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F-16XL for SF2 – F-16E Blk 62 Fighting Falcon 1.0

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About This File

F-16XL for SF2 – F-16E Blk 62 Fighting Falcon 1.0


In March 1981, the USAF announced the Enhanced Tactical Fighter (ETF) program to procure a replacement for the F-111. The program was later renamed the Dual-Role Fighter (DRF) competition. The concept envisioned an aircraft capable of launching deep air interdiction missions without requiring additional support by fighter escort or jamming. General Dynamics submitted the F-16XL, while McDonnell Douglas submitted the F-15E.


As we all know the F-15E was chosen... BUT what if the F-16XL had been chosen instead?


And so I give you the F-16E Block 62 Fighting Falcon.


The designation F-16E/F Block 60/62 would have been used had the XL been selected (The F-16E/F Desert Falcon as we know it today wasn't even on the drawing board in the late 80's).


Included in this mod are:


- F-16E (XL) Blk 62 Fighting Falcon


- F-16EM (XL) Blk 62 Fighting Falcon (CUPID mods)


- 8 different USAF squadrons.


To Install simply un pack and drop into your mods folder.




- The weapon stations are quite complicated due to the set up on the real aircraft itself and the limitations in SF2 with the maximum amount of hard-points etc. As such it is best to use the default load out from the loadout.ini. That being said if you do want to change it at the loadout screen you need to follow these rules: If the default loadout uses rail launched weapons (Aim-9/120, AGM-65/88) under the inner wings, only change it for another rail launched weapon and vice-versa. This is because the weapon rails are loaded as an EP class weapon that doesn't show up at the loadout screen.


- The default 'Attack' loadout is designed for the mass anti-armour mission as that is the kind of CAS mission SF2 generates. However in the loadout.ini file under each 'attack' loadout entry is a CAS loadout option with LGB etc.


- There are a ton of different loadout options in the loadout.ini file so check them out with the single mission editor.


- Loadouts are based on the F-16C Blk 40/42 but with an F-15E Strike Eagle flavor e.g. AGM-130




The Viper Team
The Mudhen Maintenance Team 2016
Original Model by wpnssgt via Swede
creepin death
Mirage Factory





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