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    "I took out a building!" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Hold my beer..."
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    CF-116D 419Sqn Agressor with Lizard Scheme And yes skinpack will come out soon. In fact there is 2 pack i will release in the near future :)
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    Mystere IVA over Europe. ajunaidr's old SF1 dm-4a Mystere IVA with new lines, rivets, etc... WIP.
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    Crawford - ah much obliged, I should have realised that, I did resize them but they didn't work. Will look at those files. VonS - far out, it seems that the single mission generator is very nice. I will print off your rules and put them in my plastic folder thingamebob, good for the immersion, great job on that! Thanks to both of you
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    Wilches, what are you talking about? There's no such thing as a "copywrite" law. I assume you meant "copyright"; but besides almost all of these are subject to licensing agreements - LOL - these are different. In almost all cases the licensing agreements declare and uphold protection of the copyright laws. How do I know? Because I was subject to software code and intellectual property piracy in the past both personally and professionally where lawyers had to get involved. I'm not going to say anything more on this topic - good luck.
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    Showing updated fixed first screen btw I am posting a full WOFF one here as well:
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    Tinkering further with the ver. 9.9 FM update pack and decided to post a few more pics caught during testing. Von S Testing out "STOL" characteristics with the Nieu. 17 in the Italian theater Pleased to see that I was eventually blown off of the hill by the wind, and went for a short glide (wind effects really do work in FE2 but are best when treated subtly, light wind, occasional gusts, etc.) Couldn't resist doing some sight-seeing again with gTerl's maps Making sure that post-damage effects work well (I can be spotted in the far background on the pic.) One of the best dogfights I've ever had in any sim (the AI on this earlier Austrian Alby. was superb, we both got shots into one another but the fight was inconclusive, lasted for about 20 mins. I think) The Spad 13 200hp can do limited turn fighting, but keep your speed up and take advantage of acceleration in dives (good turn speeds are around 160-170 kph) - also good is rudder and opposite aileron for tighter turns and skids but watch your speed And we went our separate ways eventually (the Spad 200 hp can slowly outrun this variant of the Alb. D.III)
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    Progress with the terrain is slower than expected. I have to change the tileset from bmp to jpg because the fps rate became to low.. Full squadron take off from airfield everywhere in northern France.
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    I set up my single missions using the in-sim menu in FE2 - the great thing about it is that (as in WW1) you don't know what type of enemy aircraft you will encounter, or the number of aircraft - although congestion settings can be controlled to some extent via the in-sim menu, and further congestion files (the "formation.ini" file that goes into the Flight folder of the user folder for FE2 - some of those are included with my FM update packs for FE2). For recommended flight congestion settings in the in-sim menu, for those who like to fly historically, I recommend point no. 7 under my "Rules for DiD Style Single Missions in FE2" available at the link below (where I attempted to imitate the DiD campaigns/missions that are constantly going on at the WOFF forum on the SimHQ website - in my opinion FE2 is excellent for DiD, "dead is dead," style missions and campaigns): https://combatace.com/forums/topic/92423-did-style-single-missions-for-fe2/ Happy flying, Von S
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    Please see what is indicated in your Main Caporetto ini.file and in the Caporetto DATA.ini file in the [Campaign Data] section - the names of screenshots and their format are indicated there.
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    Vampires looking for blood. Pasko's old Vampire with new lines, rivets, etc... WIP.
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    P.1214 Kestrel-J, 3rd Hikotai, 2006 3rd Hikotai 501st Hikotai
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    I liked Marcs Flanker...thought it deserved a make over...Redone all new canopy system...new seat,total new cockpit,hud ,etc etc... new lights,working on new pylons,better detail gears(next) been totally remapped except tails,wings were askew on old mapping.. then redo all panels etc...hmmmmm lol getting there.. im particularly pleased with the new burners...
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    Today, thanks to a lot of help from Ojcar, I uploaded the Heinkel He.51 for the Spanish Civil War. The Heinkel was a one man, biplane fighter introduced in 1935 and used by the Nationalists throughout the war. There are a lot of pieces to install, but in the end you'll have a new 7.9 mm machine gun, a new German 10 lb bomb and a drop tank. The download includes a camo skin, decals, a fully functional cockpit, and my skinning templates. Ojcar found the 7.9mm machine gun in his SF install, but doesn't know who made it. I decided to use it anyway. If anyone knows who made the machine gun for SF, please let me know and I will give credit. Ojcar also taught me how to add controls to First Eagles so you can make the drop tank drop with a keystroke. He also included other features, like flaps, landing gear, wheel brakes, etc. so we can use some of the Strike Fighter planes in FE. I have included instructions in the download.


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