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  2. If that's supposed to be a BUNKER HILL Hellcat, the arrow points UP on the tail, and FORWARD on the wings. ======================= Required screen shot
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  4. SU-27 Flanker

    Amazing work mate. Who made that blue digital skin ? You ? It looks gorgeous and I like its shade of blue, it's not easy to achieve some color shades, so a big plus here for you! Very nice job!
  5. LOL I am afraid, dear friend, that "Objects" are not my area of expertise, but I can understand your whishes :). I think GKABS could lend a hand here if you ask him nice, right M. ? ;)
  6. Wow, what a burst of opinions and whishes ! Well, I guess we should have to think carefully what bird to choose this time, so many whishes... Thank you for your input friends and for the warming welcome. I really feel that I am back home here with you. I will also take some time to take a look to the birds you mentioned here, then I will see if I can build a winning team. Thank you! PS - And , of course, any other opinion of other members are encouraged further.
  7. F-105D from the Test, Research and Development Division, 4520th Combat Crew Training Wing, Nellis AFB, Nevada - September 1962.
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  9. Obflugm Edward Reimann MLFA II Nieuwmunster 2 confirmed victories 29th January to 2nd February 1917 Edward was sitting in the kasino with several others when Leutnant Wald came in, he had another marineflieger with him. "Meine herren, may I introduce Flugmaat Daniel Kehr". There were muttered welcomes from those gathered. "Flugmaat Kehr is our newest pilot. Please make him feel welcome!" finished Leutnant Wald who turned and left. Edward and Ebersbach made their way over to Kehr. "I am Obflugm Ebersbach and this fine fellow is 'King!'" said Ebersbach. Edward rolled his eyes whilst Kehr simply looked nonplussed. "I'm Obflugm Edward Reimann. Pleased to meet you" explained Edward. "Where are you from?" He enquired. "I hail from Bisingen on the northern edge of the Swabian Jura." confirmed Kehr. The three talked for some time, Flugmaat Kehr was 23 and had originally been conscripted into the 214th Baden Reserve Regiment in 1914 but had applied for a transfer to the kreigsmarine in early 1915. His father had served in the navy and Daniel was accepted and served on several vessels until training as a pilot late in 1916. Although he seemed pleasant and talkative enough, Edward had the impression Kehr was hiding something, covering for some deepset trauma with his chatty and overfriendly nature. Edward let it go for now, there would be time a-plenty to delve deeper. The weather had been bad for days now. Heavy rain had become clear and freezing nights so that the airfield was completely icebound. It was that cold, the mechanics had lit fires underneath the aircraft to prevent the engines and especially the pipes from freezing solid. By the afternoon of the 29th, it had thawed enough for talk of a flight later that day. At that point however a shout went out that incoming aircraft had been spotted. Edward, Ebersbach and Kehr made their way out where several others had already gathered. Edward saw the growing shapes indicating the incoming aircraft. He counted four fairly large aircraft and as there was no siren or flak he assumed they were German. As the aircraft got nearer Leutnant Wald announced "these are our new kites meine herren!". "DFW's! The latest versions, straight out of the factory." Wald continued. "What's happening to our Rolands herr Leutnant?" asked Edward. "We will be keeping three of them" confirmed Wald as the first of the DFW two-seaters landed. The MLFA pilots spent the rest of the day examining their new mounts. Leutnant Wald announced that tomorrow would involve a series of familiarisation flights. Edward spent several hours over the next two days in his new aircraft. He found it a little slower than the Roland but a much better climber and far more manoeuvrable. It could also dive like a hawk and had a forward firing machine gun just like the Roland. On 1st February Edward was sent to photograph the lines south of Nieuwpoort. The photography went well enough but just as he was about to turn for home, a sixth sense made him look up over to his left. As he did he saw an enemy Triplane speeding down, just about to commence his attack. Edward banked steeply towards his attacker but felt the machine shudder as bullets ripped through the wings and fuselage. He pulled a tight turn and Hasse's machine gun barked a response as the Triplane tried to get on their tail. Edward pulled every move but bullets continued to strike the DFW. Finally, a telling burst from Hasse finally made the Triplane cut off and run for home. Edward needed to trim the aircraft all the way home but they landed safely. They had been lucky....VERY lucky and Edward knew it.
  10. AlbertTross

  11. End of month stats Obflugm Edward Reimann MLFA II 8 missions - 14 hours 2 confirmed victories 3 unconfirmed
  12. It doesn't necessarily have to be Anime, Manga or Hentai would be good too, or even Pikachu lol lol .
  13. I would like to see the An-72 transport plane or the YF-17 fighter.
  14. Welcome back and I hope that you are ok! I think that the next plane, should be some rare and inusual. Like a Jaguar biplace, Mirage G8, a Su-15 biplace or something shocking like that
  15. The USNavy use it on Solomons campaign ashore. The VF-1 was one of that units.
  16. I took the stock Leopard1A4 tank and gave it a new skin. Its hard to believe, that a little bit paint can change the apperance of a very simple LOD so much. And this is the old Leopard 1A5 LOD made by Gabilon in 2005 with a new skin for the Ukraine terrain:
  17. Yes, IIRC the early Corsairs were bumpy once they hit the deck.
  18. Welcome back UllyB,I think the same as Coupi,we need some new F-35 hahaha. I think the same as Coupi, we need some new F-35, I in my follies with skinning,I made new skins for the F-35B,I added a ground effect as if it were a used scheme
  19. Current Known issues in V1.36 1) Tool tip text error in Workshops for Airfield grass On and Off. Soft error - does not affect functionality. 2) Facility populate error when going to fly on non-English Windows PCs. Rare may only affect some 3rd party custom airfields. All fixed in V1.37 release date TBC.
  20. 4th February 2023 Known issues in WOTR EXPANSION BATTLE OF FRANCE v1.0 : 1) An incorrect tool tip text is shown in error in Workshops for Airfield Grass On and Off. A soft error that does not stop anything from working. 2) An issue with some very fast PCs sometimes rendering a blank screen when returning to main menu. This is possibly a timing issue, and could be due to the CPU or memory being overclocked. 3) A soft error message regarding 'Populate airfield facility' on non-English Windows PCs. The sim will still run, but airfields may not be setup correctly. Work around: set regional settings to US. All these issues have been addressed and fixed, we believe, and in the forthcoming V1.01 patch. Release date TBC.
  21. Pilot from Angel Interceptor, Hikaru Ichijo /Rick Hunter From Torno's VF-1 (all in what-if section) i think the closest thing to anime pilots we have..
  22. Nice to see You ! In my opinion I would say... a new F-35 with the 3 versions and a new cockpit for this "5G" fighter. P.
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