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Thirdwire A-4E to K Cockpit Repaint 1.2

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About This File

Thirdwire A-4E/F/G/H/K Cockpit Repaint by Nyghtfall v1.2


*** SF2V, SF2I, DLC 002 (A-4G) and DLC 005 (A-4K) required for the according Skyhawk-Models ***
*** tested in full 5-merged installation ***


Update v1.2
All A-4E-based cockpits are now included with a repaint similar to the A-4F from the initial release, together with updated cockpit.inis:
- A-4E, E_65, E_67, A_Ahit, E_Ahit_73
- A-4F, F_74, F_Ahit
- A-4G
- A-4H_Ahit, H_Ahit_68, H_Ahit_70, H_Ahit_73
- A-4K


Early Variants (A-4A to C and L) will follow later, as they require some more paintwork.


Update v1.1
Crusader did some excellent cockpit.ini-tweaks and corrected the following issues:
- chaff/flare counter entries for the A-4F_74 (one counter for chaff, one for flares)
- added entry for the ECM Control knob, will switch from "Rec" to "Rpt" if ECM is turned on
- ECM box, "Rec" light, new function, now works as Type=THREAT_SAM_WARNING_LIGHT . Thats the normal operating setting of the ECM, light indicates that emissions are received and ECM can be switched to transmit.
- Spoilers Indicator light - changed entry to use external animation link function, now the spoiler light works correctly (gears extended and ground contact, airbrake extended)
Initial Release v1.0
This is a repaint for Thirdwire's Stock A-4F and A-4F(74) Cockpits. While working on a proper A-4PTM-Cockpit based on the A-4F-one, this was a secondary result and maybe someone will find it useful. I aimed for an worn look and instruments, that are a bit darker than the stock ones and so I redid most instruments. I also corrected the font used on the instruments (special thanks to The Trooper for the font!). A slightly changed cockpit.ini for both planes is provided also. I corrected the ArrestingHook- and Gearlever, which are rotating levers now (rather than sliding ones).

Known Issues
- Landinggear-Lever only turns 47° instead of 90° --> In the Cockpit-LOD, the lever-mesh is missing the bottom, so I used this, to avoid a visible hole.

- US Navy and Marine Corps A-4 Skyhawk Units of the Vietnam War, Osprey 2007
- Scooter! The Douglas A-4 Skyhawk Story, Crécy 2011
- A-4 Skyhawk Association, http://a4skyhawk.org/
- Airliners.net


1. unzip to a temporary folder
2. open "Put_Content_In_Your_Mod" folder and do as you were told, if asked to overwrite, say 'yes' :P
3. enjoy!


- Thirdwire and TK for a great game and nice models I used.
- Crusader ini-Tweaks for the update (Thanks m8!)
- me template, paintwork, ini-edits, zipping the pack.


- Crusader for your work to improve this pack!
- The Trooper for providing the proper font used on instruments.
- mue for his LOD-Viewer, which was a BIG help!


Legal Stuff
Use whatever parts you need as long as it's not for payware. And giving credits is also not to bad.


If you have any problems with this pack or have suggestions and hints, feel free to PM me.



What's New in Version 1.2


  • -initial release (26_10_2015)
  • -updated cockpit.inis (23_01_2016)
  • -updated cockpit.inis (05_03_2016)
  • -repaint of all A-4E,G,H_Ahit and K-cockpits included (05_03_2016)
  • -slightly updated A-4F/F74 repaint (05_03_2016)

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