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Hawker's EA-6B Prowler Upgrade/Update Pak for SF2

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About This File

EA-6B Prowler, for SF2 by Hawker, Agemmenon & 331KillerBee


= For SF2, Any and All (but designed for Full-5 Merged and/or SF2:NA) =


*It should work fine in non-SF2NA installs*


REMINDER: you =MUST= install this update package to the original download. The location URL and Full instructions ™, are below in the "To Install" section. It is also HIGHLY reccomended you read this entire document, after unzipping but BEFORE installing over the original download. There are a couple of extra steps you'll be taking...


The package builds further on the original SF2 conversion done by 331KillerBee, and expands the usable skin set "a bit."

Included is a mix of early Hi-Viz markings, and later Lo-Viz markings. They've been diferentiated by a "guesstimated" transition year of 1985, when the LoViz automaticlly appears. The HiViz skins are listed normally; the LoViz have the "lo" suffix. Decal randomization is set to TRUE.


Skins contained herein are:


HiViz -


VAQ-132 "Scorpions"

VAQ-134 "Garudas"

VAQ-140 "Patriots"

VMAQ-2 "Death Jesters" (later version?)

VMAQ-2 "Playboys" (early - folder is called Playboy)


Lo-Viz -


VAQ-130lo "Zappers"

VAQ-135lo "Black Ravens"

VAQ-136lo "Guantlets"

VAQ-138lo "Yello Jackets"

VAQ-139lo "Cougars"

VMAQ-1 "Banshees"



The folder and main ini have been renamed "EA-6B_AH" (for Agemmnon & Hawker) to keep this aircraft seperate from the stock TW EA-6B version that comes with SF2:NA. To further differentiate it from the 3W model, on the Aircraft Selection Drop-down, it will read as

"EA-6B Prowler ICAP II" (KB's work -not mine!)


The install method being used here will cause you to do a few more steps =BEFORE= installing, but they are all outlined in the "To Install" section. The new carrier lines for SF2NA have been added, but for End Users without SF2NA, it should pose no issues for use. The earlier Game Engine will simply ignore them. You will still be able to set them for carrier usage via the mission editor or campaigns.


As always, fairly easy to follow, yet detailed install instructions are included. Please read them! The Notes section contains further details, descriptions, elightenments, illuminations, and so forth. Be good to read them, too.

No, seriously ... unzip this archive and =READ= everything first!!! It's exceptionly important you do so....and equally important, to follow the instructions exactly as I've given them to you!


With thanks to all the skinners and ini dancers to kept this old mod from disappearing! KB's original readme is included, as are one or two from the skin downloads.


Happy Jamming!


kevin stein

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