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  2. Hi all, I'm wondering if it's possible to have negative values using a the DIGITAL_DISPLAY movement type. Below is how I've set up a Vertical Speed Indicator (VSI) in the cockpit. It displays the correct values for positive vertical speeds (i.e. rate of climb) but it displays "0" for any negative vertical speeds (i.e. rate of descent). Is there some command that allows both positive and negative values? [PFD_VSI] Type=VERTICAL_VELOCITY_INDICATOR CounterNodeFormat=PFD_VSI_Dig%d MovementType=DIGITAL_DISPLAY ValueUnit=FPM Thanks in advance Dels
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  4. only on "easy avionics". may require editing of the aircraft's main ini.
  5. European Air War HD

    why whats it do?
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  7. European Air War HD

    I have it, but cannot get it to work.
  8. "Hmmm...now, why can't MY boys maintain a nice tight formation like those Rolands?"
  9. European Air War HD

    I think theres a 1.29 version floating around that Col Gibbon had from Jel. I think it was a stripped down to the essentials. I may have it, but someone else may find it first.
  10. The same scene, from the viewpoint of one of a formation of AEG G.Vs brave enough to venture out on a daylight raid:
  11. A Bristol Fighter gets a nasty surprise, in the form of an Albatros D.V firing air-to-air rockets... ...actually of course, it's just an optical illusion from a plane going down in the distance :) The Brisfit is one of the many essential planes for FE/FE2 that's available courtesy of the A Team Skunkworks.
  12. Hello ladies and gents, I was wondering if there was an easy way to make a 360 degree radar for the F-35 by fastcargo. I feel this would be a good way to represent the F-35's DAS. also if anyone knows how i could take the RWR from the super hornet in OP Darius so I have a working one would be great.
  13. Windsock

    thank you. please keep up the good work.
  14. Tornado GR.1B (BETA)

    Nice cockpit and the funny to fly bird. eye candy outside and inside
  15. RT-33A Reduxe

    Nice work. And good as always. Thanks.
  16. I've been really impressed with the damage modeling on this plane.
  17. Do not forget to do destroed model)))
  18. @Soulfreak – that looks outstanding. Look at that attention to detail; side stenciling, placards, texture gradient/weathering, just love it! I know not everyone appreciates these kinds of details but it looks terrific. I guess I owe a picture since I responded here in the screenshot thread, so here's something similar in detail as we work to at long last to finalize the Thud after many years... but just to be clear the push buttons are inop (LOL).
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  20. This mod is really something else. Changed the game quite a lot and all to better. Good job mate! This really improves the game. Thanks a bunch!
  21. Speaking of testing/experimental schemes.. I have some weird feelings(in favor of them) towards them. Maybe I'll make some flight test skins for my favourite aircrafts after I've learnt how to make one. In the meantime, mandatory: Marine Attack Training Squadron 203, stationed in Cherry Point but exercise in the south west.. My imagination of Marines doing SEAD, loadouts could be unrealistic..
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  23. Precioso!!
  24. You'll find the mods I mentioned in the last two or three pages of the Subscribers' Modifications thread.
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