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Half point of my treatments

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But its very draining on me now. The last two days were brutal. I was in bed mostly. But I'm almost done and next Friday I'll do a CT Scan if my lymph nodes in my lower waist are getting smaller.



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My son at age 2 had to endure the same type of treatments. Man, I pray for you to hang on just a bit longer. Though we've never met, you have reasons to be here. My son is now 12, he beat it, you can too. Please, please hang in there, we need a more happy endings. My prayers are with you, and your family.


Lord Jesus Christ, You who impressed Saint Rafqa's life profoundly, as a teacher, worker, praying nun and a participant in Your Passion.


We ask you, through her intercession to bless our children, to protect the youths, to sanctify our priests, monks and nuns, to reward our parents' fatigue, to grant recovery, joy and happiness to the sick, to respond to the prayers of those gathered in your name in Churches and Monasteries all around the world.


As You made Saint Rafqa enjoy the blessings of eternal life, grant us the blessing of living like her in faith and hope all our life, so that we may glorify You with Saint Rafqa, the Virgin Mary and all the Saints and thank you, Your Father and Your Holy Spirit now and forever. Amen.

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