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TU-126Moss_AWACS 2.1

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About This File





1.After unziping the mod archive first copy the TU-126 folder into:




*\Objects\Aicraft\ folder.




2.Then copy the content of the fake_pylon folder,except the text file into:




*\Objects\Weapons\ folder.




3.Add the content of weapons.txt file to the weapondata.ini file.




4.Then start the Weapon Editor Application (WeaponEditor.exe), and load the weapondata.ini file and SAVE ! It's






5.Keep in mind that this plane uses a LARGE runaway, alright ?, so any terrain which DOESN'T have at least one LARGE


runaway for the ENEMY (just check the targets.ini file for airfields and runaways to be sure) it will crash the game.


It took me a while to realize that but finally i did and I updated the readme for letting you all know that as well.


For the time being, Madagascar terrain and Vietnam map don't have , for ENEMY, a large runaway. (In my personal setup I


added one for each to be able to play there,too)


6.If you have a favorite jet you wanna accompany you and you need fuel tanks for it, just replace the default MIG-29


fuel tank setting on the fake pylon declaration with the one you desire.


The modded AWACS has air-to-air/air-to-ground radar (360 degrees and 200 miles radius for BOTH!) and target lock


features.It can see and lock to a target which is 200nm ahead. This way you can surveillance a whole area and lots of


enemy planes keeping an eye on any buggy which winds up too close to you. It also has ECM measures, missiles decoys


(chaff & flares) and RWR capabilities so you will know if enemy has a lock on you or a radar guided missile is on its


way to you.




Now start the game and select, in SINGLE PLAYER, TU-126Moss plane. DON'T load weapons for YOUR plane (the AWACS),


instead, from the roster, add two (or five) more aircraft. Leave first to be the TU-126Moss. The next ones made them


"escort fighters", for instance choose two MIG-25/29/31 etc. Remember, for the sake of realism you can choose just


soviet planes ONLY, for others , no ammo and missiles will be available. After selecting some fighters load them in the


same menu with ammo and missile and just start the flight. In this scenario the wing will behave like a bomber wing,


not like a usual fighter one, so you, with the AWACS you'll be in the center and other two fighters will be on your


right and on your left. Other additional 3 (if you chose 5 escort planes) will go behind in a wall formation. You have


air-air radar and you can see & lock planes which are 200nm ahead! After locking a fighter for example, if that fighter


goes into your path and you have just 30km to it, send first two wingmen to intercept. First two plane will behave like


your wingman in fighter missions, you can give them command "attack my target" so it's important to lock on an enemy


plane first,obviously. If the events heat up you can order the next three fighter from the escort (if you chose 5 in


total) to move in. Just give them the command "Engage Air" and if enemy fighters are near they will engage them as


well. So basically you can have two planes behaving like a single wingman and other three that will engage in the area


if enemy planes are near.




As a variation you can mix fighter and fighter/bomber planes in your escort and this way you can deal with ground


threats, too. Are you nearby an enemy airbase and a SAM lock sound bothers you or an anti-air gun looks funny at you?


Just search it with the "HOME" key, no matter how far/close it is and send some planes from your escort, which have


antiradiation missiles (or other Air-to-surface ordnance) to take care of the problem.




-The mod was tested on SF1 WOI but it should work fine in other SF1 games (WOV, WOE etc).




I used the Veltro2k's E-767 avionics (AWACS 360 degrees radar this time!) and his famous TU-126Moss model which I found


it here on the download section long ago, Pasko's Tu-16T cockpit and fake pylons. My only merit is that I just had the


idea of transforming all these into an AWACS SINGLEPLAYER mode and that I tweaked it and put all together to make it


work. Logan4 also contributed helping me to make the fuel indicator work (many thanks friend for that!).




-This mode is free of charge and can not be sold by anyone. Feel free to use this mode in your future project without


asking permission, just don't forget to add me to the credits list.

What's New in Version 2.1


  • -now cockpit's fuel indicator works correctly as it should.

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