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Mi-24P Public Beta 0.91

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About This File

Please note: The default Flight Model is designed for "Hard" setting only, and takes off vertically. If you are using "Normal" or "Easy" settings there is no guarantee that it would work. Use "H" Key to switch between front and back seats


Package has included an optional flight model from Marcfighter for try out.







Mi-24P public beta proudly present to you by YEYEYE.


This is a highly detailed model with proper cockpits and LOD files. This model has no relevance to A-team's work.




Model/FM/Weapon/Cockpit - YEYEYE

FM and beta test - Honeyfox, Orsin

Optional FM: Marcfighter, Floran





Commercial use of Mi-24P and all its parts are strictly prohibited. All rights reserved.


This is a public beta released as-is, please use on your own discretion. The authors and CombatAce do not take any responsibility should damages occur to your property.


Modifications/Improvements to the Data/INI/Texture are all welcome. No consent from the author required.

What's New in Version 0.91   See changelog


  • Initial Public Release 0.90
  • Known Issues:
  • 1. Dashboard Indicators/Lights missing text.
  • 2. SPO-15 RWR may not display visible lights correctly, require adjustments in Avionics.INI to the radius of the RWR ring.
  • -----------------------------------------------
  • Update 0.91
  • 1. Include Correct Weapon Data for AT-6 Missile
  • 2. Include Optional Flight Model from Marcfighter

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Please help me!

I do not work correctly, and I do not know why. Error: The AT-6 Spiral missiles do not appear in any of the optional armor (not 1980), and the helicopter either. How do I play in the AT-6?

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With the new data.ini I have lost the seat switch (tailhook), the internal guns and the weapon stations. I was able to fix the the seat switch and the internal gun, but not the weapon stations. At least not completely.

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Explain to me why not

Mi-24P Public Beta

Ltfn eat what?? Drnsb whether there is a bug? Do not play the files!! I thank your guide ******


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Very nice but unflyable.

Impossible to turn left or right, tail rotor seems to be uneffective.

AI AC suffers same problems and crash after a very short time

I precise I have SA 341 Gazelle, UH1 H, and AH64 Apache both three fly perfectly considering game limitation.

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