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Albatros DI Prince Friedrich Karl von Preußen FE2

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About This File

Albatros DI flown by Prince Friedrich Karl von Preußen. He commanded Fliegerabteilung (Artillerie) 258, an artillery spotting unit, but flew patrols in a single-seat fighter with Jasta Boelcke whenever possible. He was shot down in 1917 whilst flying this machine, he crashed only lightly wounded, but unfortunately was shot in the back by Australian troops, whilst trying to escape from the area, unfortunately he died later from this wound.


I am actually surprised that no one else has made this skin, especially as we now have the most excellent Albatos DI from Stephen 1918, but anyhow, I have done one.


There is a great deal of speculation concerning this particular aircraft, there is only really one decent photo of it, after she was captured, however the wings have been removed, so only the fuselage is clearly visable, so, there are many discussions and musings over the correct scheme for this Albatros, the general concensus is that the fuselage was painted a light grey green colour, however as no colour photos were de riguer at this period of time, we can only guess at the correct shade, so I have used an approxomate colour. there is also mass discussion and beard wagging, in respect of the wings. ( as no photos I am aware of show these , the question is a bit academic in my view ) the popular belief is that the aircraft was painted over all the same colour ie. light grey green, but there are those who firmly believe that the wings were standard camouflage pattern , so, to forstall any rivet counters out there, I have included and alternative skin WITH the camo wings and stabiliser, personally I think it looks better in the overall colour, but thats just my opinion. There is also some question over the colour of the Totenkopf insignia, or rather the backing colour, some people insist it is red, whilst others (myself included) believe it would in fact be black , as the Totenkopf badge is that of the Brunswick Hussars, and the badge was worn on a black cap, anyhow, to stop the red affectionados, I have also included that as well ( I'm good to you lot aren't I ? )


there are 2 Data.Ini files as well, the original which came as Stephen 1918 made it, and the updated one from Von S, with the FM by Ocjar, and the hit boxes modded by my good friend Nick Bell, so choos which one you like, the Von S one is the better of the two in my opinion.


I have also included the sound files I use, and the guns, which again are by Von S, ( I have put the early Spandau lmg 08 on as this would be correct ) I have used the Merc 120 sound file although this aircraft actually had a 160 , I just think it fits in better for the time period.


Finally (sorry been blabbing on here ) I have used a pilot made by the marvellous Mr Geezer ( plead make more pilots !! ) I have just faffed about with it a bit but he looks the part !!


Right, I think that covers everything, no doubt I have missed out some important bit of info.....but hey ho, such is life !!


Thanks to Sephen 1918 for making the aircraft in the first place, and thanks to the other fore mentioned good souls, who make life easy for me, as they doo all the really hard work.


ENJOY !!! :flyer:

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