uneeded statements== Instrument[029]=StandbyCompass Instrument[030]=ADI2 //--removes or moves --/// Instrument[031]=Move1 Instrument[032]=Move2 Instrument[033]=Move3 Instrument[034]=Move4 <----- Move "instrument" statements Instrument[035]=Move5 Instrument[036]=Move6 Instrument[037]=Move7 Instrument[038]=Move8 Now, the first way we discovered, sometime in the mid-2000s, was to "drop them out of sight". It goes something like this: It used the airspeed values, so as soon as the game starts ( "0" knots") the items vanishes. But, there are better and simpler ways As stated by Cliff7600, you can tell the game the mesh is a light (like a warning light, or light bulb, or whatever) As so below: The 3rd Method, as posted by Yakarov and Wilches, is simply make the mesh "Inactive". As seen below Remember, no matter how many moves you use, they must all be listed in the Insturment section, and must match the names of the moves listed. Save and close the cockpit ini, and go in-game to test the operation. It should look like the image below, with all the meshes of the gunsight removed And that's pretty much it Thanks to whoever first invented this (bpao? armordave?) and to cliff7600, yakarov79 and wilches. Happy Moving!!!
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