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[Fictional] Lockheed F-90 Sentinel for STRIKE FIGHTERS 2

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About This File

Fictional mod of the stock MiG-15bis to make it look like a fictional fighter plane for the USAF and the USMC.





In January of 1950, a soviet spy operating in Japan got uncovered by the local secret service. His task was to spy on local american industrial and military efforts in Japan and, at the same time, to hamper the secret services of both Japan and the US. The hampering was a top priority mission, since the Soviet Union was transferring fighter aircraft using container ships from Vladivostok to the communist movements in China and Korea.


Since the punishment for spying is death, the russian spy hoped to escape that fate by collaborating with the locals and asking for political asylum. In exchange, he offered top secret information for his life.


Among many interesting details concerning military and internal matters, the soviet spy also revealed, that the container ships were transporting weapons, heavy material and a new combat aircraft. All that goods were hidden in between

food and health supplies. Tanks and weapon caches got covered with huge tarpaulins, which were then covered with rice or grain shipments.


This information was but nothing compared to the fact, that the new soviet jet fighter, the MiG-15, was transported in large containers which were declared containing agricultural equipment and even toys.


The spy handed out a coded document, which contained all transports including their shipment and their routes. With the pretense of a security control, the japanese coast guard and some american marines boarded one of the ships containing the "Fagot". After a short firefight, where three of the crewmen, one japanese and one american soldier died, the crew surrendered and the control team was able to inspect the containers, finding twelve fully operational MiGs, destined to northern Korea. The ship was re-routed to Yokohama, where a CIA-operated containership brought the aircraft to the US. The Soviet Union accused the US of stealing goods from one of their ships, not stating the kind of goods.


After having presented these accusations during a United Nations conference two weeks later, the representatives of several countries wanted to know from the soviet delegate what exactly had been stolen. The soviet delegate refused to answer and stated, that the matter had already been discussed in between the ambassadors of both countries (during a secret meeting). The Soviet Union had to fear harsh international reactions and economical damage when it came out, that the country was selling weapons the "contraband"-style.


Back in the US, the fighter did undergo several testings, specially concerning acceleration and manouverability checks. It was also tested, how much damage this aircraft was able to bear before crashing down.


All test pilots agreed that the MiG was not that easy to fly, but that it pardoned a lot.


The ministry of defense, after the evaluation of the results, got of the opinion, that it would be a great enrichment to use this technology for their own aircraft industry and started a competition parting from the MiG-15.

North American, Bell and Lockheed got under the final three with their designs resulting in Lockheed being the winner with the F-90 Sentinel. Their aircraft was the existing MiG, using different materials, engine and armament but preserving the flight characteristics of the plane.


The engine was changed to the Pratt & Whitney J48, which had to be slightly adapted to the fuselage of the aircraft. The cannons of the MiG got replaced with two 20mm M3 and one 37mm M4 Cannons for targets with heavier armor.

It's maiden flight was on the 19th of May of 1951. Two squadrons in the USAF and one USMC squadron received the Sentinel.

While the USAF used the aircraft for anti-air missions, the USMC Sentinels performed ground support and striking sorties.

The Sentinel entered service on the 24th of August of 1951 in the USAF and 9th of September of 1951 in the USMC.





1. Drop the folders into your Objects folder. If asked to overwrite, click yes.





Big Thanks to Thirdwire for the games and the superb models they have.



Kindest regards




P.S.: The creator of this mod is aware that there really existed a Lockheed F-90, but this is "what-if", so please don't mind.

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